18A Fox St Wynnum QLD 4178

Food and Drink Outlet, Extension

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 2 years ago. It was received by them 6 days earlier.

(Source: Brisbane City Council, reference A004812504)


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  1. Mary Ann Bates commented

    The development proposal looks great and the site definitely needs to be redeveloped it has been derelict for too long.

  2. Ron Atkinson commented

    This development will be a great asset to the residents of Wynnum

  3. Iain King commented

    As a resident that overlooks the park I am concerned with this new construction taking place.

    Not only will it be an assault on the senses whilst being constructed but also once complete we will have to deal with the negative impacts such an establishment would bring to our doorstep.

    The entrance to the lot is via a narrow entrance via their car park which would require any deliveries or refuse collection to try and maneuver causing traffic problems along Fox Street as well as the noise of these vehicles reversing and sitting idle at antisocial hours.

    There will also be the increase traffic the establishment will bring to the area. Parking is limited and traffic doesn't even obey the 50 speed limit as it is now so more traffic will either cause congestion, double parking or even more people ignoring the speed limit.

    What with it also being beside the park even though they are limited to the number of dinners, users, whatever you like to refer to them as they will no doubt spill out on to the streets and park causing noise throughout the day and also late at night with little to no possibility of this being controlled.

    From what is a relatively quiet area this redevelopment will cast a shadow on the place with the increased traffic, footfall and noise.

    The final point is that with any food establishment comes potential risk to litter and refuse, both potentially attracting vermin and an increase of birds.

    Gone would be the days of a wonderful peaceful family park and replaced with noise, antisocial behavior throughout the day and night and little enjoyment for the current and future residents of this small area.

  4. Hayley cook commented

    This is a great idea and could breathe life back into what was once the heart of wynnum. It is a derelict eyesore at the moment and has been for years. It's a beautiful spot with great potential. It's not going to be a large establishment and parking is sufficient. Any deliveries will use the back entry near the boat ramp and operate the same when it was the most popular fish and chip shop in town. I can't wait to have a beer over looking the creek again. Having grown up at the creek, fish markets and the fishers pub due my family being fisherman working out of the creek and my mum working in the kitchen at the pub, I truly cannot wait to see this place come alive again.

  5. Stephen Quartly commented

    The future development of 18A Fox Street as a food and drink outlet, over looking the bay will be a great asset for local residents and visitors alike. With the future new cruise terminal and airport extension, more tourists will visit the Wynnum foreshore area.
    In regards, to comments to excess noise and parking, council has the opportunity to extend parking along the foreshore area either side of the creek, with angled parking bays.
    With the northern end of Wynnum CBD under extended development with the new cinema and high rise developments, the population in general will require more food and entertainment outlets. Let us not forget, where the new 40 plus apartment complex now exists, a local hotel used to be on that corner of Fox Street. I in my 35 plus years of being a resident of the Bayside, I have not heard of any complaints regarding noise or parking problems from the previous mentioned hotel.
    Progress and growth are a normal occurrence in a popular bayside setting. The new development is NOT a large hotel complex, it is simply a medium size food and drink outlet, with a valued view overlooking the bay.
    In consideration of the local residents who claim they will suffer excess noise and foot traffic around the precinct, the park and surrounding green areas will act as a buffer to the perceived noise problem. I am sure the Council will consider the whole infrastructure plan to make this part of Wynnum a desirable place to visit and live.

  6. Steve Henderson commented

    How wonderfull would it be to give our support to a local Wynnum Business instead of having to venture to neighbouring Manly for a similar venue . I feel it will inject a bit of life in to the area which in turn would benefit other struggling businesses and flow on to property values. Having spoken to a lot of people about the development I have yet to hear a negative comment , from the day the the idea was announced there has been an heir of excitement that something was finally happening in Wynnum.

  7. Rick Madden commented

    This development is required for the Wynnum area and would greatly assist other local business in the area. The development would be a family friendly venue with the park close by and would be a much better alternative to the dilapidated building that is currently there.

  8. RH commented

    This will be a wonderful asset to Wynnum, I’m sure the local residents concerns can be addressed but it is a breath of fresh air that is needed and will allow a huge number of locals and visitors to enjoy the beautiful foreshore.

    This is not a busy area so traffic is unlikely to be an issue and parking can be accomodated on site. Licensing rules can limit any local nuisance noise and the benefits will far outweigh any negatives.

  9. C O’Donnell commented

    After the basketball court at Wynnum primary school became a Woolworths parking lot, despite it being bequeathed from a deceased estate ( ie donated when someone died) and the school being close down and moved out west, so kids can’t walk to school anymore, despite lots of young families moving into the area. I have absolutely no faith in this council giving a hoot about what is best for the community. This particular development may be good for the community, but whether it is or not, is not relevant to actual decisions made by council. It only matters if developers will make a quid or not.

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