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You'd probably know if your next door neighbour was going to knock their house down (you'd get a letter through the door telling you they had applied for planning permission and asking you what you thought about it). But you'd probably never find out if the old cinema or pub 5 streets away is going to be converted into luxury flats until the bulldozers turned up.

Planning Alerts is a free Australian service which searches as many planning authority websites as it can find and emails you details of applications near you. The aim of this to enable shared scrutiny of what is being built (and knocked down) in peoples' communities.

Planning Alerts is brought to you by the charity the OpenAustralia Foundation. It was created by Matthew Landauer and Katherine Szuminska.


If you contribute to the project you will get to be on this list.

Planning Alerts uses Google Maps services with support of a Google Earth Outreach Grant.

You are using version 8069a4f of Planning Alerts.