Lot 3 Holloway Road, Wonga Park VIC 3115

Subdivisions, variations to restrictions/easments

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 2 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Yarra Ranges Shire Council, reference YR-2018/358)


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  1. Heidi commented

    This is a piece of land that has significant value to native wildlife and is ecologically important. It hosts wallaby, grey kangaroos, echidnas, river wildlife from the Green Reed frog to other native species. It is a habit for the many native parrots, such as the swift parrot and little green lorrikeet, and kookaburra and butcherbird all of which are in decline. How can the Shire of Yarra Ranges allow such a development? They seem more concerned about getting money from expensive rates than caring for our future and the environment. I moved to this part of Chirnside for the natural habitat.
    The development will cram house upon non environmentally friendly house upon another with more air conditioning units blasting away over summer because of no trees or gardens.
    How could this be allowed? Think of our children's future and not just money in the council's pocket from annual rates.
    If they really cared about the environment they would develop the area into a park and waterway like the City of Manningham (Doncaster) with all their family parks incorporating natural area.

  2. Heidi commented

    This is a piece of land that has significant value to native wildlife and is ecologically important. It hosts wallaby, grey kangaroos, echidnas, river wildlife from the Green Reed frog to other native species. It is a habit for the many native parrots, such as the swift parrot and little green lorrikeet, and kookaburra and butcherbird all of which are in decline. How can the Shire of Yarra Ranges allow such a development? They seem more concerned about getting money from expensive rates than caring for our future and the environment. I moved to this part of Chirnside for the natural habitat.
    The development will cram house upon non environmentally friendly house upon another with more air conditioning units blasting away over summer because of no trees or gardens.
    How could this be allowed? Think of our children's future and not just money in the council's pocket from annual rates.
    If they really cared about the environment they would develop the area into a park and waterway like the City of Manningham (Doncaster) with all their family parks incorporating natural area.

  3. Sarah Hogan wrote to local councillor Richard Higgins

    This is a disgrace.
    Isn’t this a green belt ?
    Wonga Park has changed significantly over the last 10 years that I’ve lived here
    Council allowing development on many blocks of land that have native wildlife and creeks.
    There is quickly becoming no “Park”in Wonga Park
    This should not be allowed

    Delivered to local councillor Richard Higgins. They are yet to respond.

  4. Priya Mishra commented

    Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme Amendment C176 and Planning Permit Application YR-2018/358, Lot 3, Holloway Road, Wonga Park

    I wish to voice my strong objection to the granting of the above-mentioned Planning Permit application.

    The site as it stands at the moment is a serene and beautiful piece of natural land and is used by residents and their beloved pets for walks and general nature appreciation. It is a wonderful open space which supports a wetland and native wildlife. Proposed removal of vegetation will drive out the abundance of birds that flock to the area.

    It concerns me that our council appears to be giving in to greed in even considering the inappropriate development of this space into a residential subdivision with a token area dedicated to wetlands.

    The proposal that ONE road will lead into the residential subdivision for 48 dwellings will create traffic congestion, noise pollution and impact negatively on air quality. Turning traffic will cause headlights shining into dwelling affected on Regency Rise and Meadowbank Avenue. The application permit appears misleading as it implies there will be a road thoroughfare via Holloway Road. There is however ONE road only proposed for 48 dwellings - access being via Regency Rise!

    In relation to waste collection for dwellings in the proposed residential subdivision - Will collection be from each proposed dwelling or from a central location as is current practice from certain court locations within Chirnside Village? Will this pose a further traffic hazard?

    Further the proposed development does not appear to include a playground or an open space.

    I hope the council rethinks its approach to inappropriate development and protects the liveability and character of Chirnside Park and disallows this planning permit.

