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In Sans Souci NSW on “365-377 Rocky Point Road,...” at 365-377 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci:

Steven Axam commented

I am opposed to DA 227/2015 at 365-377 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci for the following reasons:

1. Inconsistency in Building Height and Density

I believe that the density and height of the proposed development is inconsistent with the housing and other commercial developments in the surrounding streets on the western side of Rocky Point Road. Other nearby buildings are a maximum of three storeys high, so a five-storey building would look “out-of-place” at the proposed location.

The density of the proposed development is significantly higher than other nearby buildings on the western side of Rocky Point Road. In this way the proposed development is inconsistent with the land zoning of other existing buildings in Broughton and Bonney Streets.

Such inconsistencies in development would lead to a decline in the appearance and character of the street and that would make it a less desirable area to live. There is also the potential for such a development to negatively affect the value of properties in the surrounding streets.

2. Traffic and Parking Congestion Issues

Already there have seen many occasions when street parking has not been available in close proximity to this proposed development. This has lead to situations where parking has not been available at the locate shops on Rocky Point road and in Bonney Street.

Traffic congestion is also a major issue on Rocky Point road and around the commercial properties in Bonney St. I believe that the proposed development will worsen this situation.

3. Impact on Native Birds & Tress

There are many native birds including Rozellas and Kookaburras that live in the immediate area where the development is proposed. I am concerned that the development will result in a reduction in the habitat of the native wildlife due to the potential loss of several large trees that would take many years to regrow.

I am opposed to the current Development Application Number DA 227/2015 for the reasons stated in this submission.

I would ask that this submission be taken into consideration when assessing the development application.

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