1-7 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Demolition of existing two storey building and construction of anew four storey indoor recreation facility

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-403/2018)

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  1. Nicolette Boaz commented

    *There is absolutely no room for one more car in this street. Parking is non existent.
    *Cars leaving this street from the northern end will create absolute chaos.
    I have lived near this building for 11 years. Occasionally I attempt to cross the first lane to reach one of the other 2 lanes. It is dangerous and difficult. It also creates more congestion.
    *This corner already has a MAJOR traffic flow problem. Every morning, with each light change a lane of cars sits with their hand on the horn. Please come on site between 8-9.30. (The image of a bicycle in the DA is a joke.)
    *Turning around is either not possible if all driveways have cars in them or it is dangerous and difficult.
    *4 stories ? 20 students per hour ? Seriously ? The DA says that most people will arrive on a bicycle ? Really ? At the bottom of a long steep hill . I dont think so.
    *Curlewis st is suitable for small businesses. But this business will encourage people to park in Simpson St.(my street) so lets call a spade a spade. This is a corner block with the main access side being residential. People LIVE here. And have done for decades.
    *This site is NOT suitable for a large scale money making exercise like this. It is impossible that this will come in at $2 million. The people at 9 Curlewis St just did a renovation that cost them nearly a million. It is not possible to build 4 stories with inddor facilites and pools for the stated amount.
    *This D.A. should NOT be allowed for the sake of the long time residents like myself and many other neighbours , not just blow-ins interested in a quick buck.

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