Theodore Street, Curtin, ACT

PROPOSAL FOR PUBLIC WORKS - construction of a storm water ponds and treatment system, landscaping, associated works and structures.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: ACT Planning & Land Authority, reference 201630764)

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  1. Nicky and Gavin Bazley-Smith commented

    Our concerns of this proposed construction of a storm water ponds and treatment system near the flood Memorial on Service Street are in regards to the protection of the grove of mature elm trees. In the development application it states “FINAL TREE IMPACT TO BE CONFIRMED AFTER A FEATURE SURVEY IS CONDUCTED AT FSP STAGE”
    It appears that it is proposed that the new diversion pipe be laid parallel on the western side of the existing storm water pipe, which runs through the grove of elms. Disturbing and removing of root systems of these trees will almost certainly kill them. The development application has not considered moving the path of this new pipe to the other side of the bike track that would have less of an impact on the roots of the trees and would avoid removal of trees.
    In addition the application states “ Alignment may require additional tree removal within grove depending on size of existing roots.”
    The damage or worse loss of these mature trees will be widely felt by the community and more so by the local residents. This grove of elms and oaks provide a natural noise and air pollution barrier to the busy Melrose Dr/Yarra Glen roundabout and the increasing urban infill in the area. These trees and their canopy are particularly importance because they also provide shade. As vegetation and trees are removed from this landscape, their natural cooling effect will be lost. Trees can have a direct effect on the regulation of local temperatures through
    evapotranspiration and shading. Trees can transpire significant volumes of water and it has been estimated that a mature tree can transpire up to 150 litres per day. In a hot dry location this produces a cooling effect similar to that of two air conditioners running for 20 hours.
    The high-density infill changes to our surrounding area will result in unintended environmental consequences such as increases in local ambient temperatures. Paved surfaces, buildings and other infrastructure have replaced pre-existing natural landscapes. The existing trees canopy will be a very effective means of blocking the radiation from these elements. These trees also have a significant role in the local ecosystems, habitat and encourage outdoor activity and we would requested more groves of trees be planted to increase the effect.
    When considering this development application please place a value on the canopy of this grove of mature trees and a greater priority to safeguarding their root structure and health during the construction activities.

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