161 Fox Valley Road Wahroonga NSW 2076

Section 4.55 (1A) for DA0058/18 - Extend time limitation for operation of the display suite from 2 years to 5 years.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Ku-ring-gai Council, reference MOD0040/19)


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  1. George Gleeson commented

    Why, oh why should this development application be given approval to extend a further 3 years. The community has already expressed their concern regarding the DA and the following road congestion and many other issues regarding the construction of high rise apartments along Fox Valley Road which are associated with this DA application. Please KMC do not give this development any further favours!!!
    Do not approve the extension of time, please!!!!
    George Gleeson
    209 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga

  2. Patricia White commented

    Nobody but the Adventist hierarchy want the display units or the units they intend to sell from there. Obviously they are worried about the housing market and want to keep their options open.
    They have already been given far more support than any other developers and more than they deserve. DO NOT, please, grant them any further favours.

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  3. Vicki Hanson commented

    It would appear that the views of the Fox Valley community mean nothing to the Adventist hierarchy, most would think, that with all of the objections by the residents to their Wahroonga Estate they would be happy to leave things as they are, but NO, now they want to extend this DA for a further 3 years. Please KMC do not allow this to happen, make a stand and say NO enough is enough, the community needs to be heard, DO NOT approve this extension of time.

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  4. Mark White commented

    Please KMC, do NOT extend this DA for a further 3 years. The current traffic and congestion along Fox Valley Road is now intolerable , work is already behind schedule on the upgrade of the Fox Valley Road, Comenarra Parkway intersection. With the ongoing construction and associated street car parking from construction workers and hospital / Sanitarium/ South Pacific Adventist staff is totally swamping the district streets. Driveways are being blocked , cars are parked on bus stops . The addition of Child care centres (x2) will add to the congestion and is another reason why any extension of this DA must be blocked. This community should not be expected to accept the whims of the South Pacific Division of the SDA church and its desire not to listen to community angst and impose its after thought DA extension request.

  5. Gail Wiseman commented

    Please, KMC, do not approve this DA for a further 3 years. The traffic congestion in our community is already becoming unbearable and unsafe (in case of a major bush fire). The SDA continues to act as a local Lord of the area and it appears that every wish of theirs is granted without due consideration of the impact to this community that has made its views known to both KMC and the SDA on numerous occasions. In the latest hearing for these display homes, the SDA developer was outnumbered in quality and quantity of the objections by the local community members, but it still had no impact on the outcome. When will our pleas be heard? We live here too! We are Mums and Dads who have worked hard our whole lives to afford our homes which are now being severely impacted by one organization's greed. Please KMC, help the community you represent!

  6. Jane Watson commented

    Dear KMC,
    Please do not extend the time for the display units for another 3 years. As a local resident and business owner in Fox Valley Road I am finding the traffic congestion on Fox Valley Road, unbearable. As well, the construction on the corner of Fox Valley Road and The Commenarra is causing great inconvenience. The construction workers are using many of the parking spaces, often parking there all day. Our businesses are being affected and the inconvenience to many people is on a massive scale. Please consider our situation.

  7. Magda Daidone commented

    The traffic congestion on Fox Valley Road and The Commenara Parkway during peak times is horrible, it has been made even worse with all of the construction. Please don’t allow them any extensions and for this company to destroy our beautiful suburb..

  8. Terry Andrews commented

    I object most strongly to further disruption from so-called "development" in the Fox Valley region resulting in vehicles being parked across driveways and footpaths, at intersections and bus stops brought about by the attitudes and proposals of the South Pacific Division of the SDA which ignores completely the local community. KMC must not allow an extension of the current DA, the local community cannot be allowed to accept further ongoing disruption, costs and lack of amenity due to the one sided approach exhibited to date. As representatives of the local community, I would politely ask KMC not to extend any DA application and give due consideration to all rate payers in the area.

