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In Tyabb VIC on “Development of a...” at 59 Stuart Road Tyabb VIC 3913:

Jennifer Green commented

I am a long term small acreage, property owner in Tyabb.
When corporate greed from a developer fails to take the interests of existing communities and the interests of any potential residents into account there can only be a poor outcome. The potential residents would be housed adjacent a heavy freight train line and an airfield. Those are both long term and necessary local services but not conducive to 'Resort style retirement living' as claimed by the developer.
There are almost no specialist facilities for the medical needs of an additional community of elderly people in Tyabb. With one small GP clinic and waiting lists to become a patient at most clinics in Somerville and Hastings, the health care of potential and existing residents will be at risk.
In terms of the additional pressure on local roads, the intersection at Mornington-Tyabb Road and Frankston-Flinders Road would not cope with the excpected traffic influx and safety of existing users - many of them school children using the crossings - would be compromised.
The amenity of Tyabb as it exists currently is a harmonious blend of rural properties, villiage style town area and just a couple of smaller, newer delvelopments.
People built in Tyabb or relocated to Tyabb to enjoy the peaceful, village and semi rural lifestyle. We love that we can cycle, ride horses and walk along our quiet streets and go to our shops where the owners know our names and how we take our coffee!
Somerville was once a peaceful community like Tyabb. In just 15 years it has become an outer urban ghetto with escalating crime and a bad reputation. Whilst the likely residents of this development don't fit the demographic that brings a lower tone to an area, approvals for any and all medium and high density housing would further push Tyabb toward an abyss from which there is no return. The existing high property prices in Tyabb reflect the desire of people to move to this area as it is. Peaceful, semi rural with a village atmosphere and a degree of quiet exclusivity. I have no desire to see my property devalued by inappropriate development.
I object to the application for this development.

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