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In Sans Souci NSW on “365-377 Rocky Point Road,...” at 365-377 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci:

stephen tanti commented

1. Is the Kogarah Fire Brigade equipped for such a high building in case of an emergency e.g. sufficient equipment to assist with a fire on the top floor?
2. Obviously the privacy invasion for the residents of Bonney Street and Broughton Street has not been considered! Many residents bought these properties 30 or so years ago, and was not counting on any rezoning to allow a high rise being built in this area and over shadowing their properties and invading their back yard privacy. That’s why they purchased here and not where existing units were zoned.
3. Bonney Street is already congested with traffic and parking from the current residencies and shops. How will a narrow street accommodate a further 200 vehicles from residents plus their visitors and customers from the shops?
4. What delivery and pick up times will be impose on the businesses? Residents have been disturbed on a number of occasions in the past from present business alarms, deliveries, garbage collection, burglar alarms have been sounded throughout the night without anyone around to turn them off or attend to them.
5. Should the development go ahead the newly developed shops and residences on the corner of Rocky Point Road and Broughton Street of 3 stories should set the precedent as the maximum building height. This developer applied for a 5 storey and it was knocked back and only approved for a 3 storey.
6. The Jameson on the corner of Russell Avenue and Evans streets on Rocky Point Road has wide streets and on the east side of the building you have Jameson Lane through to either Russell and Evans to accommodate such a building unlike the proposed development for Bonney street. This building should not be used as an example as what should be expected for this side of Rocky Point Road as Bonney str is only a narrow two lane str unlike Russel six lanes ,Evans four lanes and the back strt has one lane for parking and two lanes for vehicle access to the parking levels for The Jameson site .
7. Has the developer investigated how much overshadowing a building of this size will cast over nearby existing residences.Have they even considered the resedents of Bonney str and Broughton streets .
8. Furthermore the proposed development has been designed with vehicular access from Bonney st, to avoid impacts on traffic flows along Rocky Point Road this goes to show that there will be an unacceptable impact on the safe and efficient operation of Bonney street. Where do they think 200 residential vehicles will flow on to 99.9%..... Rocky Point Rd?
9. The noise emitted from vehicles entering and leaving the premises 24/7.
10. Also there will be the issue of headlights beaming into our bedrooms from the vehicles exiting the complex at all hrs of the night, which at present is the delivery bay for Sans Souci Fresh .
11. Just because it is over $20 million the privacy of the residents of Bonney/Broughton strs in which the Statement Of Environmental Effects barley discusses the issue only to say : Page 75 ,The rear of the proposed building which is most sensitively located , is generally compliant with the maximum building height control and does not give rise to any unreasonable adverse impacts in relation to the neighbouring residential properties due to generous separation distances and provision of deep soil planting ;To page76
12. What do they mean generally complaint, it either is or it is not.
13. General separation distances the balconies are going to take up 3m of this distance. Provisions of deep soil planting are they going to plant 20meter high trees!
14. Has there been any consideration to the impact this development is going to have on the traffic movement into Broughton str and St Finbars Primary school this str is also narrow with parking on the street making it virtually into a 1 car at a time laneway.
15. The Jameson “s top four levels are set far back from Jameson Lane as to minimise any overshadowing onto nearby residences unlike what is proposed for Bonney Str a mere 9meters and that’s were the entry and exit is going to be .
16. The Jameson has a 5492sq m of land space on it are 300 car spaces over 3 levels ,ground level it has the Supabarn and 7 shops .Levels 1to 4 , 70 residential apartments 30x 1 bedrooms ,38x2 bedrooms ,2x3bedrooms and a MAXIMUM overall height off 16.85meters .
17. The proposed development Sans Souci Village 365-377 Rocky Point Road Sans Souci DA227/2015 consists of 4099sq m[1393 sq m less than The Jameson]will be of a height of 19.05 meters to roof top terrace [3.8meters higher ].A total of 101 residential apartments and 3 shops[compared to8 shops and 70 apartments] with only 175 car spaces over 2 levels [compared to 300 for The Jameson].
The Sans Souci Village Site Will consist off Compared to The Jameson which has a a greater land mass area by 1393 sq m
52x1 bedrooms 30x1 bedrooms
40x2 bedrooms 38x2 bedrooms
9x3bedrooms 2x3bedrooms
3x shops 7 shops plus Supabarn
175 car spaces over two levels 300car spaces over 3 levels
Proposed entry Bonney str consisting of 2 lanes Entry Jameson Lane 2 lanes supported by Russell avenue 6lanes and evans str 4 lanes
Site area 4099 sq m Site area 5492 sq m

18. Apart from privacy issues to the west most of the residencies to the North of Bonney str will be effected from the balconies windows and not to mention the Proposed Communal roof terrace Page 71 will be 1.5 meters in non- compliance with the Clause 5.6 of the DRAFT NEW CITY PLAN .Which to this end, consideration of the Draft plan is required.
19. We are of opinion that any redevelopment of this site should adhere to the current DCP2013, and as stated in item 5 corners Rocky Point Road/Broughton Street developed 2 years ago at a Maximum 3 storey.

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