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In Sans Souci NSW on “365-377 Rocky Point Road,...” at 365-377 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci:

George Hili commented

I am very angry that Kogarah City Council accepted DA 227/2015 when the New City Plan has not even been passed or legislated. This development is currently covered by Kogarah LEP 2013 which is zoned B1 neighbourhood centre. The developer of DA 227/2015 wants approximately 6 storeys(19.05 metres )of shops and apartments ,roof top terrace, 2 levels of basement parking which is 101 units and in total for this narrow suburban street.
Total proposed apartments would be 52 X 1 bedrooms ,40 x 2 bedrooms and 9 X 3 bedrooms. I cannot understand why this DA 227/2015 would have so many 1 bedroom apartments .
I have since found out that the developers have made a Request For Change in the New City Plan for an even higher building from 15 meters( 4.5 storeys apx .)) to 21 meters(6.3 storeys apx .) without any regard for the residents of Bonney Street or surrounding streets that will be impacted by this monolithic like building.
Street parking is at an all-time low for residents and it will be made even worse and more dangerous than it already is if DA227/2015 is approved in its current form.
I am also not happy that this building will overlook my backyard and take away my privacy .I’m sure that the councillors would not approve a development so big if it was overlooking their backyards and I’m sure that the developers would put up a fight to stop this DA if it affected them.
I have also found out in documents(Statement of Environmental Effects) submitted by the developer of DA 227/2015 that on page 5 “The proposed development has been designed having pre-DA advice from council” and on page 18 of the same document it states” it is understood that council intends moving forward with the New City Plan”. Then why bother even asking residents for their opinions on the New City Plan proposal and wasting ratepayers money on meetings, brochures and newspaper advertisements.
I am very angry when I look at Kogarah Councils Housing Strategy 2014 and it states in Proposed Zoning of Sans Souci Centre that there will be No changes proposed to the B1 Neighbourhood Centre and the R2 Low Density Residential area( page 179)
This DA will give an undesirable and unacceptable impact on the streetscape of Bonney Street and does not correspond to the desired scale and character of the local area.

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