365-377 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci

365-377 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 5 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: NSW Joint Regional Planning Panels, reference 2015SYE169 DA)


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  1. Evangelia Hili commented

    I feel this DA at 365-377 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci is inappropriate for this area. Five storeys is much too much high for this address.3 storeys would be more appropriate.
    The streets around this development namely Broughton Street and Bonney Street cannot cope with the existing traffic. These streets will not cope with a development of this size.There is no parking for residents because the shopkeepersand shoppers take all the parking and residents are forced to park on footpaths and in driveways.This is not fair to residents and it is dangerous for pedestrians as well as drivers trying to negotiate these streets.
    Privacy for surroundings residents will be non existant if this development goes ahead.Five storeys of people peering into backyards will make residents not want to enjoy their own backyards.I actually bought my property here because it was very private yet close to amenities but now I wish I had of bought elsewhere.
    .On the property of number 375 Rocky Point Road Sans Souci which is part of the development there is a massive native gum tree which is home to many different type of birds and it is more than likely a protected gum tree.
    The residents of Bonney Street have to put up with so much in terms of traffic,shops using their forklifts from 5am and waking residents up and numerous other complaints.
    Please consider the residents around this proposed development and think of their health, well being and amenity.

  2. Angela Hili commented

    Why would Kogarah City Council accept this DA 227/2015 of 7 storeys in total including 2 levels of basement parking when it clear that it does not comply with the current DCP 2013 which is maximum 3 storeys( or levels).It appears that it complies with the New City Plan that hasn't even been legislated!!

  3. Mary Debono commented

    DA227/15 is an application for a 5 storey high plus 2 levels of basement parking consisting of 101 units and 3 commercial shops. This proposal is higher than permitted under the current Kogarah Council DCP2013. A building of this magnitude will impact on residents of BONNEY St immensely. 101 units - Lets say there will be a minimum of 202 residents, plus shoppers, plus visitors, plus workers, plus vehicles all coming and going 24/7 and mostly using BONNEY St. Residents of BONNEY St and surrounding streets will loose all privacy, will have people looking into residents of BONNEY St and surrounding streets yards, will have additional traffic, noise, pollution and NO parking. BONNEY St is a narrow street and already experiences traffic congestion. Vehicles currently enter BONNEY St from Rocky Point Rd, from other streets such as Russell Ave to drop children off at St Finbars School on Broughton St and BONNEY St is used as a short cut to access the Princes Hwy. The proposed development has been designed with ALL vehicular access from BONNEY St to avoid impact on traffic flows along Rocky Point Rd. Using only BONNEY St as the ONLY vehicular access for this proposed development will have a huge impact on traffic flow, traffic congestion and further parking issues especially on BONNEY St. BONNEY St will be impacted immensely with this development. Other developments in the area have access from several surrounding streets including access from Rocky Point Rd. This proposal has not considered the residents of BONNEY St! The proposed development includes a Roof Terrace. The Roof Terrace is located on BONNEY St. This will make the height of the Development 6 Stories, which does not comply with the current Kogarah Council DCP2013. The roof terrace will further invade the privacy of residents of BONNEY St.
    * BONNEY St is too narrow - cannot accommodate increase in traffic as ALL services have been proposed to take place from BONNEY St.
    * Invasion of privacy for surrounding residents/properties, especially BONNEY St.
    * Roof Terrace exceeds current Council Control DCP2013 and is facing BONNEY St.
    * Any development application should be submitted according to Kogarah Council legal requirements and should not be compared with other developments situated in a neighbouring Council.
    It is clear that residential St, BONNEY St, has NOT been considered in the proposed plans of this Development. This proposed Development should be declined. Any proposed Development submitted in Kogarah Council should adhere to Kogarah Council's current Council controls and legal requirements within the Kogarah Council Local Environment Plan (LEP) for planning and development.
    Please ensure that FULL concerns raised from residents are sent to the NSW Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP). Residents would also like to be kept informed and advised of any meeting, which we as ratepayers of Kogarah Council can attend, regarding this Development including the JRPP meetings. We as ratepayers of Kogarah Council should be considered and any Panel should act in the interest of residents affected by this development.

