430-434 Neerim Road Murrumbeena VIC 3163

The proposed development comprises of 8 storeys with a basement for car parking ground level retail space and 8 upper levels reserved for student housing A reduction and car parking waiver also forms part of the application

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 27 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Glen Eira, reference GE/DP-32980/2019)


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  1. FIONA MCNABB commented

    I live in Melbourne Street which consists of single and 2 storey residential dwellings. An 8 storey development is excessive and not in keeping with neighbourhood. Also, restricted car parking is totally inappropriate. Residents already experience parking issues in Melbourne Street. I consistently have people parking over my drive way due to limited spaces in Neerim Road.

  2. Mike Quinn commented

    I agree with the last comment. An 8 storey development is totally inappropriate!!
    How on earth could you possibly consider reduced car parking . Parking is already a real problem . Eight storeys is purely a greed factor and should not be approved under any circumstances!!

  3. Keith Hinson commented

    I agree wholeheartedly with the previous comments. An 8-storey development specifically aimed at delivering student accommodation with reduced carparking is completely unsatisfactory for the precinct and should not be even contemplated for development approval.

  4. Katharine Seyler commented

    Eight storeys is far above the current height of other residential developments in this area and will be extremely out of place. It will cause traffic issues on an already difficult intersection and is an unsuitable development for this street or area.

  5. S. A. commented

    8 stories is far too high - it will dominate the neighborhood and be totally out of character - a very unexpected and unwanted development in our community. On the car parking though - i’m not sure that’ll be a huge issue - how many students will have cars? what’s the plan for the ground level retail - i’d heard a Leo’s Supermarket was planned - is that right?

  6. D. G. commented

    Categorically agree with the above comments. 8 storey is too high and not in character for the area. I think maximum 4 storeys for that site. There are already too many high rise apartments in Carnegie and we don't need more.
    What we really need is a decent supermarket. We have 2 Woolworths and an Aldi on Koornang Road - super convenient when getting off at Carnegie station. Yet, not even a milk bar now in Murrumbeena. A well priced supermarket (nudge nudge Coles) will increase foot traffic and lead to more small businesses opening shop in the pretty dismal Murrumbeena precinct.

  7. D.L commented

    8 storeys is inappropriate for the site, negatively impacting the area, whose services are already streched by the demands from all the other constructed apartments in the area. Completely agree that the area needs an appropriate Supermarket to service the population in the existing surrounding high density apartments. Parking should not be reduced from the srandard planning requirements. Height should be limited to 4 storeys max.

  8. Kevin commented

    8 storeys is too high for this area, should be 4 maximum. Also the car parking should not be waived when parking can be difficult to find at times anyway, it could cause more pressure for local businesses.

  9. Bill Best commented

    It depends on the actual building permit too as to whether this is proposed as a quality building or a cheap building thats going to be a future slum.
    The shading of neighbours behind as well as overlooking of private open space by the proposed developmemt is important because the local authority seems to disregard these planning & building rules.
    Its nuts to think that overlooking rules only apply to proximity of a few metres and anything above that height is exempt. The sunlight is valuable now or dont the planners believe the cccrap?

  10. Jenny Krasnowski commented

    Just because the skyrail has gone through Carnegie, Murrumbeena and beyond does not justify developers pushing for multi-level, unacceptable and inappropriate developments in an area that already suffers major congestion and parking problems and knowing that the council will approve these developments.
    All pending and future developments in GE need to have more than enough car parking on the site for all the residents and visitor parking. Just because you live close to public transport does not automatically mean a resident does not own one, two or more vehicles.
    Reduction in car parking should no longer be allowed or supported by the council, unless the developers can show they can improve street and road access and parking.
    Overshadowing, overlooking and lack of privacy and also the added demand on our diminishing open spaces is the area, it appears parks are also crowded places in the warmer months.
    And why is this development only reserved for student? Does this not discriminate against, singles, couples, downsizers and families that might choose to live in GE. The area around the development will become a slum, and that is a concern for all.
    Developments should be no taller than the closest nature strip tree.

