319 Blackburn Road Mount Waverley VIC 3149

Development of three triple storey dwellings and one double storey dwelling and alterations of access to a road in a Road Zone Category 1

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 5 months earlier.

(Source: Monash City Council, reference TPA/44918)

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  1. Jo Lucas commented

    This should not be allowed. No way should the road access be changed. This intensive development is completely inappropriate for this zoning and the suburb too. The intersections of Waverley and Blackburn have become more and more congested since I first purchased my home very near there in 2004. That intersection is a hazard with very narrow lanes from all points plus big hills on multiple side and the 7 11 crossing and the Macdonalds entry and exit points as well. In addition there is a big ''lump/slump'' in the middle of the intersection that makes it hard to navigate. This development does not contemplate the congestion caused by so many units on one block without adequate allocation of car parking. These are the exact types of ''quick buck'' developments that spoil the green nature of the suburb for all of us and then require Council to implement draconian additional requirements for canopy trees and extra yard space that restrict everyone's rights even those that respect the suburb's green feel. The solution is really simple: don't allow these kinds of inappropriate developments. If people want to live on top of each other, St Kilda is pretty good for that, PLUS IT HAS A BEACH. Leave Glen Green and keep the this type of nasty development out of our suburb please! Plus on thinking about this more laterally, I think that Council should possibly consider the impact of possible class actions from residents in the future if too many developments are allowed in the Glen Waverley Secondary Collage zone which then in turn might force the school to re state its zoning. This will also devalue homes that are no longer in the ''zone''. If average families who have bought in the ''zone'' in the hope of sending their children to that school are not able to do that because of intensive and inappropriate development I doubt they will be very happy. With litigation funding companies sprouting up everywhere these days I don't think it is prudent for council to allow too much development in that ''zone''. Perhaps a solution is a levy to be paid to the Glen Waverley Secondary Collage (say 5% of the net proceeds of the sale) ever time someone wants to sub divide in the ''Zone'' This will enable the school to broaden and cater for the increased population being forcibly created.

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