46 Wilsons Road, Mount Hutton NSW 2290

Telecommunications Facility

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Lake Macquarie City Council, reference DA-1656/2015)

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  1. Douglas Kelly commented

    I have owned the Property at 55 Helen Street Mount Hutton since 1982.

    When the original application was made for the construction of the Lake Fair shopping centre it was for a shopping centre only. When this development was undertaken the natural route of the watercourse, which was a windy creek, was straightened and the water course shifted nearer to my residence to allow more room for the carpark.

    Several years later a new application was made to construct a petrol station at the rear of the shopping centre site, opposite my property. This site has increased the noise level to surrounding properties specifically by Liquid Gas Tankers filling the stations tanks at all hours of the night. This station was originally guaranteed to have minimal noise impact on surrounding residences and have working hours to ensure this. ( this is not the case at the present time and noise levels are unacceptable)

    The next issue of concern are the Charity clothing bins that have been installed adjacent to the Petrol Station. These bins are an eye sore and there are all types of housing rubbish dumped beside the bins nightly. A large amount of this rubbish is dumped in Scrubby Creek polluting the waterway, by people scavenging around the bins. They should be totally removed or relocated closer to the Hotel located near Coles so the visual impact on surrounding residences will be minimal

    Now I receive this proposal about a telecommunications Tower being installed close to my residence

    Firstly I am not an Optus user so there is no advantage to me, or a large portion of the community in the construction of this tower.

    A tower that size will tower above the landscape and the trees on Scrubby Creek are only about 4mtrs to 5 mtrs, the proposed tower is over 20 mtrs in height

    My biggest worry is the radiation levels from such a tower. The table showing radiation levels is very technical and is not clear to a normal person.

    I am from an electrical background and the table is confusing for me and is definitely not sufficient to allow surrounding home owners to asses the impact of the tower on their properties and give an accurate opinion on their acceptance of the proposed development.

    Lake Macquarie Council is asking effected owners to have their say but the information provided is not clear and concise enough to allow us to make an informed decision on the project

    I want to know what the proposed radiation levels are at my residence which is only 100mtrs from the proposed tower. The table is a very poor attempt to provide this information.

    I would have expected these levels would have been compiled for each property and mailed to all effected property owners as part of the development application.

    All individual property owners must be given accurate assessment of the radiation levels for their own properties. Not try to work out the levels from a technical table.

    My working career was with the NSW Department of Commerce and in my opinion the level of detail you are providing to property owners to asses this project is totally inadequate.

    The tower could be located in the bush land near the intersection of Warners Bay Road and Bayview Street. There are very few residences in this area and the impact would be minimal.

    Originally the Lake Fair had a 20mtr plus Flag Pole located outside the Main entry. This was demolished in the last round of expansion construction several years ago.

    Installation of the tower could be installed in the alleyway between Big W and Coles which would even less visual impact on surrounding property owners than the original flagpole.

    This alleyway was originally a through passageway between the two stores, but Woolworths extended their store several years ago blocking the alleyway. It is now minimally used for stores near Coles.

    The option to install the tower in Lake Fair appears to be based on the cheapest possible construction option and with little respect for surrounding property owners.

    There are large tracts of non residential land in the Mount Hutton, Tingara Heights area and a more suitable lower impact site could easily be found.

    This appears to be this easy cheap option with total disregard for Lake Macquarie rate payers

    Local residents originally thought the construction of Lake Fair was a good idea but the flow on effects from subsequent additions to the site have proven to be impacting negatively on adjacent property owners.

    Lake Macquarie Council is responsible for the rejection of developments that have negative impacts on rate payers when there are alternatives.

    This apparent cheap alternative, money driven project, has not provided adequate information to the Council and Property Owners and should be rejected.

    Await your response

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