  5. Rohan commented

    My name is Rohan and I am 11 years old.
    My dog Ziggy and I love to go for walks in this piece of land.
    We love seeing bunny rabbits, ducks, and rainbow lorikeets here.
    We saw a wallaby once, but it was too quick, so it may have been a kangaroo.
    We also often see 2 kookaburras - always together as a pair.
    If you make lots of houses in this piece of land, all that wildlife will have to find new homes.
    Also building lots more houses means having lots more cars and that will mean the air we breath will not be as clean. I have read that at the moment our air is the cleanest in the world.
    Please leave open green spaces in Chirnside Park as they are.
    Thank you.
    From Rohan and Ziggy

  6. Kerrie commented

    I’m confused as to how this has even made it through the first stage. The lack of consideration and planning for the significant impact this will have to local traffic is mind blowing. A small estate backing on to a growing school, already in desperate need of improved conditions to reduce traffic congestion will now be used as the sole thoroughfare to 48 more houses? I assume the person responsible for approving this has never driven these streets and experienced the issues themselves - only someone not local to the area would have ever thought this could work.

  7. Janet commented

    I am concerned that the native bush land that is unique to this area will be lost forever. The significant noise that will occur due to the increased traffic flow, noise pollution is already a big issue by having through roads this is will only create a bigger issue with our world. This move would show little respect for indigenous and cultural importance that we have in this area. This decision would deplicate the housing development that has taken place on the corner of Kimberly Drive and Deep Springs Road is an indication of the added traffic conjestion this has prove to become disastrous. Once this environment is lost, it is never to be regained.

  8. Paul commented

    Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme Amendment C176 and Planning Permit Application YR-2018/358, Lot 3, Holloway Road, Wonga Park

    My wife and I wish to object to the proposed devlopment Lot 3 Holloway rd.

    Firstly we object on enviormental grounds as the proposed devlopment houses native widlife such as Kangaroos, Kookaburras, Brown snakes, Echidnas and Green reed frogs. It will also impact the number of esthablised native trees that house our native birds that have started to move back into the area.

    Secondly how can a proposed devlopment be titled Lot 3 Holloway rd when there is no entrace off Holloway rd. The proposed redevlopment is also zoned Wonga Park when the neighbours of these homes will be Chirnside Park. To me this seems like it's being zoned to Wonga Park so the devloper can seek to obtain higher prices for the land, so therefore the entrance should be on the Hollaway rd side with a bridge etc built for access. The council would therefore profit out of higher rates if zoned as Wonga Park.

    Regencey Rise and Meadowbank avenue will be used as through roads as there is no entrace of Holloway rd. With an estimatied 90 extra cars using the roads it will increase noise and people parking on the side of the road which is an already traffic hazard on these roads, and will become even more dangerous as cars now already exceed the speed limit.

    There will also be an increase of dust, noise to our already exisiting neighbour hood.

    We have lived here for 17years and were always told of no development there as it is a wetlands area, and they were to always built a park at the side of regency rise, this has never happened.

    We object highly for this development.

  9. Rob Gebbing commented

    My kids and I also strongly object to this proposal.
    We walk this area everyday with our dog. This bush land was a major part of why we bought here nine years ago. The wildlife we see everyday is amazing and I challenge council members to spend some time here and see it for yourself.
    Once this bush land is wiped out it is gone forever.
    Is there not already enough units and apartments being built in this and surrounding suburbs, not to mention the backyards being sold.
    When does the greed from council and developers stop, and caring for our environment start?
    All of my other concerns about this proposal have already been posted and I absolutely agree with all of them.

