2 Stanmore Road Enmore NSW 2042

To extend the trading hours of the gaming room and part of the ground floor containing of the public bar of the Warren View Hotel to 24 hours a day seven days a week and extend the Sunday trading hours of the hotel from 10.00pm to 12.00 midnight

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 14 days earlier.

(Source: Inner West Council (Marrickville), reference DA200600467.02)


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  1. Jen commented

    I strongly object. Poker machines are evil. 24 hour gaming rooms are unnecessary. This is pure greed on behalf of the publican. NO. NO. NO.

  2. Mike commented

    I suppport Jen's comments. Poker machines cause public harm, and increasing their availability is not beneficial to the community.

  3. Jennifer Curl commented

    Every few years, the Warren View Hotel tries to extend its trading hours and every time the residents must keep pushing back against 24 hour trading in this primarily residential area. There is now such an abundance of venues serving alcohol and retail outlets selling alcohol well into the early hours of the morning, along Enmore Road, making this application for 24 hour trading completely unnecessary. The Warren View is located in a residential area, not a shopping strip - there are neighbours on all sides who deserve a few hours respite.
    The request for 24 hour gaming is unnecessary and I support Jen and Mike’s comments regarding harm to the community.

  4. SILVIA LEVAME commented

    I object to this application for the following reasons:

    1) The Warren is situated in the middle of a residential area. Residents are entitled to have peaceful nights and wake up refreshed, not tired and cranky due to lack of sleep.
    Extending the hours of trade/gaming will only aggravate a situation already endured by geographically close and not so close households in the area.

    2) Gaming is not a community service. On the contrary, it only benefits the publican and the gaming machine industry. Extending the hours for gaming will increase an already existing dependency and also, as a consequence, increase poverty, among other important issues.

    We all know that people with a gambling addiction can go to any lengths to support their habit. Why do we -as a community- want to increase the time any person spends in front of a machine -or several- with the hope of winning the big unwinnable prize?

    3) Alcohol dependency will inevitably increase due to the availability of drinks for longer hours. This proposal is preposterous and self- serving and again, will not be a service to the community nor will enhance the attractiveness of the area and/or neighborhood, particularly for the residents nearby.

    I strongly object to this application, which, by the way, has been submitted before. Our collective memory is long and we know what we want -or do not want- for our area and community.

    Please refuse this application forthwith and ban the publican from reapplying for at least 10 years.
    Thank you

  5. Sally Olander commented

    I strongly support Sylvia Levame's comments. The neighborhood is only just now enjoying some sort of respite from the 10 or more years of alcohol and drug fueled disruption to our lives (24 hours, 7 days a week) due to the backpacker establishments in Fotheringham Lane and Addison Road. My family and I have experienced first-hand the sleepless nights, the trauma and disturbance to our working and daily lives due to uninformed decisions made by past Council members many years ago. It is requested Council "clean up" the Enmore/Marrickville area and make it a desirable area to live. PLEASE Marrickville Council - decline this application for the Warren View Hotel to operate 24 hours a day seven days a week and extend the Sunday trading hours of the hotel from 10.00pm to 12.00 midnight.

  6. Mark Matheson commented

    I also object to this greedy request.

    I just found out this week that this hotel's owners have a history of greed.

    I found out that the owner's family greatly objected to any potential rival in the area. They didn't have to suffer the consequences of the drunk and impoverished because their taking money from local people enabled them to live in comfort on the leafy North Shore at East Roseville.

  7. Dufa Wira commented

    The Warren View is on the make, live and loud. Ms Berejiklian's new innerwaste council has just waved through an extension of the hotel beer garden trading hours from 10pm to midnight and granted permission for amplified music in the unsupervised open beer garden area. The impact on residents and the community is significant and I know at least one objection was lodged. No explanation was given. Curiously the application was amended at the last minute and a glorious, expensive, whitewashing 'noise impact assessment' prepared by commercial 'planners' was injected. No noise here. Move on.
    It seems the fix is in and this is just the next step.
    Bye-bye democracy ..., what is to be done?

  8. Mike commented

    FYI to everyone as I've just had an email from Council about this - bad news is that the proposal was APPROVED. As always the council refers to "the interests of the community at large" without ever making clear what this means.

    Thank you for your submission concerning a Development Application under Section 4.55 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act to modify Modified Determination No. 200600467.01 dated 24 December 2018 to modify condition 2A to alter the commencement date of the trial period on the above property.

    Please be advised that the matters raised in your submission were considered in conjunction with the assessment of the application and having regard to the requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979, the Council's codes and policies, the interests of the community at large, and the reasonable expectations of the applicant.

    The application was subsequently APPROVED subject to conditions.

    You do not have a right of appeal to the Land and Environment Court in respect of the merits of the Council’s decision. However under Section 9.45 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979, any person may bring proceedings in the Land and Environment Court for an order to remedy or restrain a breach of this Act. You should obtain your own legal advice about whether such proceedings may be commenced.

    If you wish to discuss the matter please contact Kevin Smith on 93352117 from Council’s Development Assessment Section.

    Yours faithfully

    Luke Murtas

    Manager Development Assessment

  9. Jen commented

    I'd say unbelievable, but it's typical. "Community interests" seems to mean the interest of business and developers and not residents. IWC is a JOKE.

  10. Jennifer Killen commented

    Maybe it would be a good idea to write and ask what this means - or ring Kevin Smith on 93352117 from Council’s Development Assessment Section.

  11. SILVIA LEVAME commented

    Dear Mr Murtas,
    thank you for your email of 30-01-19 notifying me that the application from the Warren View Hotel has been approved with conditions. I would very grateful if you can let me know what these conditions are and what is the duration of the trial period.

    Looking forward to your clarification,
    Silvia Levame

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