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In Wonga Park VIC on “Subdivisions, variations to...” at Lot 3 Holloway Road, Wonga Park VIC 3115:

Andrew commented

We would like to strongly object to the development at Lot 3 Holloway Road, Wonga Park.
As our house is close to the entry to the estate the result of this development will increase the traffic past our house. We already find it difficult to leave our property at times due to the number of vehicle movements, and the roads are not wide enough to accommodate both parked cars and increased vehicles.
The Regency Rise / Black Springs Rd intersection is already a difficult and unsafe intersection due to the crest of the hill at road level to the west of the intersection.
We are very concerned that this new development will significantly add to the traffic past our house, which will make our lives more difficult.
Furthermore at the bottom of Regency Rise where it meets Black Springs Rd additional vehicles will queue up, increasing the risk of an accident on Black Springs Rd due to an impatience.

This new development should only proceed if there is vehicle entry/exit to this development via Holloway Road (and not allow through traffic into Regency Rise)
While we recognize that the cost of an entry exit via Holloway Rd will be expensive due to the creek, Holloway road is currently underutilized and will easily be able to handle the additional traffic.
The future residents of this development will also be better served by being better able to get to and from their future homes via Holloway Rd to the rest of the surrounding areas and into Ringwood or the city.

If this new development is to proceed without a entry/exit to Holloway Rd, then we please request that an additional exit line be added to Regency Rise Nth bound at Black Springs Rd and that the crest of the hill on the road level to the west of the Regency Rise / Black Springs Rd intersection is removed to improve the safety of the intersection.

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