  9. Avona Butterfield commented

    Approving the Seventh-Day Adventist Church's request for an extension of 3 years for the display unit would set a very dangerous precedent in Ku-ring-gai. Other developers failing to begin construction within 2 years of approval or wanting to extend the time for display units until the market recovers would fight for similar preferential treatment. Only the Church wants these high-rise units which will smother the WAS and bring even more traffic and increased congestion to the Fox Valley Road region which is already reeling from the effects of the current unacceptable traffic volumes. The area south of the Fox Valley Road/Comenarra intersection is being trashed by staff of and visitors to the SAN and workmen from the huge construction site on the corner of the intersection. Simple deliveries become major problems because vehicles have to double-park. Residents are being trapped in their homes by drivers who show complete disregard for residents' rights and park across driveways and access paths; the viability of small businesses at the little shopping centre is threatened by drivers who park illegally for hours on end; and residents planning to sell their homes will find that prospective buyers do not wish to live in a colossal car park. The Church claims that it needs the funds from this commercial development to expand its ministry, a rather Faustian arrangement as its actions have alienated the local community and destroyed the goodwill and support it had previously enjoyed.The Church must learn that there is a community here which has the right to live without the increasing stress which its actions are creating. The Fox Valley Road area is not the Church's fiefdom and the Church hierarchy, comfortably ensconced elsewhere, does not have the right to destroy the amenity of this lovely part of Ku-ring-gai for its own financial gains. Instead of wanting an extension of time for the display unit, the Church should look at using its land to provide free parking for all its staff and low-cost parking for hospital visitors. The Church should put its teachings into practice and consider the well-being of the community in which it operates. To do otherwise is pure hypocrisy. Please KMC do not approve this extension of time.

  10. Ad van den Boogaard commented

    Dear Mr.McInnes,

    Thank you for the opportunity to review the application and to make a submission to KMC.

    It was at the 17 Dec 2018 KLPP meeting where several speakers had an opportunity to have their 2 minutes to express their concerns about this DA0058/18. As usual, all concerns in regard to traffic, street parking, bushfire hazard etc. associated with the Wahroonga Estate overdevelopment were discarded as the Chair of the meeting reminded all present that they had nothing to do with the specific DA being discussed; the compounding effect of continuous development is not thus being addressed.
    The last speaker was a representative of the developer/builder. In the 10 minutes time given to him, which was 5 times more than anyone else present, he was not able to answer even ONE question from the panel. Despite on-the-spot assistance provided by his accomplices with laptop and many papers, they were still unable to provide satisfactory answers to the questions.
    After the meeting was closed, we noticed a get-together of developer/builder representatives with more laptops and more papers having a discussion with the chair and panel members. Not in front of the counter; no, the off the record meeting was behind the counter in full view of everyone present!
    This shameless discard for the public and process was shocking. As such, it was no surprise when the DA was approved at the same same day.
    Although we are not able to witness “behind the counter” meetings, we think this unethical and shady practice should not be supported by the KMC, that exists to represent the public that funds it, not a few greedy developers and landowners.
    The MOD0040/19 Modification is just another call in favour of the developments going on in this already congested area. The concerns of the many members of the public who live in the area and who took leave from work and childcare to attend that day were apparently not as great as influential developers and their better connected representatives. Please KMC do not give this development any further favours!
    Furthermore, I am not sure what point Pastor Terry Johnson is trying to make with his basketball courts. He tries to divert the real issues the community is facing, including the SDA school, Church and Hospital into basketball courts being ready in time.
    I think Pastor Johnson should read a few chapters of his handbook:

    Matthew 23:25 "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence.".

    We note that Pastor Johnson is no longer responding to community concerns, hence my sidenote in this response.

  11. Samantha Baker commented

    I do not support an extension, but question why the request goes from 2 to 5 years? Any extension should be considered in much smaller increments, of 12 months or less, to allow a re-evaluation of impact and whether the outcome has been reached. The extension is unwarranted and the duration requested is unreasonably long.

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