35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015

Proposed mixed use development adjacent to and within the Alexandria Hotel site. Proposal includes retaining the Hotel use for the Alexandria Hotel, including a courtyard adjacent Henderson Road. At the rear of the Hotel, a 7 storey residential flat building is proposed consisting of 26 units, a ground floor commercial premises fronting Garden Street and a communal rooftop terrace. Subdivision of current 4 lots into 2 lots is also proposed.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 5 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2016/374)


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  1. Peter Jones commented

    I object to the proposal for a seven storey building behind the hotel. This is far too tall and not in keeping with the local neighbourhood which has at most three story residential blocks and lots of one or two story terrace houses. Please reconsider the height of the proposed building.

  2. zio ledeux commented

    terrible idea. we loved the pub just as it was. we dont need another development in this area. please retain some of sydneys history

  3. Neil commented

    What a gross overdevelopment in an already increasingly congested area. Not one car space to be provided should already throw this development to the scrap heap.There is already parking congestion in the area and with more jobs being created in the Technology Park, this will only add to an already congested area.

    I am totally opposed to this application. Tidy up the Hotel yes, but the rest of the proposal must be rejected.

  4. Gary Speechley commented

    In an amazing sleight-of-hand, the developer claims that this development satisfies a floor-to-space ratio of 2.5 to 1.

    From the DA documents, we read that the site area of the LAND, including the Alex, is 913.4 square metres (sqm), and the built area of the proposed 'development' is 2,283 sqm.

    That built area of 2,283 sqm includes 255 sqm for the ground floor of the Alex and 230 sqm for the first floor of the Alex.

    Do the sums - 2.5:1. Sounds fine....

    BUT!! The proponent wants to subdivide the site into two lots - one lot for the Alex hotel and western beer garden; one for the seven storey development - which then puts the FSR for that lot up to 5 to 1 or more!!

    Sneaky, eh?

    Further, the site of the current beer garden to the north is directly over the easement to the railway line between Erskineville and Redfern. Different piling options such as down to bedrock and other options are rejected in the proponent's own documents, with a raft slab approach seemed to be favoured. BUT, there's nothing supporting such a technique as having been considered or approved by Transport for NSW, with the statement that, basically, it will be sorted AFTER development approval has been granted.

    As for height restrictions (of 12 metres) the proponent looks to exceed this to 24 metres, citing building heights at adjoining properties in Australian Technology Park (ATP).

    Now, ATP is (or at least was) State-owned land and City of Sydney Council has no say over development proposals. Mirvac / CBA are looking to a State-significant development of ATP with some buildings to exceed 35% of the current ATP controls.

    The Alex site, however, is NOT part of ATP and so any development MUST comply with the development controls currently in place and administered by the City of Sydney.

    To me, the proponent didn't know that they were buying a heritage-listed pub and a railway easement. Either due-diligence was not carried out, or the findings ignored.

    It is NOT the role of councils to underwrite or guarantee a profit to developers. It is not the lot of residents to be subjected to the unholy abominations that developers leave behind in their quest for a fast buck.

    Please get your objections in to the City as soon as you can.

  5. Craig Lindsay commented

    I strongly object to the proposed development. The new apartment complex is completely out of character with the neighbouring (former) Alexandria Hotel.

    A seven level building next a hotel? How is that going to work. The height exceeds height restrictions and should be rejected entirely for that reason alone.

    And by their own admission in the traffic report, the 26 Apartments will have NO parking what so ever. The developer seems to justify this by referring to access to "Excellent train and bus services." Clearly they are not regular users of Sydney Public Transport.

    Assuming at least some of the new residents have motor vehicles, where does the developer propose they park? Do they presume all residents of Alexandria live and work locally and can every where they need on the "excellent" bus and train network?

    This development has been rushed with very little thought or consideration of the affects it will have on the area and should not be allowed to proceed.

  6. Sarah Wojciechowski commented

    I wish to raise an objection to the residential development on the site of The Alexandria Hotel.

    This is based on:

    - The building height: 7 storeys exceeds the current height of residential buildings on Garden Street. This will cause overshadowing in a residential area and is against current building controls limiting this to 4 storeys. Building at 7 storeys will create an extremely unwelcome precedent for increasing building heights in the area on the cusp of a conservation zone.
    - Lack of parking in the designs: It's incredibly frustrating to see the developer submit plans without parking provisions which was the subject of many objections to an application on the same site just a few months ago. This will cause significant burden on current local residents in the area who struggle with existing limited parking capacity, even with parking permits and restrictions in place.
    - It's pig ugly. When so much effort has been made to protect the heritage of the hotel and neighbouring conservation zone, I cannot fathom why anyone with a design qualification could consider this to be anything other than a blight on the local area, let alone put their name to this mess. It's completely out of character with and detracts from local heritage.

    Thank you for your assistance in not approving this development.

