152 Bunnerong Rd, Eastgardens 2036 NSW

Installation and operation of a ticketless car park control system Installation and operation of a ticketless car park control system including modifications to the car park layout, installation of boom gates and automated pay machines. Modifications to entry and exit lanes, kerbing, line-marking. Installation of external navigational signage.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 3 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Bayside Council (Botany Bay), reference 10.2017.1107.1)


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  1. Jess commented

    Please consider the socio-economic demographic of the area when considering how much the parking will charge. There are many people in the area that are on disability, aged or carers pensions that do not have the disposable income to pay larger parking fees (for example the fees at bondi junction Westfield are expensive). The older community have used Eastgardens as a meeting point for socialisation and it would be determintal to their wellbeing if they could not afford the parking fees to be able to visit regularly.

  2. Jennifer commented

    This is disappointing to hear. Not being rushed to be under the "free parking" keeps people at the centre longer. I agree with the earlier comments of Jess. This is more than a shopping centre for some people it is a community focal point. Why not promote itself as one of the few shopping centres that don't charge. It is certainly one of the reasons I frequent this centre.

  3. Lauren Knight commented

    I would stay longer and likely spend more if I wasn't persuaded to leave in order to get my parking free. Perhaps consider a validating system, where if you spend money in the center your parking ticket is free. Or better yet, keep it free!

  4. Deborah commented

    This will have a negative impact for shops and customers alike.
    Please reconsider!

  5. Karen Barnes commented

    Yet another money grubbing deal designed to make life hell for locals. As if it isn't difficult enough to get around and get the chores done! Five generations of my family have called the south east Sydney home. I am appalled at what is happening in the area. I refuse to shop in Maroubra because of parking restrictions. I refuse to pay for parking, so that will definitely curb the amount of time spent in the centre. Looks like online shopping will be my go to.
    Retailers are already unhappy, charging for parking will cause them more grief.

  6. Linda R commented

    This was always going to happen due to the development across the road to prevent residents parking there all day or overnight but let's just hope there will be 3hrs free parking and extended periods for the disabled.

  7. Kim commented

    The main reason I shop at eastgardens is because you can take your time shopping have some lunch and do your groceries all in the one complex .If you start charging all the shops will suffer because the people won't come .Look at Eastgate as soon as they started charging they lost a lot of customers .Please consider the people .

  8. Lesley Wright commented

    Negative impact on the shops who already pay exorbitant rents in the centre will be made worse by the fact that people will rush to get their grocery shopping done and leave so that they don't have to pay for parking and will not browse through their stores. Maybe introduce fees for the people who park overnight as they are the offenders. Not the people who like to browse through the shops without the time constraints. What about Hoyts ... Will they have to make allowances when selecting the movies they show on the amount of time ... And the poor mums who are taking their kids to the movies ... Oh sorry kids just the movie, no lunch or treat before or after as we will have to pay for parking as well!!! People will no longer go to the movies as Eastgardens

  9. Michelle M commented

    Please do not punish the majority of shoppers who enjoy the ability to take their time whilst visiting and shopping at Eastgardens.

    Most of the regular shoppers are loyal locals and we will not tolerate any moves to pay for parking. Please retain 3-4 hours FREE parking.

    For those who abuse the parking they deserve to pay for the privilege.

  10. Bill Hart commented

    Southpoint@ Hillsdale is looking more inviting!

  11. Angela commented

    As long as there is a decent free period. 4 hours free, that covers having a meal and a movie

  12. Kathryn commented

    Very disappointing news indeed. Eastgardens has retained being a family friendly, accessible and welcoming centre with a great selection of shops, cafes and restaurants for everyone. I'm not sure why it needs to be part of the 'machine' just yet. The negative impact will felt by locals, retailers and their families

  13. Jo Howarth commented

    If they definitely have to introduce paid parking to stop people in the new units being built parking there overnight - let's hope they don't charge the exorbitant amount it costs to shop at Bondi junction Westfield! Better still as others have mentioned, why don't they give 4 hours free parking and introduce parking validation after spending a certain amount (or movie tickets) so that you can shop without feeling rushed. It will only disadvantage the retailers too.

