59 Stuart Road Tyabb VIC 3913

Development of a residential village

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 12 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, reference P19/1553)


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  1. Jeremy West commented

    The Tyabb Township/Area simply does not have sufficient infrastructure to support such a development, with 180 planned units, at an average of one car per person and potentially two people per dwelling this push the local area to breaking point coupled with additional planned high density residential development on Frankston-Flinders Road, Tyabb. The Mornington Peninsula is well known for its fantastic mix of rural and residential setting, but it seems there are far too many of these developments appearing slowly detracting from the very things that make the Peninsula great.
    This particular company has already constructed facilities in Bittern and Hastings, with a new aged care facility on The Crescent in Tyabb I fail to understand how yet another one of these facilities is of benefit to the community.

  2. Jeff Bailey commented

    Have to agree with Jeremy West comments of two days ago regarding lack of infrastructure to handle the increase in traffic and population. The intersection of Stuart road and Mornington - Tyabb road will become a major hazard. It will have to handle all the vehicles from the lifestyle development as well as the existing homes and airport traffic.
    Who in their right mind would develop a high density housing complex in between an airport run way and a rail line.
    The new residents will be complaining about the activities at the airport in no time and add to the pressure being brought down on the PAC from the MPSC even further.

  3. Eric Collier commented

    It is unbelievable that the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council can even consider a retirement village abutting an airport and near a rail line carrying heavy freight (with heavy, noisy trains running in the very early hours of the morning). That would be incredibly poor town planning.

    The Shire has historically proven itself quite incapable of managing town planning in the vicinity of an airport, and consideration of this planning application should be called in by the State Government.

    Further, the road infrastructure in the area would require a significant upgrade to handle the extra traffic. The intersection of Stuart Rd and Mornington-Tyabb Rd will require special treatment (roundabout or traffic lights) to prevent long lines of traffic banking up in Stuart Rd - and the developer should be required to pay for that, because the Shire ratepayers should not be expected to subsidise developers.

    The proposed development will change the village character of Tyabb, and is totally unsuited to this area. The proposal must therefore be rejected.

  4. Frank Deeth commented

    It beggars belief in this day and age that councils would entertain housing developments so close to other important infrastructure, namely the railway and Tyabb Airfield. These are important community assets. Time and again these kinds of community assets play second fiddle to the development dollar and projected rates windfall to council. How often have we see developments ext to airports then those very people who built have the gall to complain. “Let the buyer beware” seems to no longer matter. When it becomes apparent where the new home owners have bought, the buyers remorse kicks in and it’s easier to easier to complain about the infrastructure that is already there and have it moved, than to take personal responsibility. No to this development!

  5. Julie Anderson-Smoker commented

    To even try and understand what the MPSC are thinking regarding a 180 unit development that is so close to our Air field and the only railway line that caters for the public and industrial cargo. The haulage diesel train goes through around 2am-4am and 12 hrs later, and it's quite noisy. I really don't think alot of consideration has been given to the Tyabb Township, it just does not have the infrastructure to support this development, the intersection at Stuart rd and Mornnington Tyabb rd will become a nightmare and huge hazard, with a bus stop on either side of Mornington Tyabb rd that school children and the public use. When you think about the the amount of vehicles that will use the roads (180 units x 1 or 2 cars per unit= that's up to 270 vehicles) and the trucks whilst building is going on, it doesn't make sense this isn't taken into consideration as well as the residents already living here and the traffic for the Airport. And the 'removal of more than one tree'- we have wildlife that reside there including Black Cockatoos, Ring Tail Possums and Brush Tail Possums. Destroying their habitat as well. This company has already built facilities locally in Hastings and Bittern and we already have a facility in construction in Tyabb on The Crescent. How is this proposed facility going to support and benefit the small Tyabb community. Somerville also has facilities and is a larger community. The Shire need to consider all facets of how this is going to impact Tyabb Township-roads, shops, healthcare, sporting etc. Tyabb is a mix of rural and residential settings and with more of these developments appearing (Frankston Flinders rd. High Density Residential Complex) we are slowly moving away from the rural peninsula feel and into the suburban culture which Tyabb on the Peninsula is not.
    With the Shires past history of abominable Town Planning and seeing as this development is so close to a working (many community based businesses) airport I can only see complaints and more pressure on the PAC from the MPSC. I therefore propose that he State Government be alerted to this planning application, And I OBJECT to the development of 180 unit Residential Village on 59 Stuart Rd Tyabb 3913.

  6. Luke McGaughey commented

    A village development next to an airfield is absolutely absurd. Have you not learnt anything from past issues with the public in close proximity to air traffic?
    Please use some common sense and reject this application for the sake of the residents and the airfield already in Tyabb.