  4. F.Loewenthal commented

    There is a development application DA227/15 at Kogarah Council now and it was submitted on the 31st October 2015. As far as I am aware the rezoning and new city plan for our area had not been legislated at that time and yet this application was accepted by the Council and I feel that it should not have been accepted or even looked at until everything was official and finalised. Accompanying this application were two (2) consultancy reports in favour of the developer regarding traffic and the words “insignificant impact” on local traffic are without a doubt the most unreasonable and unfair statements in the written documents. There are many other statements that should be questioned by the governing body and we can only hope the resident concerns will be acknowledged and supported to reject this development.
    The application is an over-development of the worst kind. There is no consideration for existing residents whatsoever, 101 (one hundred and one) apartments with entry and exit via Bonney Street, Sans Souci. Our street is narrow and with the existing commercial enterprises using the street day and night with deliveries or garbage removal and the employees of said enterprises using the footpath for their parking all day, every day, has created many days of traffic and lack of parking for private residents and their guests. Bonney Street is also used as a thoroughfare for vehicles of all sizes travelling from the Captain Cook Bridge along Rocky Point Road to Hurstville or the Princes Highway thus avoiding the traffic chaos at the Ramsgate intersection. Two basement parking levels for the amount of units being requested are totally inadequate.
    The height of DA227/15 is outrageous. The height should not be higher than 379 Rocky Point Road. This development is being compared to one directly across the road on the corner of Russell Avenue and Rocky Point Road. It is a very different situation and also a different Council. I believe it is called the “Jameson” development. It has three levels of basement parking and approximately 70 units with commercial enterprises on street level. It is surrounded by four streets, Evans Street, Jameson Lane, Rocky Point Road and Russell Avenue. The vehicle entry from Russell Avenue to the basement parking in the “Jameson” area is four times wider than Bonney Street.
    There is no comparison to the width of Bonney Street and the Jameson development.
    I also note that the “Sold Sign” on 365-377 Rocky Point Road” development site has the property description as being I quote ‘’Access via right of Carriageway to Broughton Street is active”. I note that in other statements the parking and access is via Bonney Street, no proposed access or entry from Broughton Street.
    The conflicting information is very disturbing. I feel that the Design Review Panel has not covered these extremely disturbing conflicts with a thoroughness that I hoped for.
    There should be no roof extensions for any purpose. We the residents do not want people overlooking the private homes and gardens of existing residents. There should be no access to the roof for community gatherings.
    We note that there are two (2) very large trees on the vacant property (375 Rocky Point Road), one I believe is an oak tree and is estimated to be decades old, perhaps a hundred years old. Hopefully the environmentally conscious panel will be consistent in their regard for these trees. The council is vigilant regarding anything the rate payers would like to trim or prune in their back yards and gardens. Approval for lopping trees not received by the resident from council can result in heavy fines and this is not for killing or removing overgrown trees, it is for trimming, pruning or allowing light and air to flow freely around a home.
    The construction of high rise apartments does nothing to help young people or anyone who is considering buying a house to raise a family. This is not Shanghai or Bejing where people are willing to live anywhere just to have a place to live. I wonder why so many Asians want to buy and live in Australia, could it be to get away from high-rise and have a home with a yard and space to enjoy family gatherings in the outdoors.!

    My summary of this correspondence is to seek the support and co-operation of the Joint Regional Planning Panel, the St George Design and Review Panel in censuring this over-development of Bonney Street and the unique suburb known as Sans Souci.

