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In Gladesville NSW on “Construction of a six...” at 114-116 Victoria Rd Gladesville NSW 2111:

Carolyn commented

Another (half occupied) multi-storey building is being considered? Will there be sufficient off street/basement parking for all apartments? Even with 57 apartments and 75 basement car parks on the plan, I put to you it isn’t enough. Take a walk around the local streets now after 5pm or before 8am and you’ll see there is not enough parking for exisiting high density dwellings.

How will the roads be impacted? Currently bottle necks and ‘rat runs’ exist for drivers avoiding the car park that Victoria road is during peak hours. Pot holes and narrow streets cause safety issues.

Has council considered the drainage (& sewerage) issues? 1 Meriton St & 5-7 Wharf road water currently flows on to Meriton street causing a flooding effect, especially near the pedestrian crossing, with insufficient storm water drainage. 1 Meriton St floods right around and down Morrison Rd.

The wind tunnel currently generated down Meriton Rd & Wharf Rd from the newer high rises will become more prevalent.

Adding to that the lack of services Gladesville has, which include bank branches closing, many empty shops, no fuel stations, long queues for the bus and ferry services. How is a new high rise justified?

Then there will be the constant noise during building at all hours, when residents aren’t notified nor compensated. Due to the lay of the land, not only will neighbours directly next door and within a block will be impacted. This was evident with the building of 3-11 Meriton Rd where lights & night works blared into residents windows across the school grounds in the middle of the night in Morrison Rd & Linsley St.

Looking forward to receiving your response to these many issues currently and learning of your plan to rectify in the near future.

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