15 Wolli Creek Road, Banksia NSW 2216

Demolition of existing structures, construction of two storey boarding house comprising of eight (8) rooms with at grade vehicle parking

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 2 months ago. It was received by them about 11 hours earlier.

(Source: Bayside Council, reference DA-2021/69)


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  1. Gabi Gimenez commented

    This building application is seeking approval as affordable housing.
    The Statement of Environmental Effects declares “Neither Strata nor Community Title Subdivision have been sought as part of this application.” My questions is:
    Can the developer apply for subdivision in the future?

    The plan is to accommodate 16 people in 8 small double rooms ( Each room has a minimum area (excl. kitchen and ensuite) ranging from of 18m2 to 24m2) in the same space that is currently occupied by a single dwelling on a relatively small block of land (The site comprises of a site area of 455.8m2). Is Council upgrading the infrastructure needed to support more development in a flood zone area?

  2. A. Anonymous commented

    I object to DA 2021/69, an application to build a two story, 8 double room boarding house at 15 Wolli Creek Rd because it irresponsibly exploits the housing crisis while exacerbating local parking and amenity issues.
    The plans show 4 parking bays on site. This is not enough for a development catering for 16 adults. It is already a challenge to find a parking spot in the area, especially when there are soccer games or training at Gardiner Park.
    Under the Bayside Local Strategic Planning Statement Kogarah and Rockdale are areas identified as areas where existing infrastructure and resources are already in place to support tenants who would require extra social support that is not found in Banksia. The nearest hospital is in Kogarah, the nearest supermarket is in Rockdale, the nearest police station is in Kogarah and social services are also located in Rockdale and Kogarah.
    Noise and traffic:
    I am concerned that this development would increase traffic and street noise. With Gardiner Park being developed traffic is already at disturbing levels, and this would make it worse.
    Exploitation of people on lower incomes:
    Over the last few decades economic inequality has sharply risen, housing prices have increased and as a result many people are experiencing a crisis in housing affordability. To alleviate this crisis, the state government needs to fund social and affordable housing, and Bayside Council should work with community housing providers and the state government to facilitate this. Both an increase in social housing for people on low incomes and affordable housing for key workers is needed. Established Community Housing Providers have the resources and experience to manage tenants in both these categories.
    Instead, the government has created planning laws that allow boarding houses to be built with self-contained rooms that are much smaller than the minimum size of an apartment. DA 2021/69 is for a two-story, 8 double room boarding house. If each room is rented for $250 per week, the landlord would make $2000/week. However, if the development was for two conventional flats, rented at $500 per week each, then the income is $1000/week. This hypothetical example shows that landlords can earn roughly twice as much by building boarding houses rather than conventional units. Developers should not be allowed to profiteer from people experiencing financial hardship.
    I therefore object to DA 2021/69 and call on council not to allow any boarding house developments in the Bayside Council area unless the development is under the management and care of an experienced and not-for-profit community housing provider or Housing NSW. To address the housing affordability crisis, Bayside Council must include targets for social and affordable housing, and concrete mechanisms for achieving them. This should include provision of greater diversity in not-for-profit housing to meet the accessibility needs of changing demographics and disadvantaged groups.

  3. Tina Workman commented

    I wholeheartedly object to the development of this boarding house on a number of grounds:

    Given that one of the biggest objections to the proposed works at Gardiner Park Synthetic field is that residents are at their wits ends already because there isn't enough parking, they now have to contend with a boarding house that has nowhere near enough parking.

    Many of the houses in the surrounding streets are single fronted terraces with off street parking for residents. Parking is an issue at the best of times. Precious parking spaces are often taken up by shoppers using the local shops, out of area people using the streets for their commuter parking and then, added to that, the nightmare of trying to park simultaneously as weekend sport and soccer training nights that take place right across the road. Given that the park is about to undergo a multimillion dollar 'upgrade' to increase it's usage, parking is anticipated to become almost impossible for residents.

    The lack of parking in this development contributes to an already significant traffic and parking problem.

    Banksia has a very unique architectural character - it is predominantly low rise, small block, single fronted dwellings. Residents are quite proud of their houses and even new-builds are built to a scale and design that is sensitive to their surroundings and their small square meterage.

