239-243 Johnston St Fitzroy VIC 3065

Part demolition and development of the land for the construction of an 11 storey building (plus 2 basement levels); use of the land as dwellings; the sale of liquor (packaged liquor licence); and a reduction in the car parking requirements associated with

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Yarra City Council, reference PLN13/0566.01)


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  1. Christopher Boutsinis commented

    Please consider the material choice for the facade- we all have to live with these choices for a long time. Adding value to the area through quality details will long outlast short term decisions.

    Reduction in car parking is a failure to plan for the future of Fitzroy. I suggest amending planning to include more Peking onsite, or reducing numbers of apartments.

    Adding a liquor store will add to alcoholic abuse in this area- already at levels that sap council investment in cleaning up broken glass every Monday after weekends of drinking.

  2. Matthew Charles commented

    The Lyric Theatre which sits on this site is largely intact and should not be demolished. This theatre’s history and significance is outlined in this website: https://sites.google.com/site/starlyricfitzroy/

    Why is this not heritage protected and being restored? Why are developer profits coming before the community and heritage?

    Instead of embracing a unique opportunity to create an exciting space and restoring the building to its former glory which would enrich Fitzroy, it’s going to be just another apartment building which could be anywhere.

    Lessons can be learnt from the woeful Banco development in nearby Smith Street as a failure of good urban planning.

    In addition to sacrificing our heritage, there is already an overabundance of liquor retail establishments in the area, there is no need for more.

  3. Darren Ferguson commented

    The demolition of this building would be a terrible loss. This is an example where culture and history should prevail over profits . There are many more suitable plots of land with unimportant buildings which should be used for property development. Please don't make a decision that is irreversible and result in the loss of this building.

  4. Anne Skelly commented

    I would love to see the Lyric Theatre saved. It would make such a great concert hall, music venue, dance hall or community hall. Buildings like this one, once gone, can never be replaced. The development of this old theatre into eight stories of apartments is just depressing. Johnston Street is lined with largely two story buildings from the Victorian era. This proposed development will loom over the other buildings and create a precedent for more such developments. We need to look at the long term benefits to the community, rather than the short term benefits to property developers.

    Why doesn't this old theatre have a Heritage Order?

    This development, if it goes ahead, will create further stress on an already crowded inner city. Traffic is already at very stressful and time consuming levels (I write as someone who travels up and down Johnston Street six or seven days a week). For this reason, there should be no reduction in car parking to this site.

    As regards the proposed liquor store on the site, Smith Street already has a new, large liquor shop attached to the new Coles Store. With chronic alcoholics along Smith Street and the propensity for violence that alcohol brings, we do not need another shop selling liquor.

    Please save this great building and its history. I don't want another cheap, ugly block of flats in this area.

  5. Graham Hill commented

    The historic theatre should be preserved and used appropriately.

    An 11 storey building would be totally out of character for the location (a height in excess of 2-3 storeys would be inappropriate).

    Proposals like this, Banco on Smith, 166 Gertrude (ex Manfax) etc, show no regard for the unique Fitzroy & Collingwood streetscapes and will rapidly destroy the very special character that draws people to live and visit here.

  6. Robert Young commented

    No more grog outlets needed in this area.
    It must be time for a very serious look at the (so called) planning department of Yarra Council. Lets hope that their names are recorded so that we can remember them for what they really are.

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