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In Wonga Park VIC on “Subdivisions, variations to...” at Lot 3 Holloway Road, Wonga Park VIC 3115:

Melissa Tee commented

Regarding YR-2018/358
Lot 3 Holloway Rd , Wonga Park.

Myself my husband and 2 children would like to strongly disagree with this proposal.

As we back onto this bushland we often go for walks etc,, and often come across Kookaburras, Kangaroos,lizards, frogs, turtles and all types of birdlife.

For one we find the fact that it is called lot 3 Holloway Rd, very decieving as there will be no access from this road.

We purchased our land in 2001 and paid a premium for this land as it backed onto bushland which in turn would give us uninterrupted views.
We were always expecting that one day it would become a recreational reserve with some walking tracks etc.
If this land is to be redeveloped it will cause several issues.

Having one access point via Regency Rise it will no longer be a quiet safe street for our children to ride their bikes etc...

The increase in traffic will and trucks etc.. will cause significant disruption to our wonderful neighbourhood, as well as noise and dust from the building sites.

Noise from the builders and trucks at early hours during the week and weekends will disrupt our childrens sleep as they are used to having the peace and quiet with their rooms being situated at the back of our house.

We feel that this developement will definitley cause house values to decrease.

We feel that there is no regard for us as residents it is only a chance for councils to cash in on.

The council really needs to care about the environment and habitats of all the wildlife that live amongst it, as well as the residents of this estate.

delivered to the planning authority

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