  14. Natalie Murphy commented

    So it will be a quick race round the supermarket, no lunch/drink or wander round the shops picking up bits here & there. Shops will defiantly suffer.
    I have a pre-schooler & baby and can often do 2 trips to the bathroom, a feed & a nappy change in 2 hrs this will not leave me any time to shop.
    Exactly the reason I never go to Bondi junction as 2hrs is no where enough & parking way too expensive.
    I can understand they don't want residents parking but why not have a spend in the shop & validate your parking system.

  15. Quinton commented

    Ultimately businesses's, workers and customers will be the losers from this. Westfield will solve a short term problem of stopping the new residents of proposed development next to Eastgardens however they will create a larger issue in the long run. Not only will customers leave earlier and buy less as they strive to get free parking, the businesses involved will have a lower amount of sales therefore affecting the budgets of the shops. Then what happens to the employees? As a current worker in this centre, will I get free parking as I work in this centre? If not, has this been considered? Not only will this affect who works there but it will also affect the amount of hours employees will gather as less money will be going into businesses. Along with this, speaking on behalf as someone who has worked in eastgardens for two years, there is a high amount of elderly who visit to socialise, shop and eat out. I feel like these people would feel disadvantaged by this also. As for everyone else, people will then strive to catch public transport more often instead of driving so therefore will there be more services and/or more frequent services transporting to Westfield eastgardens. I truely think they could replan this, perhaps they could start charging people after certain hours. Whatever happens, I hope its in the best interest for the community.

  16. Heidi commented

    We were just discussing how much we love that our eastgardens doesn't have the boomgates and paid parking. It's such a community hub and I think retail is suffering enough, to add this on too of everything else I think is a real shame. But o guess they are cashing in on the Meriton apartments that are being built on the corner. Looks like we won't be going to eastgardens anymore.

  17. Erin smith commented

    I come here all the time - and spend tonnes because I don't have to pay parking or worry about hurrying. I've got kids and I spend loads more if I'm not getting frustrated because I'm trying to hurry two small people

  18. Ed commented

    Disappointing. This will just be outsourced to Secure or Wilsons, who will pay on to Westfield. Traffic jams and congestion will result from back street parking.

  19. M Woodrow commented

    Fully support , as parking revenue directed to improve facilities should translate to better shopping facilities and a modernised centre. Eastgardens is old , tired and can not compete with Bondi or eCommerce without a total revamp

    Regarding the comments above about the socio economic impacts - where would those people you describe go to congregate and socialise when the centre closes it's doors?

    Go ahead. Charge for parking, but make sure you re-invest in creating a better experience for all.

  20. Kerri frew commented

    Great news !!!! If this is to stop the residents from the monstrosity next to eastgardens from parking there overnight it will now create more cars in the surrounding streets and will create more traffic in the smaller streets opposite the ugly towers where I live. I can see not happy with building highrise blocking all the sunshine opposite, causing more traffic in the area now going to charge to park .. what next ... very annoying

  21. Danielle Connor commented

    I am disappointed to hear of this application. Our local community is being ruined by local over population with too many new apartment buildings. I will not pay for parking so hope you approve 3-4 hours free parking. Or give it free if we show our receipt for spending money in the centre.

  22. Carl commented

    I agree that it's disappointing, yet it was inevitably going to happen. It's a double edged sword. With the Meriton construction, there will be limited street parking and residents would have to pay an extra premium for parking in their building. The paid parking system would ensure shoppers are the ones that use the parking, and not residents just leaving their cars at the centre parking for the free parking... just a thought...

