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  1. In Werribee VIC on “Buildings and Works...” at 49 Stewart Drive Werribee VIC 3030:

    PAUL ROGERS commented

    I would like to make an objection based on neighbourhood character grounds. I often go for walks along the werribee river and appreciate the low density nature of housing in this section of the werribee river area where the development is proposed.

    I am concerned that there is not enough room on the kerb-side for a red rubbish bin and a blue recycle bin for each of the 34 proposed dwellings. The developer may have to come up with an alternative option to using the council's rubbish collection service and organize a waste management service.

    I object to the reduction in the number of visitor car parks. the nearest bus stop is 900m away on foot, so this is not close enough to justify a reduction in the number of visitor car parks.

  2. In Saint Leonards VIC on “Construction of a Dwelling...” at 195 Bluff Road, St Leonards, VIC:

    Ann commented

    Please do not allow this to go ahead. The height limits should be respected the same way that we respected them when we built around the corner. Thank you

  3. In Eden Hills SA on “Divide Land to Create...” at 20 Wonoka Street Eden Hills SA 5050:

    Daryl Regan commented

    Tree clearance should be kept as loss of grey box trees major impact on Koala population
    Cars are already parking in Street even though garage part of the property

  4. In Heathmont VIC on “Variation of Licence” at H.e. Parker Reserve, Heathmont Road, Heathmont 3135, VIC:

    Pam French commented

    I wish to object to this application on the grounds that is is an antithesis of the goals of this great sporting and recreation area where a great many people of all ages play and exercise daily.
    Maroondah is part of the Regional Alcohol Density Project which is working collaboratively with the Police, Vic Health and Ambulance Victoria concerning the impact of alcohol on the community.
    Alcohol has no place for areas designed for good health and well being.

  5. In Aldinga SA on “Community Division into 8...” at Port Road Aldinga, SA:

    Douglas John Bloomfield commented

    With the opening of the new Super School, this is about to become the only public green space in a rapidly developing area, with the train line due to go on the Western edge of it. Some residential development here MAY be beneficial, however we do not need any further commercial development adjacent to the existing. residential area. Nearby existing commercial developments are still way under-utilized. Any development now may well be a cause for enormous regret in the near future - say 10 years time. As there is no development plan or details available this development should be denied at least until a decent proposal is presented for consideration when a properly considered decision can be made. What does he want to do here?

  6. In Balwyn VIC on “(Plans for Endorsement)...” at 7 Iramoo Street, Balwyn VIC 3103:

    Clare Jane Buckley commented

    Of paramount importance is the protection of the beautiful and old gum trees in Imaroo St. ( I think they are Red River Gums?) Nevertheless, I am assuming they are Heritage listed and therefore any housing construction would be restricted and contained in order to protect these magnificent and rare specimens.
    Boroondara Council, can you assure the community that this is so???

  7. In Mullumbimby NSW on “An application” at 100 Main Arm Road, Main Arm, NSW:

    Matthew Landauer commented

    This is a test comment

  8. In Mullumbimby NSW on “An application” at 100 Main Arm Road, Main Arm, NSW:

    Matthew Landauer commented

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  9. In Mullumbimby NSW on “An application” at 100 Main Arm Road, Main Arm, NSW:

    Matthew Landauer commented

    This is a test comment

  10. In Southport QLD on “Combined Application Minor...” at 30 Yacht Street, Southport QLD 4215:

    Valerie Shooter commented

    What is this? + Non-Standard VXO
    To a normal ratepayer, this is obfuscation.
    Combined Application Minor Civil Works, Associated Building Works (2 Connections) + Non-Standard VXO

    Why isn't the GCCC using the type of notice boards that were mandatory years ago - the ones with clearly written applications detailing what the developer/builder/whatever wanted to do, as well as the address of where to put in complaints?

    This approach is non-transparent and does not engender confidence in the way the GCCC conducts business.

  11. In Brunswick VIC on “Development of land for two...” at 215 Albert Street, Brunswick VIC 3056:

    Anjelica Angwin commented


    I live at 213 Albert Street, Brunswick – neighbouring the developing property.
    My concern is that my bedroom window faces the property currently under construction. I want to enquire, and ultimately ensure, that the proposed dwelling (on all three levels) does not look into the privacy of my already existing bedroom.

    What kind of windows are envisaged on the easterly facing side of the property?

    I am looking forward to your response.


    Anjelica Angwin

  12. In Bondi Beach NSW on “Remove one (1) Jacaranda...” at 66 Simpson Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026:

    Lenore commented

    It is very disappointing to see this application for removal of another beautiful tree. It would be good if the reasons for the removal were posted.

  13. In Waverley NSW on “Remove one (1) Silver Birch...” at 11 Seaview Street Waverley NSW 2024:

    Lenore commented

    George they are removing it not pruning it and why does it not being a native tree make any difference.

