114-116 Victoria Rd Gladesville NSW 2111

Construction of a six storey residential apartment building comprising 57 apartments with three levels of basement carparking with75 spaces.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Ryde, reference LDA2020/0375)


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  1. S Whitbourn commented

    So now, not a single service station in the gladesville area. More pressure on old infrastructure and another multi-storey set of boxes to add to the tunnel which is becoming Victoria Rd Gladesville. Ryde Council, please reject this and leave the already compacted living space around this area with some ground open space. how about a skate park or playground for all the families already living along this corridor.

  2. S Whitbourn commented

    So now, not a single service station in the gladesville area. More pressure on old infrastructure and another multi-storey set of boxes to add to the tunnel which is becoming Victoria Rd Gladesville. Ryde Council, please reject this and leave the already compacted living space around this area with some ground open space. how about a skate park or playground for all the families already living along this corridor.

  3. Philip Howe commented

    This is awful! We were told that there would be no more hi-rise apartment blocks In this area, that this site would be simply 2 or 3 floors shops/offices and nothing more.
    WE SPENT YEARS fighting the 6 storey monster next door to this site and we lost - losing daylight in Pearson St behind (rendering our solar panels useless) and inheriting a mountain of short term residents who take our parking spaces even though they have an underground car park with spaces for more cars than apartments, it also means we will again, have to put up with, months of drilling, pile driving and MORE, EVER MORE traffic on Victoria Rd.
    Please stop this over-development, it has destroyed most of once peaceful Gladesville.
    This is pure, opportunistic over development. Enough!

  4. Monique Welch commented

    Infrastructure is insufficient for the number of people already living within the bounds of Victoria and Morrison roads in Gladesville. Another high density complex like this will only exacerbate the issue.

    Traffic is substantial during peak times and there is inadequate parking often leading people to just stop and park illegally.

    Not only are the roads and parking areas insufficient and lacking in space but there are no petrol stations in gladesville at all and there is not adequate shops or services to accomodate this significant number of people.

    Adding to the already overpopulated area without doing anything to address congestion and a lack of services is disgusting.

  5. J Fernance commented

    Gladesville doesn't need another high rise apartment building with a lack of parking for the residents, resulting in them parking in the surrounding streets. Wharf road used to have street parking available for residents, but since the building of 1 Wharf Rd our once quiet street is now always full. This new building will make the area even more congested and less appealing. Gladesville is not simply a corridor to the city, and shouldn't be treated as such.

  6. Hayley Lam commented

    We have no petrol stations in Gladesville anymore, there are plenty of new apartments built, most look half unoccupied. We don’t need more high rises.
    I’m not even a long time resident, having only to arrive in the area 2 years ago, but I can see none of the locals asked for more residential development.
    Please reject this application

  7. Jessica Devitt commented

    Ryde council reject this proposal. It is not sustainable for the area. Build more facilities that are needed in the area before you build the capacitive put more people. There are NO petrol station in the Gladesville area right now, Gladesville Victoria road already gets ridiculously congested.

  8. M Lawrence commented

    How can another high rise be considered when there has not been enough investment into the infrastructure and services within the area first!? This will just create more people, more problems and more traffic in what is already a high traffic area. We don’t need Gladesville turning into another suburb full of high rises that makes it impossible to get in and out with all the congestion. Where is the forward planning in all of this for the residents already here!?

  9. Rebecca H commented

    Gladesville does not need any more apartments, many of the builds that were completed last year/year before still have apartments that haven't sold. The infrastructure in the area is not enough to service even more people in the area and wont be addressed any time soon considering the existing amenities are within Hunters Hill council area.
    Gladesville will become the new Meadowbank if this continues on, with high density housing, not enough infrastructure and problems waiting to happen.

    Please reject this DA

  10. Holly Charalambous commented

    The floorplans of the apartments and communal spaces need to be designed to reflect the actual needs of individuals and families living and working from home. The standard ADG minimum requirements and guidelines and now outdated and unsuitable.
    The developer should be responsible for responding to the social needs of the community.

