100 Castle Hill Road West Pennant Hills NSW 2125 Australia

Residential - Other - Boarding House Containing 29 Beds (rooms)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Hornsby Shire Council, reference DA/1620/2015)


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  1. rob mckillop commented

    Why do we need a boarding house ?
    i have lived here for the last 50 years and the traffic and population is just going out of control
    this area is very family orientated lots of kids young new family's and also people that have lived here for ages and raised family's
    what kind people live in boarding houses travelers straight out of the nick who knows
    i remember when the place was sold they put up sign saying they young family with not much money and to please not enter the house or damage etc ????
    funny now they turn out to be developers
    no im not very pleased and i know a lot off other residents arnt either



  2. Nerida Paterson commented

    I agree with your comments Rob. Here we go another beautiful area to be ruined from greed. Bad enough what is allowed at Epping, all those beautiful old well looked after character homes, just demolished for straight lined ugly duplexs everywhere! China, here we come! How would the councellors like to have development next to them. Oh, I bet that would not be allowed, unless it puts up the value of their own property.Why don't the Council ask the residents who have been paying taxes and land rates for more than a 3 year period, and see if they agree with boarding houses and the like. mmmmm, interesting.

  3. Michelle Bender commented

    The application is a concern to me for many reasons.

    The plan shows 8 parking places on the premises and that will cause all other residents with vehicles in excess of this number to park in nearby streets, probably Victoria Rd or New Line Rd.

    The residents of these streets will then have limited parking outside their homes and also have to endure extra noise at possibly most unsocial hours.

    There is already a shortage of parking at the Castle Hill Rd end of New Line Rd due to parishioners from St Matthews parking to attend services and parents parking to drop off and pick up their children from Binnowee Kindergarten.

    The developers would have us believe that not every room will accommodate 2 people but every room except one of the proposed 29 rooms, is a double room, with capacity for 2 people and with that, the possibility for 2 cars to be associated with each of the 28 units.

    Considering the size of the rooms and the fact that people would be recreating, cooking and sleeping in what is really a bedroom, the boarding house has the very real prospect of turning into a slum.

    West Pennant Hills is a most unsuitable area for a large boarding house accommodating people of a transient nature, as it is home to a large number of young families and has a substantial number of elderly people who can be vulnerable when out in the community.

    West pennant Hills currently has a low crime rate and it is of concern that a boarding house may increase anti-social behaviour and crime.

    Who will this complex house?
    Traditionally boarding houses have mainly attracted the following:

    People who are without references from former landlords
    Newly released ex-prisoners
    Mental health clients
    People with drug and alcohol related issues
    Long term unemployed
    Or worst of all, people who have a combination of all of the above.

    Whilst all of the aforementioned people should be included in communities, they should not all be grouped together without immediate support and supervision and a Boarding House Manager will not suffice.

    This situation will set people up for failure and may ostracise them in the community.

  4. Michael Preedy commented

    The proposed boarding house at 100 castle hill road is completely out of character for the area and highly inappropriate for the location proposed. In what is traditionally a low density residential area. occupied by young families and the elderley, many who have lived in the area for extended periods of time, the introdcution of such a facility has a high probability of introducing conflict and issues in the surrounding community. This may include the following types of issues: parking, noise, public nuissance, crime and anti social behaviour. This is not in keeping with the quiet suburban character of west pennant hills.
    Whilst Castle Hill Road is a major arterial road it is also the gateway to the thriving Hills district. It is characteristed by period homes, large residential blocks and soon upmarket medium density development around the new station precincts. A boarding house is not consistent with these building types, nor the amenity of this picturesque thoroughfare.
    I suggest council decline this proposal on the abovementioned grounds and stand firm on development that is consistent with the area and surroundings and not allow one person to beneift to the detriment of a surrounding community.

  5. Sathisha commented

    we are the owner occupier of castle hill road property which falls just behind new proposed boarding house at no 100 castle hill rod.
    we are so thank full to all of you about writing a letter to mayor and councillors ,
    all the points /comments you have put in are really true and make lot of sense.
    we would like to let you know that ,
    NSW governments initiative to create affordable developments as in boarding house ..developer will get $10000 grant per room, so Helen will end up earning 290 k from government plus rental income...
    how can she make comments on Monthly Chronicle, that(Development) is consider as a dream but not a money making business?
    we are not sure if many people are aware of this money grant initiative.
    our family and close friends are constantly worrying not knowing whats going to happened.

    Many Thanks.
    Concerned Resident

    Amu and Sathish Lingayath.

  6. Michelle Bender commented

    The fact that the owner of the boarding house will receive $10,000 per room will obviously make it very lucrative for a money making scheme, but at whose expense?

    So a developer reaps the financial rewards whilst the residents deal with the fall out from a totally unsuitable residence.

    If this development is passed by Council, it will open the flood gates for slum landlords who want to get rich quick.


  7. N paterson commented

    So strongly agree to michelle benders comment

  8. Paul J Cascun commented

    This development should not be approved. It is not in line with the character of the area. Being on the boarder of two councils many people who will be affected have not been properly informed. I strongly oppose this development.

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