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Are you trying to get in touch with your local council or state planning authority? In that case please contact them directly. Unfortunately we can't help you with all that official stuff because Planning Alerts is completely independent from Government. Planning Alerts is a free service, built and maintained by a tiny charity, the OpenAustralia Foundation.

To find the contact details for your council or state planning authority the best way is to find their official website and look there. Good luck!

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Did we mention that we're a tiny team and not the government? We do our best to respond to everyone but sometimes things slip through the cracks.

To help us better help you, please describe your issue with as much detail as possible and add links!

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  2. Some questions that might help you describe your request: What are you trying to do? What happens when you try to do that? What have you tried to fix it? How do you think we could help? Please include a link to the page on the site where this happened.

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We run this site, not the Government!

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This independent project is part of the digital library from the local charity, the OpenAustralia Foundation. PlanningAlerts is powered by small donations from the people who use it to stay informed about changes to their local area. If you find it useful, chip in to support PlanningAlerts.

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