  11. Margaret Hall commented

    This should not be approved...hundreds of units inGladesville already, with no added infrastructure. This is a very high traffic area and cars leaving from an apartment block there would add more to the already overloaded Victoria Road..which is turning into a raceway. It is almost impossible to cross Victoria Road at Punt Road at the lights. The light is red before you are half way across and drivers get very impatient.

    No service stations in Gladesville now, outrageous! Why should I have to drive to Putney or Drummoyne for petrol..I have lived in Gladesville for 50+ years, it’s a shame to see it going the way it is..it’s all about making money really. Residents need more consideration..

  12. Sandra Chapman commented

    I’m surprised that any developer would consider spending $22m+ on this site. The block next door with 46 apartments still has 80% unsold after 4 years.
    Consideration needs to be given to the hazardous conditions on Victoria Rd with no rear access and potentially years of construction.
    I’ll have more to say when I know exactly what is proposed for this site. 57 apartments over 6 floors on a relatively small block seems extreme!
    I hope they provide driveway access for (food & goods) delivery drivers and removalists because there’s nowhere to stop on Victoria Road.

  13. Wayne commented

    Stop your crying. Bring on new development, new infrastructure and better services.

    Sub par food and beverage offers, stale retail.

    Make Gladesville Great Again!

  14. David Chapman commented

    This development is over-development of the site. The location of this site means that entry and exit (75 car spaces planned) will be directly on, and off, the very busy Victoria Rd. This will prove hazardous to approaching traffic and the vehicles exiting the building, as well as pedestrians attempting to walk past the building. Any residents of the building wishing to head East will, no doubt, take the first left turn and travel down the slim and busy Pearson St and contribute to the existing congestion at the lights at Punt Rd. A smaller development, more in keeping with the entry into Gladesville would seem more appropriate, practical and safer for the surrounding environment.

  15. Carolyn commented

    Another (half occupied) multi-storey building is being considered? Will there be sufficient off street/basement parking for all apartments? Even with 57 apartments and 75 basement car parks on the plan, I put to you it isn’t enough. Take a walk around the local streets now after 5pm or before 8am and you’ll see there is not enough parking for exisiting high density dwellings.

    How will the roads be impacted? Currently bottle necks and ‘rat runs’ exist for drivers avoiding the car park that Victoria road is during peak hours. Pot holes and narrow streets cause safety issues.

    Has council considered the drainage (& sewerage) issues? 1 Meriton St & 5-7 Wharf road water currently flows on to Meriton street causing a flooding effect, especially near the pedestrian crossing, with insufficient storm water drainage. 1 Meriton St floods right around and down Morrison Rd.

    The wind tunnel currently generated down Meriton Rd & Wharf Rd from the newer high rises will become more prevalent.

    Adding to that the lack of services Gladesville has, which include bank branches closing, many empty shops, no fuel stations, long queues for the bus and ferry services. How is a new high rise justified?

    Then there will be the constant noise during building at all hours, when residents aren’t notified nor compensated. Due to the lay of the land, not only will neighbours directly next door and within a block will be impacted. This was evident with the building of 3-11 Meriton Rd where lights & night works blared into residents windows across the school grounds in the middle of the night in Morrison Rd & Linsley St.

    Looking forward to receiving your response to these many issues currently and learning of your plan to rectify in the near future.

  16. Emma Newton commented

    This site should be restricted to 3 levels, there are no other developments of this height in the vicinity. There are far two many empty new developments in the area there is no need for another oversized development. Council needs to start thinking about aesthetics, low line developments complemented with planting rather than bowing to developers greed! You don’t have to look far to see how low level developments can enhance an area rather be blighted by oversized bland badly designed ones. The people have had enough of badly designed apartment blocks that only benefit the developers!

  17. Rebecca commented

    I agree with many of the statements above. The scale of this building being so many levels and the number of apartments is far too large. Only having access via Victoria Road is a recipe for disaster with that many people/apartments. I also feel that the overdevelopment of apartments in the area is beginning to impact on the lovely neighbourhood feel that Gladesville is known for. Such a shame if it became a concrete jungle. I ask you to reject this DA in its current form. The apartment blocks with 3 floors are big enough as it is let alone one with 6 floors!