    This building is completely out of scale and character in comparison. It is a standard developers 'modernist-style' architectural design which has no relation to the predominant architectural style and period which dominates the suburb on this side of the Princes Highway - namely early 20th century Australian Federation architecture.

    Architecturally, spatially, and in regards to finishes, this development is not in keeping with the character of the area and surrounding residences and will have a major visual impact to a critical corner corner of the suburb.

    It is worth pointing out that this house, although it does not have heritage status, is one of the oldest houses in the district and is of unique character. The house is circa 1850's and the timber construction is a rare example of the architecture of homesteads in the area prior to the establishment of the sandstone quarry that was established by the Waltz family on the other side of the road at Gardiner Park . Once the quarry was established in the 1860's, houses in the vicinity had readily available stone which was a catalyst for changing the architectural style of the local area.

    Very few timber houses of this period remain and its demolition will be a loss for the areas history.

    Where is it? The documents posted online seem to be missing a management plan for the boarding house. Given that council is currently facing issues with various boarding houses in the LGA being used as AirBNB, where is the written gurantee about how this boarding house would be managed?

    I also note that there are no clear plans on the interior layout published. That being the case, will there be a caretaker on site 24 hours? Given that this is a residential area, a caretaker should be mandatory to control noise and to manage day to day issues and problems. As it falls beneath the threshold for the requirements for a caretaker, how can council reassure residents that the 'management' of the boarding house (ie the developer) will undertake basic grounds upkeep, cleaning and minor maintenance, tenancy management and financial management?

  4. Peter strong commented

    Shoebox accomodation exploits the housing crisis for profit , we need decent affordable public housing

  5. Ken James commented

    We have been had since 2017 a boarding house being constructed at 19 Gladstone Street Bexley. If you look at the posts I’ve made through the RRU group you will see what the residents have had to go through, we are surrounded by a large number of heritage homes. Not sure whether the current proposal has any heritage homes around the block. What I was advised to before this is approved was go direct to a Current Affair which we didn’t do.
    It the same problem with the the lack of parking etc ,privacy which we desperately tried to get across.

  6. Matt Filkins commented

    I object to this application to build another boarding house in our area. With the desecration of the park for single use literally across the road, the continued scavenging of the area to insert boarding house accommodation is impacting our local area with over population. The degrading of the rare and beautiful low(ish) density housing in our area with many boarding houses is effectively the gateway drug to trashing it with apartment buildings. Unconcerned with any local history, are we to assume that the council is only interested in trashing the community and squeezing the space for $ with the pre-ghetto flavour?

  7. Kris commented

    We live in a wonderful suburb, filled with families both young and old. Banksia is a safe and friendly neighbourhood and I feel putting a boarding house next to Our community park would destroy the ambience and safety that this neighbourhood has built over the years.

    Unfortunately boarding houses often house questionable personalities and with all the young children we have I personally wouldn’t feel safe having random ppl constantly coming and going, especially next to a park we take our children to.
    We’ve heard numerous stories of police raids
    In other local boarding houses, this is not something I want to risk by building a boarding house in banksia - it really isn’t the area to place a boarding house in and the residents would be greatly affected

  8. LN commented

    I object this building plan. Firstly we already don’t have enough parking spaces and building won’t help as they only provide certain parking ma. Also the park sometimes is not safe now with youth and drugs as we have walked there and saw them. I don’t want more people like that. The road with all houses and now there is a building which is not good architecture. Thanks

  9. Gail jones commented

    I have just read about Jack Mundey who passed away recently, he was a stalwart for preserving the historic built environment. Without his protests our city of Sydney would not have kept many of its old buildings. Unfortunately we are in a period again where the Govt & bureaucrats have lost their way in preserving the past & allowing our suburbs to loose their character for the sake of progress. This Govt directed by the unelected Greater Sydney Commission to provide more affordable housing in the Sydney metropolitan area Is allowing for these boarding houses to be built, willi nilli, anywhere in residential areas. It’s time this Govt gave more incentive for decentralisation to allow our regional areas to expand & prosper!!! Again unfortunately if this development meets all the criteria in the zoning it’s very difficult to stop, it seems this Govt doesn’t want to listen to the protests of the people we need another band of Jack Mundey’s to take up the fight!!!!

