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In Sans Souci NSW on “365-377 Rocky Point Road,...” at 365-377 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci:

F.Loewenthal commented

There is a development application DA227/15 at Kogarah Council now and it was submitted on the 31st October 2015. As far as I am aware the rezoning and new city plan for our area had not been legislated at that time and yet this application was accepted by the Council and I feel that it should not have been accepted or even looked at until everything was official and finalised. Accompanying this application were two (2) consultancy reports in favour of the developer regarding traffic and the words “insignificant impact” on local traffic are without a doubt the most unreasonable and unfair statements in the written documents. There are many other statements that should be questioned by the governing body and we can only hope the resident concerns will be acknowledged and supported to reject this development.
The application is an over-development of the worst kind. There is no consideration for existing residents whatsoever, 101 (one hundred and one) apartments with entry and exit via Bonney Street, Sans Souci. Our street is narrow and with the existing commercial enterprises using the street day and night with deliveries or garbage removal and the employees of said enterprises using the footpath for their parking all day, every day, has created many days of traffic and lack of parking for private residents and their guests. Bonney Street is also used as a thoroughfare for vehicles of all sizes travelling from the Captain Cook Bridge along Rocky Point Road to Hurstville or the Princes Highway thus avoiding the traffic chaos at the Ramsgate intersection. Two basement parking levels for the amount of units being requested are totally inadequate.
The height of DA227/15 is outrageous. The height should not be higher than 379 Rocky Point Road. This development is being compared to one directly across the road on the corner of Russell Avenue and Rocky Point Road. It is a very different situation and also a different Council. I believe it is called the “Jameson” development. It has three levels of basement parking and approximately 70 units with commercial enterprises on street level. It is surrounded by four streets, Evans Street, Jameson Lane, Rocky Point Road and Russell Avenue. The vehicle entry from Russell Avenue to the basement parking in the “Jameson” area is four times wider than Bonney Street.
There is no comparison to the width of Bonney Street and the Jameson development.
I also note that the “Sold Sign” on 365-377 Rocky Point Road” development site has the property description as being I quote ‘’Access via right of Carriageway to Broughton Street is active”. I note that in other statements the parking and access is via Bonney Street, no proposed access or entry from Broughton Street.
The conflicting information is very disturbing. I feel that the Design Review Panel has not covered these extremely disturbing conflicts with a thoroughness that I hoped for.
There should be no roof extensions for any purpose. We the residents do not want people overlooking the private homes and gardens of existing residents. There should be no access to the roof for community gatherings.
We note that there are two (2) very large trees on the vacant property (375 Rocky Point Road), one I believe is an oak tree and is estimated to be decades old, perhaps a hundred years old. Hopefully the environmentally conscious panel will be consistent in their regard for these trees. The council is vigilant regarding anything the rate payers would like to trim or prune in their back yards and gardens. Approval for lopping trees not received by the resident from council can result in heavy fines and this is not for killing or removing overgrown trees, it is for trimming, pruning or allowing light and air to flow freely around a home.
The construction of high rise apartments does nothing to help young people or anyone who is considering buying a house to raise a family. This is not Shanghai or Bejing where people are willing to live anywhere just to have a place to live. I wonder why so many Asians want to buy and live in Australia, could it be to get away from high-rise and have a home with a yard and space to enjoy family gatherings in the outdoors.!

My summary of this correspondence is to seek the support and co-operation of the Joint Regional Planning Panel, the St George Design and Review Panel in censuring this over-development of Bonney Street and the unique suburb known as Sans Souci.

sent to the planning authority

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