  10. Karen O'Shea commented

    Regarding YR-2018/358
    Lot 3 Holloway Rd , Wonga Park

    I also strongly object to this planning project .I am a resident of Regency Rise and have for many years enjoyed this untouched natural environment and the native wildlife throughout the area it brings with regular sightings of kookaburras , Black Cockatoos , Kangaroos ,Echidnas an ambundance of other bird species and wildlife. I am at a loss as to understand why Council would encourage and allow this remaining small pocket of land with native vegetation and wildlife be destroyed .
    Re - the Plans for the housing estate ..
    The deceiving address stated on The Plans is one point ... This development will have no effect on Holloway Rd residents
    Whilst assisting to collect signatures for a petition against these plans that over 300 local residents signed I discovered there were residents I spoke to that were unaware of the impact that This development would have on residents of 'Chirnside Village' due to the way the Project has been advertised - Holloway Rd . Residents particularly those at the lower end of the estate such as Regency Rise Paula Way Meadowbank Dr and surrounding streets will experience significant traffic increases , many years of building vehicles coming in out . Already the flow of traffic in streets inside our Estate is disputed with so many vehicles having to park out on the roads due to modern times with families having grown children staying home longer etc, their extra vehicles have no where to park . It is not unusual for households these days to have 4 or more vehicles at the one address . Introducing this thoroughfare of more vehicles from this proposed Estate is a safety concern .
    Exiting the Estate - The exit out on to Kimberely Dr is always a concern , With residents vehicles , Oxley College school vehicles, vehicles from all sporting events held at Oxley College , and buses all trying to compete against traffic from the shopping centre exiting from here onto Maroondah Hwy is regularly a concern . The lower exit from the Estate onto the ever increasing busy Blacksprings Rd will now have to compete with The concerns of future traffic from the incomplete residential Development that is on the corner of Blacksprings and Kimberely Dr , the current residents , the building trades this development will attract along with the residents of the new Homes that are planned - and Holloway Rd gets nothing ??
    If anything is to be considered it is that the exit must go onto Hollway Rd - the actual address of the project, taking the road alongside the planned pedestrian walkway - If they can build a walk way to Holloway Rd they can take the road with it - common sense

  11. Robert commented

    I am astounded that there is a Planning notice issued for this development, as a rate payer of the shire of Yarra Ranges,I reject this application for planning for the following reasons

    1) We already have too much traffic in Regency Rise and Meadowlark Avenue. The Chirnside Park residents all know that this will not be restricted to 80 lots, as once one developer gets approval, others will follow based on this being a case study. We really do not want to start a development trend, we have a good balance at this moment. Keep it as it is, We don't want to become another Caroline Springs.

    2) Impact to resident wild life. endangered or not.

    The following species are known to be found in this area, as you will see it is a significant habitat for native species. even though this is a relatively small wildlife retreat it supports many species, this is why it will be very noticeable impact on our garden visitors.

    Tawny frogmouth, yellow tail black cockatoo, bobook owl, bronze cuckoo, grey butcher bird, king parrot, crimson rosella, eastern rosella, swifts parrot,fairy wren blue wren,red rump parrot, little corella, sulfur crested cockatoo, galagh , lead-beaters glider, echidna, brown snake, red bellied black snake, many species of micro-bats.
    grey Wallaby grey kangaroo,ring tail possum, these are just an example, there are many others.

    And we want to keep it that way.

    You will seek an environmental impact statement from a non biased government research group.

    With the impact of climate change, we don't need anymore development other than to keep this a protected green belt area to improve our local air quality. We would be happy if council would reject this planning submission based on environmental impact, and road congestion grounds.

    This development will create a huge impact on a diminishing green belt environment.

    It will negatively impact value of the surrounding land prices, it will impact on an already crowded shopping precinct,

    I hope you listen to others and the voice of the neighborhood.

    Please consider this rejection of planning application as vital to the survival of our native flora and fauna in Wonga Park and Chirnside Park, keep as it is.

  12. Tom Hewitt commented


    Please leave this native bushland in it's natural habitat and do not destroy it. The surrounding streets already have congestion/traffic problems and do not need an increase to this.

  13. Greg commented

    Hi, we wish to formally object to the proposed development as planned. This development would see the abolition of the serenity that this native bush land provides along with the various species of wildlife that reside there.
    Once again it looks as though profits take precedence over sufficient infrastructure to support such a development and the safety within the neighbourhood. The initial increase in heavy vehicle activity during construction throughout the narrow roadways of this estate, given that there is only one access road is concerning enough, but the ongoing traffic and lack of sufficient access for the future residents of the planned estate will make the local roads even less safe.

  14. Meera commented

    I wish to object to the proposed housing development which will directly impact my family and many other families. Our street will be one of the through roads into the proposed estate, causing noise, traffic, pollution and congestion all of which are not only unpleasant for residents, but also a safety concern.
    This is a family area where children love to ride their bikes and walk their dogs. They are able to do so safely in our neighbourhood and this safety will be compromised with the dramatic increase in traffic that will come with this development.
    Furthermore, this area has significant historical importance for indigenous culture and it would be a shame to see that disrespected, as we pride ourselves on being a multicultural and diverse community.
    I ask you to please give consideration to the families that will be affected by this development and also the significance of this development in terms of how we demonstrate the culture of our neighbourhood.

