430-434 Neerim Road Murrumbeena VIC 3163

Partial demolition, building and works within a heritage overlay for a seven storey building above a basement,the use of land for student accommodation and the reduction in car parking requirement associated with a retail use

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 20 days ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: City of Glen Eira, reference GE/DP-34345/2021)


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  1. M B commented

    This 7 storey student building will ruin Murrumbeena. It is likely this construction will be done cheaply and as we have previously seen with the last time this planning alert was sent through over 55 members of the community strongly commented that this is not something they would like! https://www.planningalerts.org.au/applications/1332178

  2. Alexander Parker commented

    To Whom it may concern,

    From the outset. 7 Stories is obscene.
    Completely towering over any local building in the area. Student accommodation in and of itself is sub par living where the developer is profit focused from the start. Do we really want a faceless soulless profit driven developer to exploit our community with such plain intentions? To top that off, a reduction in the parking requirements. These requirements were made for a reason and allowing developers to subvert them defies the point of regulation in the first place. More congestion in an already tight area.

    I purchased a property in the area and have called Murrumbeena home for close to two years now. This type of modern day student cattle farming is not going to serve the community in any way and is offensive to the heritage this planning permission seeks to destroy.

  3. Nicholas Johnston commented

    How is this in the best interest of the Murrumbeena community? The decision made on this development with framed the future of the Murrumbeena Neerim Rd Village. I would be extremely disappointed if this development went a head.

  4. Simon D commented

    I think it’s a great idea. Having more people in the Murrumbeena CBD will attract investment in better cafes and shops.

  5. Howie Thieu commented

    No idea how this is considered a great idea for our beloved community. Murrumbeena is well populated with many people coming from nearby burbs (Carnegie, Ormond, Oakleigh, etc) to support the local businesses. Having a student accommodation will be the beginning of an end, turning Murrumbeena into a soulless haunt, lacking character.

    It will set the precedence for over populated, multi-storey buildings where the only people who will benefit from this are the greedy developers who probably live in quaint suburbs which has character. And will most likely protest against other developers developing similar accommodation in their suburbs.

    Go figure....

  6. Patrick B commented

    Seven stories is insane and I assume a deliberate over reach with the developer hoping that they will be knocked back to five or six.
    Why student accommodation? How close is the nearest University? Or even TAFE for that matter? Seems illogical and out of place.
    A reduction in parking will only congest the train station and surrounding residential car parking.
    And the only way a build like this would lead to more eateries or cafes is if they included some in their scope of works.
    A big no thanks you from me.

  7. Colin commented

    I am very concerned that if this goes ahead, each time a student leaves and moves out, they will pile up their unwanted furniture on the footpath. Microwave, study chair, pedestal fan, IKEA desk, pots and pans etc etc. Just wait, it will happen.

  8. David Mac commented

    We own one of the apartments on the top level opposite this site on Murrumbeena road. Our complex is 2-story and fits in with the surrounding buildings.

    Our fear is that any apartments that are above our height of 2 stories, will be able to see directly into our bedroom, lounge room, and entire balcony, leaving us with no privacy.

    We're also concerned about losing the natural light and the shadow that would be cast onto our apartment.

    We're not opposed to a development on this vacant block, but the design and the height of the development needs to be in line with the other surrounding buildings.

  9. M. TYNAN commented

    This development is oversize for the area, it will not blend with local buildings nor community expectations - as "Student Housing" it can be nothing more than simply that into the future - with no students for the foreseeable future how is this a viable proposal. Surely appropriate housing (residential apartments) of a suitable level (4 storey?) next to a transit hub would be a more appropriate use of the land?

  10. Jianan Cheng commented

    Being an international student that has lived in murrumbeena for over 4 years, I am confident that the proposed program will only do harm to the community. Those student accommodations outrageously ripping off international students by renting out tiny rooms at a ridiculous price. With heavy inflow of students, it will only exacerbate the congestion in the adjacent roads. More importantly, it will heavily impact on the community cohesion. Lastly, the average height of buildings in the murrumbeena shopping strips are 2 to 3 floors. Having a 7-floor building overlooking murrumbeena village is just out of tune.