  7. James Baber commented

    I strongly object to this development proposal to erect an imposing apartment block immediately adjacent to the heritage listed Alexandria hotel and urge the council to reject the proposal for the following reasons:

    1. The building height is not consistent with current controls, and there is no rationale to create a new precedent or allow an exception for this development
    2. The apartment tower is completely out of character with the 1930s building (the Alexandria Hotel) that will be retained in the development - the tower would completely dominate the Alexandria hotel and create unacceptable shadowing
    3. There will be no parking for residents, who will be forced to park the cars they will inevitably own on surrounding streets, adding to congestion. I see residents will only be allocated a single bike space for each apartment - not very useful for a couple...
    4. This is a truly unappealing design, it is quite frankly an eyesore

    Please do not allow this development to occur, it must be rejected. There are already many developments in the surrounding suburbs, which are needed to continue to house people in this expanding city, however we must not accept developments that are inappropriate, trash our heritage buildings, and set dangerous precedents for future development.

  8. Luke Barbuto commented

    I wish to further add my voice to the objection of the development proposal. All the reasons are detailed very thoroughly across the comments here. This is a completely unnecessary development and damaging to the character and history of the local area. It needs to be put to an end, and the developer should sell the land, cut their loses, and allow a new publican to take over and bring this important community watering hole back to life.

  9. Belinda Evernden commented

    I object to the proposal for a seven storey building behind the Alexandria hotel. This is not in keeping with the local neighbourhood and is far too tall compared to the surrounding buildings. Please respect the opinions of the residents who Live in this neighbourhood!

  10. Simone Harris commented

    I object to the proposed residential development on this land. My main objections are the height of the building as it is in no way keeping with the heritage listing of the Alexandria hotel. My main objection is that there is no parking supplied for tenants in the building. The local residents have enough issues with parking especially those living on Henderson Road due to the over development (again exceeding initial height restriction) of the Technology park in particular channel 7 and the soon to be built CBA buildings. It is impossible to park on Henderson Road during the week as is forcing me to walk blocks wit 2 young children and shopping to get to my house. By allowing additional building without sufficient parking will again add to this issue one that will see me most probably move from the area in the future as residents concerns over the parking are continually ignored by council, state government and developers.

  11. Andrew Cruz commented

    Object. The bulk and scale is out of character

  12. James Dempster commented

    I would like to submit my Objection to Development Application No D/2016/0374, Site Address: 35 Henderson Road EVELEIGH NSW 2015.

    I object on the grounds the building is exceeding height limits and overshadows the heritage-listed hotel, its an eyesore when we are trying to make Sydney City a beautiful place to live and visit. There is also an extreme lack of parking.

    The Sydney City Council talk about a city of villages, you don’t build villages out of new soulless apartment blocks, they are made around heritage buildings to create beauty and contrast.

  13. Geoff Mason commented

    I have no objection to the current development, a seven story building with only 26 apartments is not over development. Over shadowing is not an issue as the current 'heritage listed' building was always in shadow from the adjoining Ambulance headquarters.

    If the objectors think this is over development wait until you see the plans for the Commonwealth Bank's 'campus' 100 metres away in Technology Park. Grow up, this development is a pin prick on the horizon. The pub's 'saved' - move on...

  14. John Wissemann commented

    I agree with Geoff Mason entirely. I have no objection to the proposed development, I like the design and style of the building. And what is it going to over shadow? The pub, footpath and roads is about it. The only negative to this development is it does not have car parking, but hey, who needs a car when you have transport available 5 min walk up the road! I think this is another fantastic opportunity to live close to the city and I am all for it.

  15. Matt Costain commented

    Given our State Governments propensity to continue to build unwanted roads rather than public transport, people will continue to buy and drive cars. This development needs car spaces surely.

  16. Geoff Mason commented

    Thanks for your comments John Bush. I too like John Wissemann saw the light years ago. Our household has been car less for 5 years, (best decision of my life), now 2 bicycles and 8 Opal cards ! Have never looked back.

    This car space free development is so sensible as there are so many apartments owners who paid for a car space they never use and cannot rent due to oversupply ! This type of development lowers the cost of home ownership and should be encouraged.

  17. alex pearson commented

    I object to this development application. The developer has shown no respect or concern for people who live in the area or listened to any previous objections. A 7 storey residential apartment building is neither wanted or needed on this site. Places to eat, drink and connect with other people in our community are needed. Please retain some history and personality in our "village".

  18. Juliane Benete commented

    I further object to this development. The area is being overgrown by buildings without parking facilities, not extra infrastructure being provided to the area (new school proposed to be build in 2020?, one childcare facility, increase of traffic and lack of car space).
    The Alexandria Hotel was the only place that families could go to catch up for a drink, have a few nibbles and let the kids play around without feeling that we were being judged by its patrons. There are a number of developments in the area (Technology Park hotel demolished to give space for more units without car space, another development on the corner of Wyndham and Henderson being developed without car space, etc), so I do not see that we need one more eyesore in the area.
    Keep the charm and the historic feel of this building as it is.

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