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  1. 12 Lyons Street Dover Heights NSW 2030
    11 days ago, 1.6 km away

    Remove one (1) Norfolk Island Pine located in the front yard. Norfolk Island hibiscus (Lagunaria patersonia) is regarded as an environmental weed, orpotential environmental weed in some parts of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. This species has escaped gardens and invaded native vegetation, particularly in coastal areas. The tree causes skin irritation or allergic reaction, from just walking past the tree as hairs from the seedpods (both those on the tree and the fallen debris) become airborne. This fibreglass like splinters are painful and require removal with tweezers – often in the dozens. This tree was inspected and found to be of low ecological or horticultural value due to poor health and poor structure from being pruned away from the service line into the property.

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    22 Beaumont Street Rose Bay NSW 2029
    12 days ago, 1.4 km away

    Remove six (6) trees, various species located on the side of the property. Tree 1 – Callitris gracilis (Native pine tree).There is a trunk inclusion at the 1.2 - metermark; the smaller of the two trunks is impacting on the power pole. The tree is growing hard against the curb and gutter. Tree 2 - Callistemon has three trunks. Exposed roots, it’s pushing on the timber retaining wall, This trees health will not improve. Tree 3 - Allocasaurina.There is major cambium damage on the southern side of the trunk. The tree has three major dead leaders and the tree roots are impacting on the wall as roots can be seen growing through the wall. Tree 4 - Allocasaurina. It is being suppressed by other trees. There is a trunk inclusion at the base. Tree 5 - Allocasaurina has three main trucks with inclusions which range from the base to the 1.5-meter mark, 2-meter mark and 4-meter mark. There is canopy dieback on the northern and eastern sides of the tree. Tree 6 - Callistemon. The tree has a cavity at the base on north eastern side of the tree. The retaining wall needs to be removed and replaced. This will impact on the structural roots of the trees as most of the tree trunks are growing hard against the retaining wall. It would be virtually impossible to rebuild this wall in the same location without impacting on the tree roots. All trees removed are to be replaced with native trees.

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