  15. B. Dubaj commented

    I would like to express my strong opposition to approving this application.

    A quick look at the Google Map reveals that, as proposed, the project would really destroy large area, if not all of the native bushland growing around Brushy Creek, that starts literally at the back fences of existing houses.

    This bushland is natural habitat of many species, variety of which is not to be underestimated. I personally have experienced a kangaroo running past me less than 5m away, surprising both myself and my dog. I know for sure a great variety of birds and other smaller animals lives there, busy feeding their young from early morning with whatever insects and other produce the bushland supplies. Several times different frogs even found their way into my backyard, and on one occasion I (and my dog) even had to convince a large, scary-looking lizard to go back where it came from. They all live there, in the bushland, they all call it their home.

    On several occasions over last almost 10 years I watched rising level of Brushy Creek with concern for my neighbours across the street, when creek's water approached and even reached their backyard fences. No damage to bushland was done - indeed, it re-invigorated it. However, a proposal to build residential housing on exactly that flood-prone area seems to be very unwise, and common-sense would dictate to refuse approval of any such proposal.

    For some reason Wonga Park is stated as the location of the project, when in reality it is located in Chirnside Park. If it is to be located at Wonga Park 3115, it would need to run parallel to Glenpark Drive, not parallel to Regency Rise, Chirnside Park 3116. The "Wonga Park" in the address is therefore misleading, and perhaps intentionally so. Moving the project to run parallel to Glenpark Drive (in real Wonga Park 3115), the environmental impact would be much reduced, affecting quite large strip of grassland rather than native bushland.

    If the Yarra Ranges Council policies really "... proudly support Corridors of Green...", as is claimed on existing signs in the area, the Council will not grant approval to proceed with the project. I sincerely hope for that to be the case.

  16. Trevor Leslie Cornell & Carol Denise Cornell commented

    Hi, my wife and I would like to object to the proposal to build residential housing at Lot 3 Holloway Road, Wonga Park. Vic. 3115 (correctly known as Chirnside Park) application YR-2018/358.
    This proposal would destroy native bushland and have a huge negative impact on our native wildlife and tranquil enviroment in our in beloved Chirnside Village.

    As it appears from the planning, that the access road would have run through the Village which would cause major traffic congestion, noise, pollution and a safety issue with children in the area.

    Being ratepayers of the shire, we would hope and expect the council to put the interests of it's residents ahead of greedy developers and any other parties with monetary interests to be gained if the council approves this inappropiate development. We hope and pray that you do not approve this insidious planning development.

    We would like to remind the council that you " proudly support Corridors of Green"

  17. Lisa R wrote to local councillor Len Cox

    I strongly object to the proposed development at Lot 3 Holloway Rd, Wonga Park.
    My objects are on the basis of:
    1. The address for this development is misleading as there is no access to this development from Holloway Rd so should not be identified as a Wonga Park postcode.
    2. The location is clearly in the Chirnside Park (Chirnside Village) area so the development should be accurately labeled.
    3. The additional 40+ houses would only be able to access their properties by Regency Rise or meadowbank ave. Regenct Rise already is a congested thoroughfare. It would not be able to manage an additional 80+ cars per day. This is dangerous to have that number of additional vehicles navigating moving around parked cars these are narrow streets that could not manage the additional traffic.
    4. The additional traffic would significantly reduce the peaceful amenity of the area..
    5. The wetlands, creek, bird life and other wild life and important green space adds to the mental wellbeing of the local residents. This development will directly impact on the residents wellbeing.

    I urge the council to deny building permission for this development and retain the peaceful amenity of the Regency rise estate.
    I look forward to council making the right decision

    Photo of Len Cox
    Len Cox local councillor for Yarra Ranges Shire Council
    replied to Lisa R

    Thanks Lisa, I will take your comments into account.

  18. Melissa Tee commented

    Regarding YR-2018/358
    Lot 3 Holloway Rd , Wonga Park.