  5. stephen tanti commented

    1. Is the Kogarah Fire Brigade equipped for such a high building in case of an emergency e.g. sufficient equipment to assist with a fire on the top floor?
    2. Obviously the privacy invasion for the residents of Bonney Street and Broughton Street has not been considered! Many residents bought these properties 30 or so years ago, and was not counting on any rezoning to allow a high rise being built in this area and over shadowing their properties and invading their back yard privacy. That’s why they purchased here and not where existing units were zoned.
    3. Bonney Street is already congested with traffic and parking from the current residencies and shops. How will a narrow street accommodate a further 200 vehicles from residents plus their visitors and customers from the shops?
    4. What delivery and pick up times will be impose on the businesses? Residents have been disturbed on a number of occasions in the past from present business alarms, deliveries, garbage collection, burglar alarms have been sounded throughout the night without anyone around to turn them off or attend to them.
    5. Should the development go ahead the newly developed shops and residences on the corner of Rocky Point Road and Broughton Street of 3 stories should set the precedent as the maximum building height. This developer applied for a 5 storey and it was knocked back and only approved for a 3 storey.
    6. The Jameson on the corner of Russell Avenue and Evans streets on Rocky Point Road has wide streets and on the east side of the building you have Jameson Lane through to either Russell and Evans to accommodate such a building unlike the proposed development for Bonney street. This building should not be used as an example as what should be expected for this side of Rocky Point Road as Bonney str is only a narrow two lane str unlike Russel six lanes ,Evans four lanes and the back strt has one lane for parking and two lanes for vehicle access to the parking levels for The Jameson site .
    7. Has the developer investigated how much overshadowing a building of this size will cast over nearby existing residences.Have they even considered the resedents of Bonney str and Broughton streets .
    8. Furthermore the proposed development has been designed with vehicular access from Bonney st, to avoid impacts on traffic flows along Rocky Point Road this goes to show that there will be an unacceptable impact on the safe and efficient operation of Bonney street. Where do they think 200 residential vehicles will flow on to 99.9%..... Rocky Point Rd?
    9. The noise emitted from vehicles entering and leaving the premises 24/7.
    10. Also there will be the issue of headlights beaming into our bedrooms from the vehicles exiting the complex at all hrs of the night, which at present is the delivery bay for Sans Souci Fresh .
    11. Just because it is over $20 million the privacy of the residents of Bonney/Broughton strs in which the Statement Of Environmental Effects barley discusses the issue only to say : Page 75 ,The rear of the proposed building which is most sensitively located , is generally compliant with the maximum building height control and does not give rise to any unreasonable adverse impacts in relation to the neighbouring residential properties due to generous separation distances and provision of deep soil planting ;To page76
    12. What do they mean generally complaint, it either is or it is not.
    13. General separation distances the balconies are going to take up 3m of this distance. Provisions of deep soil planting are they going to plant 20meter high trees!
    14. Has there been any consideration to the impact this development is going to have on the traffic movement into Broughton str and St Finbars Primary school this str is also narrow with parking on the street making it virtually into a 1 car at a time laneway.
    15. The Jameson “s top four levels are set far back from Jameson Lane as to minimise any overshadowing onto nearby residences unlike what is proposed for Bonney Str a mere 9meters and that’s were the entry and exit is going to be .
    16. The Jameson has a 5492sq m of land space on it are 300 car spaces over 3 levels ,ground level it has the Supabarn and 7 shops .Levels 1to 4 , 70 residential apartments 30x 1 bedrooms ,38x2 bedrooms ,2x3bedrooms and a MAXIMUM overall height off 16.85meters .
    17. The proposed development Sans Souci Village 365-377 Rocky Point Road Sans Souci DA227/2015 consists of 4099sq m[1393 sq m less than The Jameson]will be of a height of 19.05 meters to roof top terrace [3.8meters higher ].A total of 101 residential apartments and 3 shops[compared to8 shops and 70 apartments] with only 175 car spaces over 2 levels [compared to 300 for The Jameson].
    The Sans Souci Village Site Will consist off Compared to The Jameson which has a a greater land mass area by 1393 sq m
    52x1 bedrooms 30x1 bedrooms
    40x2 bedrooms 38x2 bedrooms
    9x3bedrooms 2x3bedrooms
    3x shops 7 shops plus Supabarn
    175 car spaces over two levels 300car spaces over 3 levels
    Proposed entry Bonney str consisting of 2 lanes Entry Jameson Lane 2 lanes supported by Russell avenue 6lanes and evans str 4 lanes
    Site area 4099 sq m Site area 5492 sq m

    18. Apart from privacy issues to the west most of the residencies to the North of Bonney str will be effected from the balconies windows and not to mention the Proposed Communal roof terrace Page 71 will be 1.5 meters in non- compliance with the Clause 5.6 of the DRAFT NEW CITY PLAN .Which to this end, consideration of the Draft plan is required.
    19. We are of opinion that any redevelopment of this site should adhere to the current DCP2013, and as stated in item 5 corners Rocky Point Road/Broughton Street developed 2 years ago at a Maximum 3 storey.