  23. Louise commented

    Perhaps some allowances (free parking) should be made for the large numbers of lower income/elderly residents who frequent Eastgardens. They will not be able to afford fees similar to Bondi Junction

  24. Anna Primikirios commented

    The Meriton construction next to Eastgardens was such a horrible idea in the first place. There is NO public transport infrastructure in place to cater for the additional amount of people who will now live there. The weekend traffic around Eastgardens will become a nightmare - even if you implement 3 hour free parking. The simple maths of pushing more residents into the area, will mean congested local roads and more cars entering the Eastgardens car park. As a destination for my family to visit on a weekend - this will no longer be an option for us - once those apartments are up. I also feel for those many pensioners that I see in the food courts - as a way to socialise with friends. They will now be forced to cut their meetings short as they panic to get to their cars to avoid a parking fee! The community lose out again.

  25. Michelle J commented

    It was only a matter of time before East Gardens charged shoppers for parking. It's so disappointing as this has been one of the biggest attractions to the Centre. It will impact many shoppers who frequent the shopping centre often. It's a real shame.

  26. Leone commented

    I have to agree with a lot of the above. Mother's groups meet for 2 hours and then do groceries or buy clothes. With paid parking they will leave as soon as coffee is done. Consider 3 hrs parking with a validation system for an extra hour if you make a purchase.

  27. Matt j commented

    Settle people..!!! If you need more then 3 hours to do grocery shopping you have a problem..!! What about the old blokes that hog tables in food court and sit there ALL day and sip on one coffee the whole time..!! Do they contribute to the shops..??!!! This was going to happen eventually..I have been to Westfield Bondi and it doesn't look like the carpark is empty to me..!!!

  28. Jacqueline L commented

    First I want to clarify that Eastgardens, Westfield, is not an affluent area. Majority of the population is an average homeowner, or have low-socioeconomic backgrounds. Similarly, most of the people living in the area are students too. The concept of having a ticketless parking in an area where affluence is high i.e. Bondi Junction, makes sense because the general population can afford it. Furthermore, places like Bondi Junction compensate ticketless booths through the experience of the stores inside - such as luxury fashion houses, flagship stores for technology, adidas, and other brand names. Eastgardens do not. How do you expect people to justify spending money on a Westfield parking where majority of the stores are retail which can have more consumers opt for online stores, and how most of the nearby shopping centres provide a better experience overall. Furthermore, implementing ticketless booths will result in more people taking public transport. The problem there is few buses that go to Eastgardens, and this will soon become a huge problem when more people will opt for public transport with no change in the system. In comparison with Bondi Junction, where it has a train station and a myriad amount of buses flowing - it's unfair to implement a ticket system where there is hardly any reliable transport for those who do have the time or money. In combination with the factors of low-socioeconomy, lack of public transport, and overall an underwhelming experience at Eastgardens which cannot justify the price of the ticketbooth - I don't find it necessary to implement a ticketbooth for parking at Eastgardens.

  29. Penny commented

    About time.
    Like seriously its about time Westfield woke up and decided to look after the people who don't want to just hang out all day, I am over it and frustrated every time i go there as finding parking is always a struggle,.
    I think its a great idea as it will also stop people parking their car all day and catching the bus to work and then returning to their car after trading hours for most stores are over.
    I'm sure like most shopping centers the first 3 hours will be for free and if thats not long enough how much are you going to be charged for an extra hour $3.00 or $5.00 , come on people stop complaining and expecting everything for free...

  30. Clarkes commented

    Exactly the reason why we choose Eastgardens instead of Bondi Junction. We have 2 young kids and even when racing around we take at least 2-3 hours let alone sitting down for a meal, haircuts , movies and the rest! Hope there's a sensible plan for our Westfield. But agree that those not legitimately there to shop or go movies should have to pay for it.

  31. Tania Lemish commented

    This is extremely disappointing to hear. I am one of many people who purposely choose to shop at Westfield Eastgardens because it's free parking. I'm able to come for coffee, do all my shopping, grab some lunch, and easily bring along my baby all in the one trip. It is a shame that the shopping centre is choosing to go after money instead of considering the residents in the area and people that use the shopping centre. People will vote with their feet and take their business elsewhere.