  18. Richard W commented

    I agree that things are being overdeveloped although we need to look at the development control plan and not single out a property that was purchased under the current ruling. This link is for a plan from 2014 so it may be outdated but it shows the future plan which I find a little concerning for an area with limited transport options.

  19. Steven Formosa commented

    Current and past Ryde Council staff should not have allowed so many units to be built in this part of Gladesville. We are all affected by the increased level of traffic and demand for roadside parking spaces.
    It is only fair that Ryde Council protect the few remaining commercial sites from being redeveloped as residential units.

  20. Alex T commented

    Ryde Council, please REJECT this application or at least do not allow this buildIng to be higher than 3 floors. We live on Pearson Street. Our building will be directly affected in many ways if this development is approved. The development built next door to this site took away our privacy and many hours of direct daylight. If this new building goes up, we will have no direct sunlight. This is just one of many issues we will have to face (AGAIN) including no parking, noise, pollution, tradies parking inside our property, congestion from trucks coming and going all day as well as potential problems to the structure of our building due to the large scale excavation. The value of our property is at stake.

    The demolition of this site has already started. The noise is horrendous. I cannot open my balcony door or windows while the works are taking place. Working from home is now impossible.

    Gladesville does not have the infrastructure required to be able to sustain these developments. Our beautiful schools are bursting at the seams because they have more students than they are able to accommodate. And this is only going to get worse if these developments continue to be approved.

    Please STOP this development and the over-development of our beautiful Gladesville.

  21. Alex commented

    This is ridiculous, there is already enough multi storey buildings within Gladesville and no supportive infrastructure. Even the current shops, transport and local grocers have been completely busy during COVID-19, Gladesville is not set up sustainably to withstand more multi-storey dwellings. Even if the proposal was more reasonable with less levels and apartments, I still strongly believe there are far too many unit complexes within Gladesville without the correct infrastructure, we are setting up our suburb to fail! Make Gladesville great again by stopping the over development of the suburb the existing locals love, and the developers are trying to ruin

  22. Stevie commented

    Stop the overdevelopment of Gladesville. We have no sustainable infrastructure, epitomised by our nearest petrol stations now been a few KMs away. We can't have any more high rises, it's ruining out suburb!

  23. Liesl Fitzpatrick commented

    There is already an enormous amount of recent residential development in Gladesville - approving this project will only add to existing pain points with underdeveloped infrastructure, a disgracefully neglected shopping village and unbearable peak hour crowding on public transport systems. It would make more sense to develop this site into a commercial site - shops or offices (if not a new service station!)

  24. Mara Anne Cheshire commented

    I 100% object to this development. There are already SO many high-rise apartments in Gladesville. I believe this should be restricted in height and density as to not completely ruin the charm of Gladesville.

  25. Darren Keppie commented

    The continued over development of the Victoria Road corridor through Gladesville is disappointing, and seems to fly in the face of the "Revitalising Gladesville Town Centre and Victoria Road - Master Plan Report" which may be accessed here: https://au.gladesvillecommunity.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Gladesville-Master-Plan.pdf
    This excerpt was taken from the report:
    "Gladesville was once a vital traditional main street Town Centre. Like
    many other town centres along major road corridors, in just five decades
    Gladesville has regressed from being a memorable place to becoming just
    another commercial strip. What will it be like in 25 years time? Will it still
    be an economically viable town centre and a desirable place to live and
    work if it continues down this path?"
    The more of these bland developments that are approved the greater the local character and sense of community is lost.

  26. T Rogers commented

    As a property owner in the area, I object to this development. It is too high, there is no architectural merit, it will add to the traffic congestion in the area, and further destroy the rapidly diminishing character of the area. There is no long term economic gain for Gladesville. The glut of units will devalue other properties in the area. Gladesville is rapidly turning into an urban slum with developers buying off whole blocks, letting them run down before turning that into an argument for overdevelopment.

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