  6. Dragan Aleksic commented

    This development application (DA277/2015) for 101 apartments PLUS commercial premises to be constructed on the corner of Bonney Street and Rocky Point Rd is absolutely ridiculous.
    The area already struggles with the traffic. An influx of that many units being built here will destroy the area. I don't understand how such a monstrosity can be approved for building on such a small piece of land. it will destroy the family friendly neighbourhood by increasing traffic. The area struggles on weekends as it is with the soccer fields. Parking is an issue and we all know every family now has 2 cars, the parking will not be adequate and it will increase parking issues already present in this area.

    You cannot use The Jameson apartments as a guideline to building more 5 story unit blocks in the area. The Jameson apartments are on a large piece of land and don't have nearly the same number of units. It is also adequately serviced with easy access from 4 roads. It is not side by side to existing houses.

  7. edmond s commented

    Re (DA 227/2015)

    I feel this development is incongrous with the amenities of Bonney Street.

    1.Bonney street is a typical suburban street, it is only wide enough for two cars passing each other simultanously. In the weekends where family and friends visit residents, many occasions visitors have to park their cars on the road (not on the alloted parking spots) where i noticed cars will swerve to oncoming traffic (at one time there was near miss). If this proposed development goes ahead without extra parking spots for residences/shoppers this situation will get worse possibly fatal for drivers on Bonney St.

    2. The height of the development is also a concern where residence from the development will peer over my backyard/frontyard. This will mean that my enjoyment of my frontyard/backyard will be off limits to my child. I feel my privacy is lost forever.

    3. This development should not compared with the development named 'the Jameson'. The Jameson has larger land mass, got four access streets (DA227/2015 has one small suburban street), less units (DA 227/2015 proposed 101 units compared to 77 units), has more parking spots.

  8. Richard H Law JP commented

    As a long standing resident of Bonney St. Sans Souci of 34 years i have witnessed the changes in Bonney St. from normal gutters with unlimited parking for residents vehicles to the limited off road parking bays.
    Since the previous commercial developments on both corners of Bonney St and Rocky Point Rd.where commercial developments creep into residential streets, the employees working in these commercial developments are warned not to park in any allocated parking areas near the premises and are told to park up in Bonney St.otherwise their employment would be terminated.Consequently the residents of Bonney St. find it impossible to get parking spaces in Bonney St. for their own vehicles, and it should be noted that several residences have 4 vehicles per residence.
    I am sure the proposed development will not allocate enough on site parking for the 101 units or the commercial section and their employees.

    Now face the facts the developer of this new project is building this project strictley for the money he will make out of it and the developer will have no idea or interest in the increase in the demands for parking, the inconvenience and stress the development will cause the residents of Bonney St Sans Souci.
    Yours Faithfully
    Richard Law JP

  9. Honor Araouzou commented

    RE Development application DA227/15 submitted to Kogarah council 31st oct 2015
    What a overdevelopment for the area. What about some consideration for existing
    residents that have lived here for the past 20 \ 30 years.

    We stand to loose our sun in our backyards for most of the day.
    101 units how will Bonney st handle the traffic it is already congested with

  10. Honor Araouzou commented

    RE Development application DA227/15 submitted to Kogarah council 31st oct 2015
    What a overdevelopment for the area. What about some consideration for existing
    residents that have lived here for the past 20 \ 30 years.