    Myself my husband and 2 children would like to strongly disagree with this proposal.

    As we back onto this bushland we often go for walks etc,, and often come across Kookaburras, Kangaroos,lizards, frogs, turtles and all types of birdlife.

    For one we find the fact that it is called lot 3 Holloway Rd, very decieving as there will be no access from this road.

    We purchased our land in 2001 and paid a premium for this land as it backed onto bushland which in turn would give us uninterrupted views.
    We were always expecting that one day it would become a recreational reserve with some walking tracks etc.
    If this land is to be redeveloped it will cause several issues.

    Having one access point via Regency Rise it will no longer be a quiet safe street for our children to ride their bikes etc...

    The increase in traffic will and trucks etc.. will cause significant disruption to our wonderful neighbourhood, as well as noise and dust from the building sites.

    Noise from the builders and trucks at early hours during the week and weekends will disrupt our childrens sleep as they are used to having the peace and quiet with their rooms being situated at the back of our house.

    We feel that this developement will definitley cause house values to decrease.

    We feel that there is no regard for us as residents it is only a chance for councils to cash in on.

    The council really needs to care about the environment and habitats of all the wildlife that live amongst it, as well as the residents of this estate.

  19. Angie commented

    This is actually really sad. I walk these streets, very early, every morning. It is so quiet, with very little Maroondah Hwy traffic noise seeping through. On a few occasions I have been fortunate enough to see 2 kangaroos hopping along Regency Rise, through to Meadowbank and then into their “home”.

    I totally agree with what everyone above has said. It is just common sense really. I sincerely hope this development does not get approved. Thanks.

  20. Donna McPherson commented

    I strongly object to the proposed development . I consinder it to be absolutely sensless and insensative to the current homeowners (ratepayers) . How many delivery trucks, builders'vans, all the nesessary traffic to build a new estate, will be intruding on our beautiful neighbourhood? And, for how long? With only one road in/out of the planned development, it is unsafe for all.
    The flora and fauna has been displaced enough in the area. We are suppose to be living in a "green" zone!
    Where are our politicians?

  21. Dave Faraday commented

    To Yarra Ranges Shire
    I wish to object the the proposed development of 50 houses at Lot 3 Holloway Rd.
    The chirnside village estate is a lovely peaceful area to live, where people walk their dogs, neighbors are friendly and know each other. There is a true sense of community, cooperation and peacefulness..its a great place to live.

    With the proposed development of all these new high density housing the area will signficantly change. There will be noise, traffic, congestion and pollution.. this will be further compounded by the access route being only Regency Rise and Meadowbank which are narrow roads that are already busy with residents currently parking on the nature strip and roads

    I have lived in the YR Shire my entire home ownership life and the Shire have always made good decisions in the best interests of current rate payers. Please do not approve this development

  22. John Thomson wrote to local councillor Tim Heenan

    My wife & I strongly object to the proposed housing development at Lot 3 Holloway Road, Wonga Park.
    We reside in Regency Rise, Chirnside Park & at present we have an untouched natural bushland bordering on Brushy Creek behind our property.
    Consideration has to be given to how the local flora & fauna will be affected. The habitat will change irrevocably in this environmentally sensitive landscape if this development goes ahead.
    All the local residents will be impacted by the construction phase & then the ongoing traffic congestion that will occur once the development is completed. We are very concerned with the new residents of the 48 housing blocks all accessing Meadowbank Avenue, Regency Rise & Rosewood Place Chirnside Park with no other alternative.
    We are aware of the new footpath that will be created through to 3 Holloway Rd, Wonga Park & a temporary road from that address to service the trucks & work vehicles during the construction phase. In the original planning consideration should have been given to sealing that road on completion of the works so all residents will benefit.

    Delivered to local councillor Tim Heenan. They are yet to respond.

