70-80 Shelley St, Burnett Heads, QLD, Australia

Reconfiguring a Lot (One into Twelve Lots and New Road)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 5 years ago. It was received by them 7 days earlier.

(Source: Bundaberg Regional Council, reference 321.2016.00044964.001)


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  1. Fergus Hogg commented

    We have lived here 27 years and are all for development, but there is an abundance of vacant land in the area so there is no justification on need.
    A large part of the areas charm is the larger 5 acre blocks on the front that at the time the then Port authority assured residents would remain that if given approval for the subdivision of the then 60 odd acres they sold off. I understand times change, but again there is no need for more lots to be made available, this is purely speculative development done for financial gain.
    Also that location is quite busy with schoolkids walking and riding to the park opposite, school, beach etc. There are no footpaths!
    Revisit it in 5-10 years when perhaps demand will justify it but certainly not now.

  2. Heath Greville commented

    I feel that the development would have a detrimental effect to the local area, please correct me if I am wrong, but I was lead to believe that the councils long term plan for all the five acre plots in the proposed area where to be limited to one shed and one dwelling per plot.

    Firstly I see no need for the council to back track on this stance, the Burnett Heads community would not gain from turning the foreshore into another monstrosity the likes of which has been allowed to occur (and ruin) along the Bargara foreshore.

    Secondly, I feel that by allowing such developments in this area it would impact on the appeal and future sustainability of tourism, on what is one of the regions biggest draw cards, Mon Repos. By allowing housing estates so close to this local treasure would surley ruin what is currently an amazing walking route. The coucil should be commended for the turtle trail, but by allowing this development it would ruin the appeal of part of the trail to visitors.

    Thirdly, any estate built in the area would have an effect to the locally created light pollution, regardless of best intentions and meeting of regulatory planning to cut light pollution, the existence of a housing estate over a single dwelling would surley have a detrimental effect on the local native wildlife.

  3. Cynthia Workman commented

    I would like to say no to this development as I feel it would be wrong to clutter this area of the foreshore. I did not know until this came up that it had been rezoned from rural to residential . There are plenty of blocks of land if people wish to build in our area. Moved to Burnett Heads purely for the rural feel of our town and personally I feel it would be a shame to ruin this town with crammed home developments. Please keep it as is, not all townspeople wish it to be changed.

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