  11. belinda poole commented

    Student housing to me says “shoe box style” appartments. We have now supplied enough of this accommodation in this area. Please think of the families and homes that reside around this development. It’s so unfair!! 8 stories is to high. No more inappropriate development! We don’t need it. Listen to the community

  12. Jeff Nestor commented

    An 8 story student accomodation building on the corner of the Murrumbeena shopping strip and opposite the sky rail station will be an absolute blot on the whole local landscape......and an open invitation to wall in Melbourne St. as the shopping strip will just play for the same absurd height.
    Carnegie is already copping these absurd heights that can be seen from a kilometre away as you approach the local shopping precinct. It’s noted that these developments are just walling in neighbourhoods all through Glen Eira and parking is becoming a joke with all the parking facility exemptions......be it Carnegie, Elsternwick or Bentleigh.

    People bought into these neighbourhoods for the amenity and local community life.

    The last thing this corner needs is an 8 story student accomodation project that will be a slum in 10 years time.........look at the corner of Arrawatta and Koornang Rd. behind Carnegie Aldi. A visual blot that looks ready for demolition after less than 7 years. And now with 12(?) stories next to it. Again right opposite the station. All that public space under the sky rail will never see the light of day.....ever.

    Listen to the local community!

  13. Paul Henry commented

    I welcome this development and believe a large influx of students will breath much needed life into the local shops.

    Students getting apartments next to railway lines tend to not drive so I am not worried about the parking. Small apartments are perfect for students.

    This is great.

  14. Anna Le Merle commented

    8 storeys is way too high and student housing is not necessary given we have no university (or high school) in the vicinity. 2 to 3 storeys max with boutique residences and retail or only retail is in keeping with the area. High density living brings poor quality builds as well as increased crime. I oppose this development.

  15. Monika L. Crescini commented

    Don't have anything against student accomodation and retail area but definitely against 8 storey building. The height shall match buildings in the area - and there is nothing above 3-4 storeys here. It would completely kill the vibe of Murrumbeena Village. The new building needs to match the height and character of heritage buildings on the street - especially as it would be on such an exposed location.
    It would be like an observation tower and people in the nearby houses will lose their privacy!
    I don't worry about the cars - even though already now very often we cannot get a parking spot at Murrumbeena Rd but I do worry about very big building full of micro cheap apartments and additional hundreds of people on the overcrowded trains in rush hours and not convinced that the new high capacity trains would help.
    Allowing an 8 storey building would set a precedence and in no time Murrumbeena will lose its heritage and green character.

  16. Jo Impey commented

    Murrumbeena needs housing for couples, older people, families and social housing for people on low incomes, not just student accommodation. Surely a building eight stories high can provide housing options for more than just students.

  17. Jelo Drake commented

    Development is much need in this area. Removal of on-street parking is needed to declutter the streets in Glen Eira.It makes transit safer for kids cycling to school. Murrumbeena Rd is a death-trap for cyclists currently so would be great to see parking removed or reconfigured along there – also helps to encourage use of bikes lessening traffic, which is much needed.

    Students will likely use the train to get to Caulfield and will bring much needed revenue and activity to this area. 8 storeys is high but in-keeping with the rezoning along most train lines.

  18. Joanna De Jesus commented

    Village: 2 story max, not 8 story. Definition of village needs to be considered.
    I am concerned about the local area, in particular the Murrumbeena primary school and the chaos the construction site will cause during school terms. Once built the rotating door of students not familiar to the area will make me concerned about my personal safety and security when I walk through the village and adjoining streets. History has proven a development like this takes months. The safety of getting kids to and from school will be a factor.
    There is already a lack of car spaces at the Murrumbeena train station and surrounding local streets capped at 2 hours. This screams more revenue raising by the council, again!
    It’s bad enough having the Carnegie high rises and most apartments are left empty with lack of tenants with too many apartments in the area. The train network cannot cope with more passengers. The state has not allowed for more traffic and congestion in our suburbs. Disappointing to hear about this but we need to be strong and voice our concerns.

  19. Emma Winward commented

    This would be a complete travesty for Murrumbeena. It is a grotesque money grab and would open the floodgates for yet more inappropriate overdevelopment. When will it be enough? Limiting parking also just damages the vendors. Stop punishing the local community.

    We do however need a local supermarket, minimart or convenience store. What ever happened to greengrocers, butchers and milkbars?

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