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In Wahroonga NSW on “Section 4.55 (1A) for...” at 161 Fox Valley Road Wahroonga NSW 2076:

Avona Butterfield commented

Approving the Seventh-Day Adventist Church's request for an extension of 3 years for the display unit would set a very dangerous precedent in Ku-ring-gai. Other developers failing to begin construction within 2 years of approval or wanting to extend the time for display units until the market recovers would fight for similar preferential treatment. Only the Church wants these high-rise units which will smother the WAS and bring even more traffic and increased congestion to the Fox Valley Road region which is already reeling from the effects of the current unacceptable traffic volumes. The area south of the Fox Valley Road/Comenarra intersection is being trashed by staff of and visitors to the SAN and workmen from the huge construction site on the corner of the intersection. Simple deliveries become major problems because vehicles have to double-park. Residents are being trapped in their homes by drivers who show complete disregard for residents' rights and park across driveways and access paths; the viability of small businesses at the little shopping centre is threatened by drivers who park illegally for hours on end; and residents planning to sell their homes will find that prospective buyers do not wish to live in a colossal car park. The Church claims that it needs the funds from this commercial development to expand its ministry, a rather Faustian arrangement as its actions have alienated the local community and destroyed the goodwill and support it had previously enjoyed.The Church must learn that there is a community here which has the right to live without the increasing stress which its actions are creating. The Fox Valley Road area is not the Church's fiefdom and the Church hierarchy, comfortably ensconced elsewhere, does not have the right to destroy the amenity of this lovely part of Ku-ring-gai for its own financial gains. Instead of wanting an extension of time for the display unit, the Church should look at using its land to provide free parking for all its staff and low-cost parking for hospital visitors. The Church should put its teachings into practice and consider the well-being of the community in which it operates. To do otherwise is pure hypocrisy. Please KMC do not approve this extension of time.

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