  32. Sam commented

    While it was bound to happen sooner or later (and I'm actually surprised it's taken this long) as an employee that works in the centre I'd like to know what's going to happen to us? There is definitely not enough parking in the street to accomodate all the staff in the centre who can't afford to pay for parking because all of our penalty rates have just been cut.
    As it is at the moment the 'staff area' is still filled with regular shoppers and we often can't get parking on that level anyway.
    I actually live a little ways from the centre and public transport is not an option for me - so if this is going to cost too much, I'm going to have to start looking for another job. Again, I'm aware that this is a necessary evil, but it isn't going to work out well for everyone.

  33. Bernhard commented

    I support this, if there is 4 hours free parking available (for only 1 entry per day allowed).
    It is currently a struggle to get a parking on this shopping centre, even during non peak hours weekend period.

  34. Phil Parker commented

    I always choose Eastgardens over Westfield Bondi Junction BECAUSE of the free parking. It allows for a movie, a feed and a bit of shopping, I.e. Spending money there. If they limit parking to anything under 4 hours, I might as well go to Westfield or Hillsdale.

  35. Charlotte commented

    This would turn me off shopping there and I would just use hillsdale or maroubra instead of paying for the parking.

  36. Colleen Blank commented

    This is not just a Westfield shopping complex,it is a community meeting place for family and friends to have weekly catch ups, see a movie, go to the library and generally enjoy a day out especially retirees like myself. Please consider all the consequences if this is approved. Many businesses will go broke, small business owners will struggle and Hoyt's , although a rich conglomerate will lose so much patronage it may close down rather than run at a loss. I will refuse to pay for parking along with the many hundreds of other people and shop at Maroubra or Matraville. Also what about disabled parking ?? Charging them too???

  37. Bianca Vella commented

    I would spend longer in the centre and most likely spend more, however, with this system going in less time and less money will be spent. I think Southpoint is going to benefit out of this. Very dissapointing.

  38. Raymond commented

    This proposal for ticketless parking is much required, given the current difficulties with finding parking during peak periods, it's only fair that time restrictions be put in place to ensure everyone has a better chance of finding a car park.

    The cost of paying for addition time for parking should not be prohibitive to most consumers, however there should be special considerations to the special segments (customers with a disability and/or pensioners).

    Additionally it is noted that the ticketless system has been rolled out to numerous westfields across sydney (see listing below).

    Westfield Bondi Junction
    Westfield Miranda
    Westfield Hurstville
    Westfield Doncaster
    Westfield Belconnen
    Westfield North Lakes
    Westfield Chermside
    Westfield Penrith

  39. Danielle Connor commented

    Further to my earlier comments maybe it will actually be a good idea as reading through the comments a lot of people come from Bondi region because its free parking. Maybe once the tickets system starts it might be easier to park. As lately it is way too busy. As long as they offer a few hours free and validation for hoyts.

  40. Anna Poslinsky commented

    Very disappointing news!!!
    When I spend money in the shopping centre on on so many different services and in shops, the last thing I want is to be charged to do so .
    Having children & elderly in tow is hard & slow.
    Councils should be aware of such implications for communities ,when approving new large residential projects like Meriton apartments & demand more parking from developers , rather than limit them, is they care at all about locals.
    I'll be shopping elsewhere & more online, & if more people do that , what will become of these centres ? More one dollar shops ? More discount chemists ? That's hardly upmarket ! These centres will die in time.
    Paid parking is wrong & unjustified for such a busy shopping centre & the reason I don't shop in Bondi Westfield.

  41. Ian Levitt commented

    Keep in mind that ticketless parking takes a photo of your front number plate
    If you leave the complex then return soon after,
    That additional time is added to the previous time parked/ trying to get out.
    So please note-
    you will be charged/ fined if the total time is over the free 2, 3 or 4 hours that they allocate.

  42. Sylvia green commented

    The problem is people parking their cars there all day and catching the bus to work. The car park is already quite full by 9am . The Meriton residents will not be using the Eastgardens car park overnight as all units will have their own parking and there will be street parking available within the site. Charging only after the first 3 or four hours will be sufficient to impact on those that are parking there all day to catch the bus to work.

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