    We stand to loose our sun in our backyards for most of the day.
    101 units how will Bonney st handle the traffic it is already congested with cars
    being parked there from local business that have slide in under the radar in the last few years.Seems like its a parking lot for them and their staff and residents have to park in the other streets.
    Bonney st is a very narrow street with only just enough room for 2 cars going in opposite direction how can it cope with another 200 plus from this monstrocity of a building and lets not forget all the extra visitors and shoppers coming and going from
    the proposed retail shops planned to be on street level.
    Give the local residents of Bonney and Broughton a say what is our local council there
    for is it us the rate payer. Say no to high rise in SANS SOUCI lets keep it the way its
    been for the last 100yrs family friendly family dwellings and safe environment for our
    kids to grow up in. We don't want high rise slums of the future.

  11. Steven Axam commented

    I am opposed to DA 227/2015 at 365-377 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci for the following reasons:

    1. Inconsistency in Building Height and Density

    I believe that the density and height of the proposed development is inconsistent with the housing and other commercial developments in the surrounding streets on the western side of Rocky Point Road. Other nearby buildings are a maximum of three storeys high, so a five-storey building would look “out-of-place” at the proposed location.

    The density of the proposed development is significantly higher than other nearby buildings on the western side of Rocky Point Road. In this way the proposed development is inconsistent with the land zoning of other existing buildings in Broughton and Bonney Streets.

    Such inconsistencies in development would lead to a decline in the appearance and character of the street and that would make it a less desirable area to live. There is also the potential for such a development to negatively affect the value of properties in the surrounding streets.

    2. Traffic and Parking Congestion Issues

    Already there have seen many occasions when street parking has not been available in close proximity to this proposed development. This has lead to situations where parking has not been available at the locate shops on Rocky Point road and in Bonney Street.

    Traffic congestion is also a major issue on Rocky Point road and around the commercial properties in Bonney St. I believe that the proposed development will worsen this situation.

    3. Impact on Native Birds & Tress

    There are many native birds including Rozellas and Kookaburras that live in the immediate area where the development is proposed. I am concerned that the development will result in a reduction in the habitat of the native wildlife due to the potential loss of several large trees that would take many years to regrow.

    I am opposed to the current Development Application Number DA 227/2015 for the reasons stated in this submission.

    I would ask that this submission be taken into consideration when assessing the development application.

  12. Dennis Ward commented

    I am opposed to the current Development Application Number DA 227/2015 for the reasons stated in this submission.

    Some of the reasons to move to this wonderful neighbourhood is that there is minimal traffic flow in the streets, there are so many trees that encourage the native wildlife to reside here, my family can walk the street without fear of being knocked down or hurt in any way shape or form, the parking is of the highest standard for the residence in the street and is already at full usage so how can you possibly hope to provide more in the street for all the other cars that will try to park there.
    I believe that this the absolute outrageous size of the proposed development will have a harmful and significant impact on the residence that live in this street, and my family and I are strongly opposed to the whole development being considered or approved.

  13. Jessica Vaughan commented

    I am strongly opposed to DA 227/2015 at 365-377 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci (Corner of Bonney street) for the following reasons:

    1. Traffic flow- Sans Souci is an area where there are lots of commuters on the road, and with that comes the effects of traffic congestion. The extent of the effects heavy traffic congestion can have are huge e.g. It can have a tremendous impact on your personal life, career, future and even safety. Adding more traffic congestion is not creating a quality of life for the people of Sans Souci. It will cause more delays, more fuel consumption and more road rage consequently allowing for unhappy residents.

    2. Parking- Parking causes safety problems therefore if you increase the amount of cars that need parking it is not safe for children/families e.g. there will be reduced visibility between children and oncoming traffic, safety problems for cars e.g. reducing sight lines between approaching traffic, access of emergency services which will be made difficult where the useable road is limited by parked cars and trucks may refuse collections, again resulting in dissatisfied residents.

    I believe this development should not go ahead.

