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In Enmore NSW on “To extend the trading hours...” at 2 Stanmore Road Enmore NSW 2042:


I object to this application for the following reasons:

1) The Warren is situated in the middle of a residential area. Residents are entitled to have peaceful nights and wake up refreshed, not tired and cranky due to lack of sleep.
Extending the hours of trade/gaming will only aggravate a situation already endured by geographically close and not so close households in the area.

2) Gaming is not a community service. On the contrary, it only benefits the publican and the gaming machine industry. Extending the hours for gaming will increase an already existing dependency and also, as a consequence, increase poverty, among other important issues.

We all know that people with a gambling addiction can go to any lengths to support their habit. Why do we -as a community- want to increase the time any person spends in front of a machine -or several- with the hope of winning the big unwinnable prize?

3) Alcohol dependency will inevitably increase due to the availability of drinks for longer hours. This proposal is preposterous and self- serving and again, will not be a service to the community nor will enhance the attractiveness of the area and/or neighborhood, particularly for the residents nearby.

I strongly object to this application, which, by the way, has been submitted before. Our collective memory is long and we know what we want -or do not want- for our area and community.

Please refuse this application forthwith and ban the publican from reapplying for at least 10 years.
Thank you

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