  7. ROlfe Summerhayes commented

    As stated by me before the Airport needs an Environs overlay to prevent such a development as this residential village/caravan park/lifestyle resort... This development flies in the face of state planning directions in relation to Airports or as some like to refer to them as Authorised Landing Areas/Grounds... Further objection is related to how inappropriate it would be to overpopulate Stuart Road with such a number of new tenants. These new residents would if allowed begin to complain about the Airfield noise and generate more community grief. In my mind if the state guidelines prohibit such inappropriate developments surely it will be the Shire and ultimately the Mornington Peninsular Rate payers who foot the bill. In short ruin the town and cost us a fortune. I don’t believe any section 172 or similar document will protect the Shire.
    As for the extra traffic on Stuart road blind Freddy could see that. NO NO NO NO

  8. Jennifer Green commented

    I am a long term small acreage, property owner in Tyabb.
    When corporate greed from a developer fails to take the interests of existing communities and the interests of any potential residents into account there can only be a poor outcome. The potential residents would be housed adjacent a heavy freight train line and an airfield. Those are both long term and necessary local services but not conducive to 'Resort style retirement living' as claimed by the developer.
    There are almost no specialist facilities for the medical needs of an additional community of elderly people in Tyabb. With one small GP clinic and waiting lists to become a patient at most clinics in Somerville and Hastings, the health care of potential and existing residents will be at risk.
    In terms of the additional pressure on local roads, the intersection at Mornington-Tyabb Road and Frankston-Flinders Road would not cope with the excpected traffic influx and safety of existing users - many of them school children using the crossings - would be compromised.
    The amenity of Tyabb as it exists currently is a harmonious blend of rural properties, villiage style town area and just a couple of smaller, newer delvelopments.
    People built in Tyabb or relocated to Tyabb to enjoy the peaceful, village and semi rural lifestyle. We love that we can cycle, ride horses and walk along our quiet streets and go to our shops where the owners know our names and how we take our coffee!
    Somerville was once a peaceful community like Tyabb. In just 15 years it has become an outer urban ghetto with escalating crime and a bad reputation. Whilst the likely residents of this development don't fit the demographic that brings a lower tone to an area, approvals for any and all medium and high density housing would further push Tyabb toward an abyss from which there is no return. The existing high property prices in Tyabb reflect the desire of people to move to this area as it is. Peaceful, semi rural with a village atmosphere and a degree of quiet exclusivity. I have no desire to see my property devalued by inappropriate development.
    I object to the application for this development.

  9. Julieann amarasinghe commented

    This does not seem a sensible placement given the age group of residents. Stuart rd intersection will be a recipe for accidents injuries and death. Look at ehat happened with the village glen on eastbourne road rosebud. The elderly drivers can not simply manage a right hand turn into a busy road. Any new development must ensure it will jot negatively affect businesses and services currently operating. Land being opened to housing is notrious for subsequent complaints resulting in expense to council ratepayers and distress to existing community. Example safety beach residents complaining of freeway noise. Cape shanck new residents complaining about existing gun club and bike club noises. Mornington tyabb road is already barely coping with the new freeway. If this goes ahead council must ensure road safety and protection of existing business and service. It must mandate that property purchasers are aware of current airport and train noises so that comlaints can not be made or the buildings must be sound proof and there must be community consultation with public meetings.

  10. Geoff Lloyd commented

    I fully agree with Jeremy West, Jeff Bailey, Eric Collier and Frank Teeth on this development it should not go ahead.

  11. Theshia Kent commented

    I object to the permit of & development of the proposed retirement on the basis of t hge above arguments and the detrimental effect it is ALREADY having on community events and community stakeholders.
    I object to the application of this development.

  12. Tim Mellor commented

    I totally support ALL the comments / submissions AGAINST this proposed development In particular those as posted by Jeremy West and Jennifer Green .
    SAVE Tyabb village and the Airfield ! SCRAP the proposed and totally inappropriate retirement village and stop greedy developers destroying all that is good about living on the Peninsula

  13. Siobhan Moon commented

    Im in agreement with other people that have commented. Tyabb does not have the infrastructure for this development. Nor would anyone looking to retire want to live next door to an active airport and a civil and commercial railway. Simply put we just dont need it!

  14. K Crute commented

    I agree with the above comments regarding lack of infrastructure, lack of facilities, the site being so close to the airfield and the railway. Given that council are making things very difficult for local business and community organisations I don’t see how a development of this size should be allowed to go ahead.