  10. Andrew Gore commented

    I think one more boarding house is too much in this area, this a quiet low density housing street let's not lose what's left.

  11. Steven Gulabovski commented

    I absolutely and strongly object to this DA. There is simply no space to do it here and absolutely no parking. This area is already full as it is and adding this would be destructive to this community and not something that would be a positive for this community. Boarding houses do not have the best outcomes and with so many young families around would be a negative impact on this great community. This is not the right area to do this and I wholeheartedly object.

  12. Elizabeth McMahon commented

    Dear Bayside Council
    As a home owner in Broadford St Bexley, I am writing to object strongly to the demolishment of 15 Wolli Creek Banksia. It is a landmark house in an area where there are still a significant number of period houses. There is also some modern housing but it fits well. The fact that there are still NO precincts designated as worth preserving in the old Rockdale Council area means that the criterion of heritage listing is urgent. We have been waiting years and years for the Council to enact (its very modest) proposed plans regarding historical precincts, which were held up by the merger. We are also waiting for some leadership on the incredible, unique and renowned historic gift we have in our built environment.

    I recently drove from Banksia to Arncliffe along Somerville St. I hadn’t done this for some time. The apartments built along the Princes Highway, including the old playing fields are so ugly and overwhelming from the Somerville side that it is hard to believe they involved any planning at all. Breathtaking. Is Banksia to be completely destroyed by overdevelopment?

    The new ‘boarding house’ developments that have become popular with developers are Airbnb accommodation by another name. They are known to impinge seriously on surrounding residents. They do not build community. They destroy it. Why do we want this form of accommodation in this areas? The Rockdale residents Facebook page has recently covered another boarding house’ disaster in Bexley. Shocking.
    The plans for 15 Wolli Creek are also inadequate in terms of architectural detail and ongoing site management.
    There is nothing to gain for the community with this development. The developers will make money, sure, but everyone else will suffer.
    Please reconsider this development. Please develop a sustainable vision for where we live.

    Yours sincerely
    Elizabeth McMahon

  13. anonymous commented

    Dear Planning panel, please dont get this wrong again.
    there are ar too many of these being approved in areas that dont want or need them. We dont need another boarding house, especially across the road from a park. The only people that do well out of these things is the developer that then walks away leaving a crap building with lots of problems for the community stuck with an ugly unnecessary building. The amount of these that are getting approved, then alterations granted to DA means that what was approved ends up getting bigger and uglier than what was first planned.
    No No No more boarding slum houses are needed here.

  14. Viktor Daskus commented

    This development does not suit the area, fails to meet local and state planning provisions and will have an adverse impact on the area and its residents.

  15. Rachel Maiden commented

    Firstly, and my primary objectiion, is the fact that Bayside Council is once again destroying its lovely heritage homes in favour of ugly developments. When will they realise the beauty of our suburb and start to plan to preserve it? Banksia has a beautiful character but Council doesn’t seem to factor that in to any of its decision making.

    Secondly, parking around that area is already at a premium with mostly timed metre parking around this development. The parking that will come from the ridiculous over development of Gardiner Park is also going to put incredible pressure on the area and surrounding streets. This is a quiet residential area that is not set up to cater for additional residential car spaces. The provision of only 4 car spaces for the amount of “double” apartments in this DA is inadequate.

    And finally, it has become a well known practice for developers to lodge DAs for boarding houses in order to take advantage of their lower square footage and other less stringent building requirements, only for the final development to be offered on the market as luxury studios, with high prices to match. Here is a link to an article that describes this practice. 

    Is this a true boarding house being constructed to help people who are down on their luck and need affordable accommodation? Or is it the complete opposite? The DA offers double rooms (very unusual for boarding houses) and kitchenettes and bathrooms. A bathroom might be expected in a modern boarding house development but a kitchenette is an unusual feature for individual units in a boarding house. Is Council going to secure guarantees from the developer in terms of making sure that needy people are not priced out?

