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In Sans Souci NSW on “365-377 Rocky Point Road,...” at 365-377 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci:

Mary Debono commented

DA227/15 is an application for a 5 storey high plus 2 levels of basement parking consisting of 101 units and 3 commercial shops. This proposal is higher than permitted under the current Kogarah Council DCP2013. A building of this magnitude will impact on residents of BONNEY St immensely. 101 units - Lets say there will be a minimum of 202 residents, plus shoppers, plus visitors, plus workers, plus vehicles all coming and going 24/7 and mostly using BONNEY St. Residents of BONNEY St and surrounding streets will loose all privacy, will have people looking into residents of BONNEY St and surrounding streets yards, will have additional traffic, noise, pollution and NO parking. BONNEY St is a narrow street and already experiences traffic congestion. Vehicles currently enter BONNEY St from Rocky Point Rd, from other streets such as Russell Ave to drop children off at St Finbars School on Broughton St and BONNEY St is used as a short cut to access the Princes Hwy. The proposed development has been designed with ALL vehicular access from BONNEY St to avoid impact on traffic flows along Rocky Point Rd. Using only BONNEY St as the ONLY vehicular access for this proposed development will have a huge impact on traffic flow, traffic congestion and further parking issues especially on BONNEY St. BONNEY St will be impacted immensely with this development. Other developments in the area have access from several surrounding streets including access from Rocky Point Rd. This proposal has not considered the residents of BONNEY St! The proposed development includes a Roof Terrace. The Roof Terrace is located on BONNEY St. This will make the height of the Development 6 Stories, which does not comply with the current Kogarah Council DCP2013. The roof terrace will further invade the privacy of residents of BONNEY St.
* BONNEY St is too narrow - cannot accommodate increase in traffic as ALL services have been proposed to take place from BONNEY St.
* Invasion of privacy for surrounding residents/properties, especially BONNEY St.
* Roof Terrace exceeds current Council Control DCP2013 and is facing BONNEY St.
* Any development application should be submitted according to Kogarah Council legal requirements and should not be compared with other developments situated in a neighbouring Council.
It is clear that residential St, BONNEY St, has NOT been considered in the proposed plans of this Development. This proposed Development should be declined. Any proposed Development submitted in Kogarah Council should adhere to Kogarah Council's current Council controls and legal requirements within the Kogarah Council Local Environment Plan (LEP) for planning and development.
Please ensure that FULL concerns raised from residents are sent to the NSW Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP). Residents would also like to be kept informed and advised of any meeting, which we as ratepayers of Kogarah Council can attend, regarding this Development including the JRPP meetings. We as ratepayers of Kogarah Council should be considered and any Panel should act in the interest of residents affected by this development.

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