  15. Dawn Laity commented

    I am appalled at the thought of another high density development in this area. In the areas of Hastings/Bittern there are shops and services to support these developments. I actually live in one. Tyabb on the other hand has a rural and village atmosphere and is unable to support the increased population. I have not even mentioned the airport/train line. Older people with an expectation of a quiet resort style life will not be happy with the noise being so close. It is an entirely unsuitable position for a development of this type. Please have some sense and do not approve this application.

  16. Merv Gillespie commented

    Clearly, the only beneficiaries of this project are the developer and the council.
    The Tyabb township and residents would not benefit, in fact the very village type atmosphere would suffer from the proposed high density development and dramatically increased traffic pressures.
    It’s not hard to foresee a troublesome future when only a small percentage of residents in a 180 unit complex start insisting on quiet enjoyment and begin complaining about nuisance aeroplanes.
    To put this ridiculous application into some context, this proposal is to put over five percent of Tyabb’s current population into that one block of land at 59 Stuart Road along with possibly 250+ cars.
    This proposal is a recipe for future friction, discontent and ongoing conflict that will only cause more division within the community.
    Therefore I strongly oppose granting this development application.

  17. Tony McLeish commented

    Leave the airport alone you muppets and remember all councillors are elected and paid by ratepayers.

  18. Jacci commented

    I agree with the comments above.
    Also please look at other country cities and the airfield / airports need to be clear of housing so strips can be expanded to accommodate larger aircraft or the Hems choppers dont get land locked!

  19. Penny Grimwood commented

    I reside in Stuart Road and think that this type of development is definitely not suitable in this particular street.
    1. The road is in a terrible condition at the intersection of Stuart road and Tyabb road due to units being built at that end of the street and no roadworks was done to fix this up.
    2. The increase in traffic would be horrendous.
    3. There are no local shops, buses or trains within walking distance for elderly non driving people to get to or medical facilities.
    4. The road proposed for the development is a single dirt road which would need to be completely redone to accommodate such a heavy traffic load.
    5. There are already a lot of new people moving into the area and complaining about the airfield so it makes no sense to build this type of development next to the runway.

    I am not against a retirement village or residential home being built in Tyabb, I just think that this particular location is totally unsuitable.

  20. Rosina Edwards commented

    I don’t believe Tyabb has the infrastructure to support this development and therefore lodge my objection

  21. Penelope Vowell commented

    I strongly support and agree with all objections to the proposed 180 retirement lot development in Stuart Rd Tyabb. It was underhanded and dishonest of MPSC to try to prohibit operations at the airfield by incorrectly stating that permits had not been issued when they patently had and failing on their legal requirement by neglecting to keep their own records regarding permits covering the airfield. The airfield provides must needed employment and support for township businesses in what is a township facing economic stresses. SHAME on you Mornington Shire!

  22. Colin Baker commented

    The railway line will in the future be further developed to service the Hastings corridor, particularly if the port areas go ahead(which they will, eventually). The airport should have right of continuity, having been established long before any new planning applications. I believe the airport is the only one on Mornington Peninsula (Tooradin is not part of MP), therefore it's strategic value should be of paramount importance with a view of future expansion.

  23. David Farthing commented

    The fact that Lifestyle Communities are already promoting this development tends to make a mockery of the planning approval process. It seems to indicate that it's a forgone conclusion and that any objections (no matter how valid) will simply be ignored or overridden.

    I agree with others on here about it being an inappropriate development for the area due to lack of infrastructure to deal with such a massive influx of residents. This is in addition to the potential complaints about the longstanding airfield once people move in. It's a recurring theme that new residents complain about something preexisting when they arrive in a new community.

  24. Janet Baker commented

    I am looking forward to living in a the retirement lifestyle village in Tyabb .It's amazing that at seventy years old this is the first time I have been on the receiving end of so much prejudice and referred to constantly as elderly .
    We seniors choose lifestyle villages because everything is within the village and we do not need to be on the road everyday unlike the rest of the tyabb residents
    As for airfield and train ,they built the freeway behind me which does not just have traffic 2am to 4am . But which has been fantastic for thousands .of car travellers and luckily I understand the needs of others and progress

  25. Christine Barclay commented

    I am in full agreement with all those (and the reasons given) opposing the proposed Lifestyle Village. Please council planners, realise that this is an extremely, and obviously impractical site for a high density development. I am sure that consultation with the existing Tyabb community will largely affirm this.

  26. Patric neidhart commented

    There is clearly not enough infrastructure to support this at the moment there is just enough parking to support us now in town!. My house backs directly onto the proposed site, i see my young family thinking they have moved into a caravan park with all of those units at out back fence which for the last 10 years for us has been open fields with trees and the odd farm animal passing by its our small escape of the hustle and bustle of work and life we see on the news the effects of heavily built areas and the effects it can have on people mentally. I agree with the developments but this is not the right spot, without hand balling to another town look at the land between Pearcedale, kooweerup etc maybe a town can be suitable to cater for this and that has a better pocket of land to do so with larger shopping at somerville in close proximity etc. PLEASE DO NOT APPROVE THIS DEVELOPMENT.