    Please Bayside Council. Enough of this overdevelopment of our beautiful suburb. Start to preserve what little you have left before it's too late.

  16. anonymous - in support commented

    I just want to say I am in support of this.
    Fellow architect here.
    Its a rare to find boarding house design that is sensitive enough to break the mass into 2 smaller wings in response to the low rise design of the surrounding. Its also not over the height limit. Check out the West Elevation to see what its all about.
    Everyone needs to understand that parking of 4 complies with the SEPP regulations. It is not a residential apartment. The development does not differ from any of the houses built up to 2 storeys.
    I think its a very grounded approach by the architect, and well within the SEPP.
    If anyone wants to attack, its not council, and definitely not the designer. Its the state regulations.
    Sure, there are bad examples, but slugging everyone for utopian reasons they seem fail to achieve is not an answer. Designer here definitely tried hard to do a sensitive smaller scale planning, kudos to them for trying.
    This plan looks very open, very low fence, not much to cover, not easy to hide funny business as well. I think this is a very good example which needs to be supported.

  17. Leo Lee commented

    I understand why neighbours object boarding house.
    However Sydney is growing and city need more homes.
    someone likes neighbours, they are already established their wealth. so they wouldn't never consider to live in boarding house.
    Unlikely them, most of young people can't afford house.
    It's not we don't want live in fancy house. Just can't afford.
    while city is growing, we will need more and more affordable house regardless of local objection.

  18. Sarah Collins commented

    I would like to oppose this development due to three key reasons: suburb profile/character, parking and purpose of the accommodation. However there are many reasons this development should not proceed.

    1.Banksia’s character
    The suburb has a unique profile – it is a mix of family and older residents, but the designs of the housing of all size is unique. It stands out and is why we are different the overdeveloped Wolli Creek and Rockdale. We are a quiet neighbourhood that doesn’t need / want high-density housing.
    Recent ‘knock down/rebuilds’ have replaced older homes with similar designs, which keep with the character of the suburb and surrounding homes. These ‘improvements’ are welcome, as they look appealing and fit in with the existing neighbours. Residents are happy to support these developments.
    Also, destroying such a unique and beautiful property is terrible. It could easily be renovated to maintain its charm and unique appeal. It has history even it isn’t historic. Architecturally these simple and beautiful designs are being removed with no regard. And its place on the corner means a lot of residents and drivers see it, so it is very recognisable. Lovely heritage homes and buildings add to the appeal of the suburb but the council seems intent on destroying it.

    2. Parking
    As other residents have pointed out, parking is already a problem in the area. Parking is an issue because of the commuters using the rail / bus, but the parking around the park/playground continues to be an issue. Local residents lose out on this – many houses don’t have a garage or driveway to park in, so they have no other option that parking on the street. 4 spots is not enough, and will add more traffic with visitors etc.

    3. Purpose
    Boarding houses don’t belong in Banksia. We don’t need it and we don’t have the services to support it. If there is no onsite manager, who is going to enforce rules like no smoking or alcohol?

    The services and support the people in these dwellings need are 2 suburbs away – the police are in Kogarah. I don’t want to have to call the police for an emergency and find it takes them too long to attend. People living in these accommodation have specific requirements and Banksia can not provide that support. What about medical assistance? There are very few medical facilities that are close by (or open outside of business hours) so medical care is too far away. What about social services? Again, distance and accessibility is important for people in this development and Banksia is not fit to support these residents.

    As a result, the surrounding neighbours will suffer. I have significant concerns about the elderly neighbours next door – how can their safety be guaranteed? It is well known there are problems at boarding houses and it doesn’t take long for something to escalate quickly to a dangerous situation.

    Also, with the units being so small, the occupants will not want to spend 24 hours a day inside. Where will they go? Across the road to a park (which is family friendly) and the park when it is accessible again. This is more likely to result in people drinking alcohol in public, making noise and be disruptive. We already have problems with people letting off fireworks off in Gardiner Park. This will add to it and will turn people off using the playground.

    There is nothing positive about this development – the council want more money and have no concern about the impact on residents and the environment. Boarding houses should be set up in suitable areas with the relevant infrastructure and support – not in Banksia. There is nothing positive about this development except for money for the council.

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