  11. Gabrielle Lyons commented

    This has been rejected before. This is not in the interests of the local community. There is more than enough student accomodation in the area. I know that for a fact from my real estate agent. Let’s keep the heritage feel of the area and totally reject this application. How about making something that is going to enhance the community and not trash it???

  12. Darren Lutchner commented

    Vacancy rates are over 6% and it's going to be a long time before we get the number of overseas students we used to have.
    In other words these apartments will either sit vacant for along time or will need to lease rents.
    Now is not the time or place to have more large apartment complexes built.

  13. B W commented

    This proposal is not in the best interest of the community.

    Failure to provide adequate car parking in line with the minimum standards will negatively impact surrounding residents as an excessive number of cars compete for limited untimed parking spaces.

    Building height in excess of three stories will be completely imposing to the skyline and surrounding residences.

    No matter what kick backs the developer is offering to council members to pass this ludicrous proposal, there should be some degree of community interest and integrity.

  14. Maureen Nicol commented

    Totally not necessary in the area. Already plenty of vacant accommodation in close proximity to all the educational facilities. Murrumbeena needs to go back to the days of having a village atmosphere. It's a sad shopping strip at the moment. How many massage places do we need. I lived in Dandenong road over 40 years ago and catch the train at Murrumbeena station. Most nights I went to the supermarket on the corner and got my evening supplies. I moved back into Murrumbeena 16 years ago, it had a butchers, fruit shop, bakery, supermarket, chemist and a newsagent. All that's left is the chemist and bakery. We need to have a commitment from a supermarket chain or a medical practice to take space in the ground level of any development. So many developments in the suburbs have vacant shops underneath and stay empty. Murrumbeena needs so life injected into the area and student accommodation is not the answer it would be a backward step. Reject this proposal.

  15. Stuart M commented

    Do not let Murrumbeena become an over developed mess like Carnegie.

    Proposal should be binned and any suggestion of residential tenancy should be capped to two levels in line with the surrounding structures.

    Commercial tenancy ideal.

  16. Keith Hinson commented

    Whilst I am a strident supporter of innovation design concepts and initiatives that stimulate economic prosperity - have to say, in the event that the current application is even remotely based on the previous submission it would fail both tests dismally. The design aesthetic of the previous submission was absolutely hideous and completely out of character with the local precinct. The premise that student accommodation would create economic stimulus is questionable at best.

    The net result is a monstrosity of a building that will become a blight on the Murrumbeena community for decades, devaluing and dismantling the fabric of community spirit forever.

    Credit has to be paid to the City of Glen Eira for imposing a heritage overlay on this precinct specifically to address applications such as these.

  17. Susan Gray commented

    Seven stories is unacceptable the Murrumbeena Village. The increase in traffic ( students do own cars) will increase congestion on that corner which is already horrendous around peak hour even without rail gates. If allowed to proceed, it will set a precedent for taller business and the shopping strip will become a soulless wind tunnel. I strongly object.

  18. Louise Young commented

    Can anyone highlight what changes are proposed verses the original application?

  19. Deborah K commented

    The build overshadows neighbouring property, causing loss of light.
    The build overlooks other homes, causing loss of privacy.
    The builds appearance is out of character with existing properties in Murrumbeena Village.
    Lack of parking will cause cars to spill over in neighbouring streets and railway parking.

  20. Gary France commented

    The height, bulk, scale and form of the proposed development is "NOT" acceptable!
    Sufficient car parking is "NOT" provided.
    The proposed building does "NOT" respect the existing neighbouring character.

  21. FIONA MCNABB commented

    I live in Melbourne Street and I can tell the Council that my visitors CANNOT get a park in the street, so the lack of adequate parking previously proposed for this structure is ridiculous. Students own cars! My previous objections to this development have not changed just because it's moved from 9 to 7 storeys. The sheer bulk of the property will overshadow existing residences, building use is not appropriate for the suburb, the scale of the development is NOT IN KEEPING with the Murrumbeena Village. Glen Eira Councillors we need you to protect what little character is left in the area.

  22. Simon Arden commented

    The proposed development is too high for Murrumbeena Village and would visually overwhelm the heritage fabric. The bulk of a seven storey building is inconsistent with the heritage streetscape of Neerim Road.

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