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In Banksia NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 15 Wolli Creek Road, Banksia NSW 2216:

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I object to DA 2021/69, an application to build a two story, 8 double room boarding house at 15 Wolli Creek Rd because it irresponsibly exploits the housing crisis while exacerbating local parking and amenity issues.
The plans show 4 parking bays on site. This is not enough for a development catering for 16 adults. It is already a challenge to find a parking spot in the area, especially when there are soccer games or training at Gardiner Park.
Under the Bayside Local Strategic Planning Statement Kogarah and Rockdale are areas identified as areas where existing infrastructure and resources are already in place to support tenants who would require extra social support that is not found in Banksia. The nearest hospital is in Kogarah, the nearest supermarket is in Rockdale, the nearest police station is in Kogarah and social services are also located in Rockdale and Kogarah.
Noise and traffic:
I am concerned that this development would increase traffic and street noise. With Gardiner Park being developed traffic is already at disturbing levels, and this would make it worse.
Exploitation of people on lower incomes:
Over the last few decades economic inequality has sharply risen, housing prices have increased and as a result many people are experiencing a crisis in housing affordability. To alleviate this crisis, the state government needs to fund social and affordable housing, and Bayside Council should work with community housing providers and the state government to facilitate this. Both an increase in social housing for people on low incomes and affordable housing for key workers is needed. Established Community Housing Providers have the resources and experience to manage tenants in both these categories.
Instead, the government has created planning laws that allow boarding houses to be built with self-contained rooms that are much smaller than the minimum size of an apartment. DA 2021/69 is for a two-story, 8 double room boarding house. If each room is rented for $250 per week, the landlord would make $2000/week. However, if the development was for two conventional flats, rented at $500 per week each, then the income is $1000/week. This hypothetical example shows that landlords can earn roughly twice as much by building boarding houses rather than conventional units. Developers should not be allowed to profiteer from people experiencing financial hardship.
I therefore object to DA 2021/69 and call on council not to allow any boarding house developments in the Bayside Council area unless the development is under the management and care of an experienced and not-for-profit community housing provider or Housing NSW. To address the housing affordability crisis, Bayside Council must include targets for social and affordable housing, and concrete mechanisms for achieving them. This should include provision of greater diversity in not-for-profit housing to meet the accessibility needs of changing demographics and disadvantaged groups.

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