  14. In Shell Cove NSW on “Installation of Welcome...” at 100 Cove Boulevard Shell Cove NSW 2529:

    Charles Baz commented

    As Shell Cove is jointly funded by Council & Frasers, this project is paid for by all ratepayers. As a ratepayer of Shellharbour Council, my choice is not to fund such a project.

  15. In Caulfield VIC on “Extension of time to...” at 629 Glen Huntly Road Caulfield VIC 3162:

    ros gold commented

    I agree with above, its a neighbourhood centre and this starts a precedent as there is a 3 storey already and now the application is a 4 storey Please stop the creeping heights in a designated " neighbourhood centre"

  16. In Eden Hills SA on “Divide Land to Create...” at 20 Wonoka Street Eden Hills SA 5050:

    Margie Ripper commented

    Parking on Wonoka Street is restricted to the north side of the street for fire access. This means that street parking is already at a premium. Every new subdivision intensifies this problem and therefore new properties need to provide off-street parking for all associated cars.

  17. In Upper Ferntree Gully VIC on “Use and development of the...” at 13 Edward Street, Upper Ferntree Gully VIC 3156:

    Theo commented

    We have to be careful and see through some people who comment are actually proponents and somehow connected to the project, saying that who would want to have that monstrosity next to them or even in the street in this area which is bound or close proximity to the Dandenong Ranges. We need to keep large projects out of the area unless is absolutely necessary and doesn't detract from the environment of this unique setting.
    The area consists of larger blocks and substantially treed where possible in the Upper Ferntree Gully area where the valley runs up to Upwey.
    Amenities, parking in the narrow streets is a problem, consider the Hospital near by.we do not need more of this, developers excuses, oh there's a hospital nearby so whats one extra large building, so the next and the next eventually the area is overtaken and converted to a large business and multistory residential area and the uniqueness of the area will be lost in history forever.

  18. In Bondi NSW on “Modification to alter...” at 8 Jackaman Street Bondi NSW 2026:

    Nicola Grieve commented

    Unless the tree is dangerous or at the end of its safe useful life it should not be removed. We need canopy trees to cool us in summer, crest habitat and food for the fauna.
    Jacarandas while NT native have a strong cultural significance.
    Finally they bring joy to the wider community.
    Just because a tree maybe inconvenient to a future DA it is not a reason for removal.

  19. In Newington NSW on “Development Application -...” at 1 Avenue Of The Americas Newington NSW 2127:

    Sharon commented

    This application needs to be declined. Local residents already struggle at times to park to shop. The limited parking available for the community is also impacted by local business during lunchtime hours and at weekends with people parking to visit Silverwater gaol or attend events at Olympic park. Hand car washes should be set up in areas where there is ample parking eg: rhodes shopping centre, Burwood Westfield etc.

  20. In Ormond VIC on “Partial demolition and...” at 483 North Road Ormond VIC 3204:

    Miriam Baxt commented

    While there is a lack of live music venues in S.E. Melbourne, this location is inappropriate. An extension of opening hours is not appropriate considering the proximity of housing.
    I am unhappy about drunken behaviour in our local streets late at night/early mornings.
    EPA noise laws are quite specific.
    Perhaps the [new] owners need to relocate the business to a far more appropriate locale - perhaps Cochranes Rd.

  21. In Redfern NSW on “Section 4.55 (2)...” at 105 Regent Street Redfern NSW 2016:

    Michael Owen commented

    As a local artist and student I've attended and performed at Hustle & Flow Bar countless times. I feel this bar should be given the licence as they deserve a chance to benefit from the extra trading hours. This bar is a cultural hub and has always provided a safe and fun atmosphere that is of great value to the community.


    Michael Owen

  22. In Redfern NSW on “Section 4.55 (2)...” at 105 Regent Street Redfern NSW 2016:

    Tom commented

    Hustle and Flow is a great business and very big part of the Redfern community. Nigel is an excellent operator and I can only see this as a positive for late night trade in Redfern!

  23. In Redfern NSW on “Section 4.55 (2)...” at 105 Regent Street Redfern NSW 2016:

    Irene Stella commented

    I support Hustle & Flow Bar application to open until 2am because it is a safe environment to enjoy company in Redfern area. Hustle & Flow Bar has a warm and friendly vibe and it’s a good contrast to high paced venues because of its relaxed environment.

    Hustle and Flow Bar is a cultural hub and a thriving business that should be eleggibile to extend their opening hours, and provide a safe environment for the community.

