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In Wonga Park VIC on “Subdivisions, variations to...” at Lot 3 Holloway Road, Wonga Park VIC 3115:

Rachel Lotherington commented

As a home owners and residents living on one of the roads directly affected, my husband and I strongly object to this development. The increase in traffic alone puts our two young children in greater danger.

Then we have the loss of beautiful bushland which is essential to the character of the area.

Furthermore, the local schools are already inadequate to cater to the growing numbers of young children in the area. Croydon North Primary School was closed down some years ago, and we have no public secondary college in our suburb. The nearest secondary colleges are already very full, and I haven’t seen any plans to build a new public secondary school.

As proposals go, this one has been incredibly misleading. The new houses will be in Chirnside Park, but the planning applications all say Wonga Park. (The border between the suburbs is the creek.) This seems to have been a deliberate decision to keep the public and local residents from realising that this application directly affects them.

Do not sell off our precious public land. It’s not yours to sell, it belongs to the entire community.

delivered to the planning authority

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