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In Murrumbeena VIC on “The proposed development...” at 430-434 Neerim Road Murrumbeena VIC 3163:

HM commented

As local Neerim Rd residents we do not support this type of development. We need to protect Murrumbeena and village from this high rise development. Please be realistic and do not allow buildings such as this proposal in a place that will not cope with out adequate parking. It will more than likely be a low quality build that becomes an overshadowing eyesore. We are full to the brim with cars in the area and students do drive. I agree with the East Malvern resident comments on the state these buildings end up in with the rubbish that seems to surround student accomodation. We constantly see furniture dumped in the area and this would likely increase.
Murrumbeena needs a quality supermarket that we would all support and this is the perfect location. Not an 8 story mediocre building that will disrupt the area while being built. The Carnegie towers are enough. We who live here chose it for it's small village feel.

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