    Thank you

  24. In Redfern NSW on “Section 4.55 (2)...” at 105 Regent Street Redfern NSW 2016:

    Sara commented

    Hustle and Flo is not only a safe space to interact and socialise, it is also a place that cultivates local talent and offers an intimate and friendly space for artists to network with other likeminded artists in the hip hop industry. The bar is unique in the fact that it provides a platform for artists to gain skills in the live music industry which has suffered tremendously through the closures of many businesses in the city of sydney area and now also suffer through the impact of coronavirus. In a time where people are struggling to keep their businesses afloat and maintain an income, it is important to provide every opportunity for local small businesses to succeed and by extending operating times. I’m sure Nigel, the business owner has suffered enough during covid lockdowns/restrictions and if he is not allowed to extend operating hours until 2am he and his family could suffer even more. As a local person who has lived, worked and studied in the area for most of my life I support Nigels application to extend operating times and I’m sure if approved he will continue to operate his business with respect for other local businesses and residents as he had always done.

  25. In Redfern NSW on “Section 4.55 (2)...” at 105 Regent Street Redfern NSW 2016:

    Danielle Tuwai commented

    Hustle and Flow play an integral role in the Redfern and Waterloo community as well as the Hip Hop community. Nestled between many bars that have popped up in Redfern over recent years of gentrification, Hustle and Flow is unique, and unlike anywhere else in Redfern or Sydney. Hustle and Flow provides a service and bar to people who enjoy Hip Hop music, Live Hip Hop music culture, art, and community. It is a safe place for people of colour to meet and feel comfortable, as well as people from all walks of life. Anyone who has spent a night at Hustle and Flow is fully aware of respecting the neighborhood, the bar, and one another and there is no reason why Hustle and Flow shouldn't be granted a license to trade to 2 am. In fact, I would be utterly offended if they were not. Nigel is a member of the Redfern and Waterloo community, he grew up in the community, and it is integral that he is celebrated, supported, and trusted as a business owner within the community he has been raised. I, and many people from this community are proud of Nigel's achievements and I look at this bar and his professionalism as an example of success and possibility. To deny Nigel the right to extend his operations to 2am would be concerning. He deserves to make the income that anyone else has been afforded in this community and elsewhere. Regards, Danielle

  26. In Macleod VIC on “Development of a second...” at 76 Somers Avenue, Macleod 3085 VIC:

    Scott Barlow commented

    This cannot go ahead due to the constant flooding the area!

  27. In Newington NSW on “Development Application -...” at 1 Avenue Of The Americas Newington NSW 2127:

    Con D commented

    This is poor placement near the community sports area. There is reason of concern for water splash to effect children and adults who use the "Rage Cage" community sports area.
    This point is also the busiest section of thoroughfare of the car park as they are some of the nearest to the shops. The owner really hasn't through this through commercially as it will effect customer experience. Better suited placement is near Ave of the americas.

  28. In Coolbellup WA on “9. Public Work - 9. Public...” at 34 Romeo Road Coolbellup WA 6163:

    Ian Marriner commented

    I live close by and happy to see what’s happening. Just wondering how many dwellings and how many bedroom units. Is it also only for pensioners. Cheers Ian.

  29. In Craigieburn VIC on “Development of triple...” at 2-8 Valiant Cres Craigieburn VIC 3064:

    Ali commented

    I would like to bring to your attention a proposed/advertised 24 three story and 14 double story building total 38 dwelling in 10 lots directly beside my property in Craigieburn developer (ASTON) former land sale office land.

    I would like to place my objection and concern to this matter as follows.

    1. All these areas were ex-display houses which we all paid dear price and developer (ASTON) advised us at the time of purchase as shown in the title plan that there are 12 separate blocks which normal houses will be built on (NOT 50 dwelling 38 plus 12 on merit way) this is devastating news.

    3 . All surrounding residents have families with young children including myself 6 children all under 15 years of age and that many townhouses directly beside and front of our house which would jeopardise our privacy and security for our children.

    2. Street and traffic congestion/hazard

    3. Loss of visual amenity

    4. Noise and disturbance resulting from the congested construction.

    5. Adequacy of parking/turning as it is a narrow street .

    6. massive loss of property values

    7. Too many stange residents around our young families and many more issues.

    All residents of surrounding Street have the same concern and if ever approved we are ready to take legal action against the Developer (ASTON) who misled us at the time of purchase and Hume city council.

    Therefore please consider our concern and objection before any planning permit is given to be built 38 dwelling for 10 lots in 2-8 Valiant Crescent Craigieburn as it will impact our quality of life and other neighbours on the street.

    Please advise if any other documentation we need to provide along with other neighbourhoods so that the matter can be considered before any planning permit is issued.

  30. In Craigieburn VIC on “Development of triple...” at 2-8 Valiant Cres Craigieburn VIC 3064:

    Mark commented

    This area used to be open space with children's park. The street has houses and any triple storey apartments will destroy the natural look and feel of the surrounding area and cause heavy traffic . People already park cars on not so wide road and you have to stop behind parked cars to give way to oncoming traffic. This new high density dwelling will cause traffic problems in the area.

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