  27. Phil Taylor commented

    This is an inappropriate development for the area. Placing 180 demountable homes for a retirement village between an active airfield and a railway line doesn't make sense especially with the limited road access to the site.

  28. David Wilson commented

    Everyone, (particularly the elderly and their families considering buying into these ‘resorts’), should google
    Alan Kohler, ‘Complex Contracts and the Lifestyle Village Swindle’. ABC.
    But, I fear the developer and the shire are in covert league: they both stand to make money, after all ! And who cares about the aesthetic and social well-being of a small local community when money can be made ?

  29. Michele Guest commented

    I absolutely object to this lifestyle community being build in Stuart road tyabb. I agree wholeheartedly with David Farthings comment about the planning process being made a mockery of. I spoke to a lady months ago who told me she was moving to this lifestyle community. How can that be so when planning permits hadn’t even been lodged?
    1. Tyabb does not have the infrastructure to cope with 180 of these units.
    2. As a resident who lives off of Stuart road, it is hard enough to turn right at Mornington tyabb road as it is without increased traffic.
    3. Stuart road is in terrible condition & is not wide enough.
    4. Why would anyone put a lifestyle community between a railway line with trains that run in the early hours of the morning and an airport?
    5. There is not enough parking at the shops in Frankston flinders road tyabb now, & increased traffic will cause accidents with more cars pulling in & out of parking spots into the main road. It’s a problem now, it will only get worse.
    6. The traffic at school times outside flinders college & tyabb primary is bedlam now, increased traffic in this area will be catastrophic.
    A definite NO

  30. Moira Bennett commented

    I live in a Street off Stuart Road. I object to this development as well. The road is not suitable for this amount of increased traffic. The intersection at Mornington Tyabb Road will be a complete nightmare and I could envision many accidents occurring. I walk across there a lot and there is always a lot of traffic already feeding the estate. Lots of children cross there too.
    I agree with others that there isn't a lot of infrastructure either in the town or Doctors.

  31. Peter Brunner commented

    Were are looking forward to living in the proposed retirement Lifestyle Communities village in Tyabb. Now at the age of 71, downsizing from acreage to lower cost living and a more relaxed life style but with all the facilities we need in our preferred locality, it's a lifestyle we are very much seeking. We are planning to travel as well as tour in our caravan and this type of community will also provide us with better home security, and by downsizing we would access extra capital making retirement budgeting much easier. We are aware there are some residents in Tyabb who are against this particular development but being considerate, they must realise that people need to live somewhere and changes/progress is constantly happening all the time.When we built in Somerville, 34 years ago, we had idyllic rural views looking across a 9 acre horse paddock and now it is unrecognisable , completely built out with houses.
    Lifestyle Communities has an excellent record in developing this particular style of living, providing luxury that people can afford, appreciate and enjoy especially in retirement. We have inquired about vacancies in Hasting and Bittern Lifestyle Villages but both are all sold out. We chose to live in Somerville 34 years ago, and still wish to remain ion the area so happy this downsizing would not make much of a change to our current shopping preferences and service providers.We feel sure that when the village is completed, with the millions of dollars to be spent in the area, local residents will appreciate the development of all roads and footpaths making a significant difference to the locality. We assume the council/developer will upgrade all associated roads, to control traffic flows etc.We are not deterred by the close proximately to the Tyabb airfield, as we often visit the area and enjoy observing the light plane activity.Criticism about being too close to the railway line does not concern us either, as our son has a home in Somerville which is much closer to the line and we are quite familiar with current rail services and the noise of passing trains.Living in close proximity to the Tyabb shopping centre and railway station would provide mostLifestyle residents an opportunity to regularly and not need to use their cars frequently plus there will be a courtesy bus for residents convenience. We think this will be excellent development for the area and feel all local businesses will gain from the extra trade and support of the Lifestyle residents. We are currently on the waiting list and there are at least 50 others already showing keen interest in wanting to buy off the plan

  32. Matt R commented

    I agree with all the negatives listed above. We simply do not have the right area for the proposed 180 sites. MP is a big area, surly there are more suitable sites you have looked at.

    If you do build it, just wait for the copious amounts of complaints, accident reports and the $1000s of dollars of road upgrades you will have to spend. Remember Stuart Road is owned by you and not VicRoads, you are responsible for it.

    If you actually care about your community, listen to what the locals are saying and do not expand in this area!

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