  23. Andrew commented

    We would like to strongly object to the development at Lot 3 Holloway Road, Wonga Park.
    As our house is close to the entry to the estate the result of this development will increase the traffic past our house. We already find it difficult to leave our property at times due to the number of vehicle movements, and the roads are not wide enough to accommodate both parked cars and increased vehicles.
    The Regency Rise / Black Springs Rd intersection is already a difficult and unsafe intersection due to the crest of the hill at road level to the west of the intersection.
    We are very concerned that this new development will significantly add to the traffic past our house, which will make our lives more difficult.
    Furthermore at the bottom of Regency Rise where it meets Black Springs Rd additional vehicles will queue up, increasing the risk of an accident on Black Springs Rd due to an impatience.

    This new development should only proceed if there is vehicle entry/exit to this development via Holloway Road (and not allow through traffic into Regency Rise)
    While we recognize that the cost of an entry exit via Holloway Rd will be expensive due to the creek, Holloway road is currently underutilized and will easily be able to handle the additional traffic.
    The future residents of this development will also be better served by being better able to get to and from their future homes via Holloway Rd to the rest of the surrounding areas and into Ringwood or the city.

    If this new development is to proceed without a entry/exit to Holloway Rd, then we please request that an additional exit line be added to Regency Rise Nth bound at Black Springs Rd and that the crest of the hill on the road level to the west of the Regency Rise / Black Springs Rd intersection is removed to improve the safety of the intersection.

  24. Kade Taylor commented

    Hi, I am against the development of Lot 3 Holloway Road, Wonga Park. The traffic that the 40+ houses will produce on the underdeveloped roads like Black Springs Rd which is barely coping with the traffic as is. Then add the development which is not finished behing the Shopping Centre.
    The block sizes proposed are way too small, with some coming in at 350m2 which is tinym with most of the blocks in the estate around the 700m2+. This just seems like they are trying to squeeze as many properties as they can in.
    We need more open space and less development in Chirnside Park, infrastucure is not coping with the increased traffic in the area. Especially with Kinley Estate development in the future down the road.
    Please consider the locals views before approving this development.

  25. Rachel Lotherington commented

    As a home owners and residents living on one of the roads directly affected, my husband and I strongly object to this development. The increase in traffic alone puts our two young children in greater danger.

    Then we have the loss of beautiful bushland which is essential to the character of the area.

    Furthermore, the local schools are already inadequate to cater to the growing numbers of young children in the area. Croydon North Primary School was closed down some years ago, and we have no public secondary college in our suburb. The nearest secondary colleges are already very full, and I haven’t seen any plans to build a new public secondary school.

    As proposals go, this one has been incredibly misleading. The new houses will be in Chirnside Park, but the planning applications all say Wonga Park. (The border between the suburbs is the creek.) This seems to have been a deliberate decision to keep the public and local residents from realising that this application directly affects them.

    Do not sell off our precious public land. It’s not yours to sell, it belongs to the entire community.

  26. Gail Ferrari commented

    I totally agree very strongly with the above comments. I'm very concerned about the through traffic to our lovely Chirnside Village, as the roads are already too narrow, and there is a limited way to exit the estate already. I also can't understand the address as being in Wonga Park! Please councillors.....reconsider your decision.

  27. Brian NICKLESS commented

    Iam a Resident of Goldentree Drive Chirnside Park, We have a roundabout 40 metres from intersection of Goldentree Drive/Rosewood Drive and Billinook Drive which has a Council Keeped Park on that intersection, This park has a large amount of Children using this park from time to time.Rosewood Drive runs off Meadowbank Drive, if a Permit was issued for the development to go ahead the Exit/ Entry into Meadowbank Drive from the Development would allow EXTRA TRIFFIC (90) plus vehicles into this area that would create a MAJOR PROBLEM as Roeswood Drive Slops down towards the Roundabout and Park at Rosewood/Billinook interersection, We have have some very close calls with accidents at this Roundabout, Safety to Children playing in this Park is YOUR FIRST PRIORITY. Billinook Drive has the Bus route to Chirnside Park Shopping centre, All of these Roads become very conjested when cars park on both side of the road.AS the Developer has stated the Address as Lot 3 Hollaway Rd, ENTRY/EXIT SHOULD BE AT THIS POINT FOR THIS DEVELOPMENT. HOLLAWAY ROAD would handle the Extra Traffic without any trouble as it runs into Lyons Rd/ Bushy Park Road MAIN ROADS.When permit is issued

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