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In Wonga Park VIC on “Subdivisions, variations to...” at Lot 3 Holloway Road, Wonga Park VIC 3115:

Kade Taylor commented

Hi, I am against the development of Lot 3 Holloway Road, Wonga Park. The traffic that the 40+ houses will produce on the underdeveloped roads like Black Springs Rd which is barely coping with the traffic as is. Then add the development which is not finished behing the Shopping Centre.
The block sizes proposed are way too small, with some coming in at 350m2 which is tinym with most of the blocks in the estate around the 700m2+. This just seems like they are trying to squeeze as many properties as they can in.
We need more open space and less development in Chirnside Park, infrastucure is not coping with the increased traffic in the area. Especially with Kinley Estate development in the future down the road.
Please consider the locals views before approving this development.

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