29 Queens Avenue Hawthorn VIC 3122

Post RequestConstruction of an eight (8) storey building comprising 72 dwellings and shops above basement car parking (Clause 34.01-4 and 43.02-2); Reduce the car parking requirements associated with dwelling visitors; Waiver of the loading and unloading facilities requirements associated with shops.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 3 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Boroondara City Council, reference Post17/00623)


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  1. Kate dear commented

    You've got to be joking. Has any actually tried to drive around there? Ruining to amenity one more time. Are the drains going to be upgraded? How does rubbish get collected without impacting on neighbours? How does the local school cope with additional numbers like this? The public transport that this relies on is already overloaded at peak times - this many more residents ontop of all the other flats will make it unlivable.

  2. Kerrie Knott commented

    Honestly where does this demolition and desecration of our neihborhood end?
    Agree with other comment by Kate Dear but add the following:
    Reduced car parking?
    Reduced loading bays associated with shops?
    Where to park?
    How do pedestrians cross the road safely?
    When the first accident occurs as a result of this decision, who will feel responsible?
    Authorities ask yourself this question.
    Every aspect of this request is laughable in this neighborhood.

  3. K Dunn commented

    I object against this proposal based on the following:

    - it is an overdevelopment for the site

    - reduce the car parking requirements associated with dwelling visitors should not be allowed

    - Waiver of the loading and unloading facilities requirements associated with shops should not be allowed.

    The current and future residents amenities should be considered. Allowing such a high number of apartments to be built is a great concern for all.

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