129 Como Parade East, Parkdale, VIC

Amendment to existing planning permit application for the construction of a three (3) storey apartment building

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 7 days earlier.

(Source: Kingston City Council, reference KP-2022/176)


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  1. sharon poole commented

    Seems an excessive amount of apartments on one block. If it was spread out over 2 or 3 blocks this would be more reasonable.

    This amount of apartments on one block will create traffic issues (turning onto Parkers rd) and parking issues (additional owner cars and visitors). While this block of land maybe in the development area, 30 on one block is setting a dangerous precedent.

  2. Randy Savage commented

    What a joke, greedy fat cats lining their pockets

  3. Cindy Gao commented

    It doesn't seem to fit into the area profile.

  4. Heidi R Hoeft commented

    It seems 3 house sites have got together, sold to a building developer with the proposed 30 units and 3 storeys. Sorry but this sort of development is really not accepable for Parkdale, please look at what is happening in this small suburb. Skyrail is being proposed and now huge developments on what was a really nice, small, country type suburb. I am not against development per say - BUT this is TOO MUCH. STOP

  5. Gen Bond commented

    I stopped there tonight, curious about the three in a row Planning Application notices. Looks like four houses are to be demolished for this. I used to live right next to this at 139. At least one of those homes is an older character filled home in very good condition. All to be replaced by yet another over development destroying the character of this area. Large developments like this one are not suitable for this lovely quiet suburb with tree-lines streets and character filled homes. Of course the increased traffic is a concern along narrow Como Parade East. Please do not go ahead with this as it is - I am surprised that this would even be approved as is. Save Parkdale from Skyrail and this appalling proposal.

  6. Lyle Turner commented

    This is an "over development" of this site. 3 storeys high would set a precedent that would dramatically change the appeal of the neighbourhood and no doubt be repeated along Como Parade East and maybe Como Parade West. Again carparking would be an issue as these developments do not provide adequate provision, especially for visitors.

  7. Aquinia van de Zandt commented

    I’m very worried about this development. We live opposite it and people on the top flats would possibly be able to look into our living area and front yard. It would also mean that is what we look out to - and it’s too many people for that space - it sets an awful precedent for the development of this beautiful suburb. First the appalling Skyrail and now this! Please do not allow 3 story apartments.

  8. Maurie Lithen commented

    I'm afraid your concerns are real re: overlooking Aquinia.
    An attempt to prevent a 3 story block of flats being built in Mordialloc in the middle of properties containing single story detached homes led to a three day VCAT hearing where it was discovered by the objectors that any 'line of sight' view from an upper storey flat that was further than '9 metres' is NOT considered overlooking and consequently was NOT considered by the VCAT Member in his subsequent approval of the development.

  9. Phil Hardy commented

    Phil Hardy

    We did live at 1/73 Barkly street where 3 houses were knocked down and 30 x 3 storey block of flats were built. We also went to council who rejected this build but it went to VCAT and was approved for building. Even though it overshadowed our Townhouse in the afternoon. We brought up the already congested parking to no avail. VCAT didn’t care less about our concerns. We sold and moved away from a place we really loved due to this build

  10. Gabrielle Walters commented

    Yet again overdevelopment of land. I do not blame the owners for selling out as sky rail will impact the area immensely. Developers are greedy though. With multi storey on the corner of Eighth and Como Parade (other side of Eighth St) car traffic will be horrible. Two massive developments both sides of EighthbStreet. It will be dangerous. Too many cars in such a small area. Our little suburb is changing dramatically and not for the better. Very sad.

  11. Maria Grant commented

    This development of 30 apartments on 3 blocks is not in keeping wih character of parkdale residences and is an overdevelopment of the area. The height is also not in keeping with the area. The three houses may have heritage value.

  12. jonathon minns commented

    We live opposite on Como parade west,we do not want their vista to be our front yard and room.
    We have gone to a lot of trouble to protect our privacy,with skyrail and now this absurd proposal! It is too big and not needed. Greedy developers.

  13. jonathon minns commented

    We live opposite on Como parade west,we do not want their vista to be our front yard and room.
    We have gone to a lot of trouble to protect our privacy,with skyrail and now this absurd proposal! It is too big and not needed. Greedy developers.

  14. S. Gray commented

    This development which is being delivered by Lowe similar to the the Nepean Highway development is likely to be modified during construction and approved by VCAT, therefore the permit will not reflect the outcome. The visual amenity and overshadowing into neighbouring property’s should be vigorously scrutinised!

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