  14. George Hili commented

    I am very angry that Kogarah City Council accepted DA 227/2015 when the New City Plan has not even been passed or legislated. This development is currently covered by Kogarah LEP 2013 which is zoned B1 neighbourhood centre. The developer of DA 227/2015 wants approximately 6 storeys(19.05 metres )of shops and apartments ,roof top terrace, 2 levels of basement parking which is 101 units and in total for this narrow suburban street.
    Total proposed apartments would be 52 X 1 bedrooms ,40 x 2 bedrooms and 9 X 3 bedrooms. I cannot understand why this DA 227/2015 would have so many 1 bedroom apartments .
    I have since found out that the developers have made a Request For Change in the New City Plan for an even higher building from 15 meters( 4.5 storeys apx .)) to 21 meters(6.3 storeys apx .) without any regard for the residents of Bonney Street or surrounding streets that will be impacted by this monolithic like building.
    Street parking is at an all-time low for residents and it will be made even worse and more dangerous than it already is if DA227/2015 is approved in its current form.
    I am also not happy that this building will overlook my backyard and take away my privacy .I’m sure that the councillors would not approve a development so big if it was overlooking their backyards and I’m sure that the developers would put up a fight to stop this DA if it affected them.
    I have also found out in documents(Statement of Environmental Effects) submitted by the developer of DA 227/2015 that on page 5 “The proposed development has been designed having pre-DA advice from council” and on page 18 of the same document it states” it is understood that council intends moving forward with the New City Plan”. Then why bother even asking residents for their opinions on the New City Plan proposal and wasting ratepayers money on meetings, brochures and newspaper advertisements.
    I am very angry when I look at Kogarah Councils Housing Strategy 2014 and it states in Proposed Zoning of Sans Souci Centre that there will be No changes proposed to the B1 Neighbourhood Centre and the R2 Low Density Residential area( page 179)
    This DA will give an undesirable and unacceptable impact on the streetscape of Bonney Street and does not correspond to the desired scale and character of the local area.

  15. LINDA O'BRIEN commented

    I have many concerns regarding the proposed development. Firstly, Sans Souci is NOT on a railway line so the only way residents can commute is by road. As commuter, i experience clogged congedted roadson a daily basis, 7 days a week. Adding 105 units where there once stood four residences speaks for itself. Sans Souci Public School and St Finbar's are already at capacity so how will children residing in the proposed units be schooled? If the Jameson units are used as a model, then, where were the dozens of trees uprooted, replaced by developers when that block of houses were demolished? In this very shortsighted planning there is absolutely no thought given to landscaping. This is evident because every new unit block along Rocky Point rd is built butted up to the footpath with no shade trees or landscaping . Every example is an eyesore, built cheaply and not to last. They are shabby and ugly. The infrastructure in this suburb CANNOT support this proposed development. Please reconsider the size and impact of this DA.

  16. Angela Hili commented

    Re DA 227/2015 I should have realised that the developer always gets what they want and when there is a problem with this building the council passes the buck to the private certifier.The private certifier is always in a meeting and never bothers with complaints because they just want this building passed.
    I cannot believe the reflection from some of the west facing windows and silver metal on some of the balconies it is absolutely blinding in the afternoon but no one cares about the residents that have been here for many years.
    I also cannot believe the noise that comes from the central courtyard it’s like an amphitheater with the amplification of noise. I just wonder if the architect knew these problems could occur!!
    Another thing residents weren’t told about is that there is apparently 30 social housing units in this building.
    Too bad for residents no one care about them its all about the almighty dollar for the owner developer architect and council

  17. Concerned Resident commented

    As we told the council who approved this monstrosity DA 227/2015 there is no parking anymore in Bonney Street Sans Souci but the George’s River Council said there’s plenty of parking in the basement and everyone only has 1 car or doesn’t drive well it looks like every unit has 2+ cars what a joke There is rubbish everywhere, people from that unit block fighting in the street and one man actually came out naked on his verandah dancing around thinking he was so smart leaving residents to not want to go into their backyards.Also as the cars come up the driveway of this development at dusk and nighttime their lights shine directly into a house which has had to install special blinds and double glazing.Thanks George’s River Council I hate where I live now all thanks to this horrible unit block .

  18. Judi Kinson commented

    This is a real problem and its going on all over Ramsgate Sans Souci area. Councils don't seem to take any notice of residence who have made there home in the area. The whole place is changing and not for the best. I am an X Ramsgate resident and still have a home in the area because I love it and remember it as a beautiful place to live and grow up in. I feel so sad for you all.
    Judi Kinson

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