125 Tryon Road, East Lindfield, NSW

Child care - change of use from existing dwelling and four place family day care centre to a 36 place child care centre, including alteration, landscaping works and nine new car parking spaces.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 5 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Ku-ring-gai Council, reference DA0370/15)


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  1. Jade Tang commented

    I am happy with this development. Child care places are very limited in my local area, especially for the area around East Lindfield public School. I had a little boy but could not find a child care place for him in East Lindfield. Then we had to go to other suburb for child care service. New child care centre opening will definitely meet the community’s need.

  2. Anjali Abbey commented

    We wish to submit our support of the approval for DA0370/15. As the owners and directors of a child care centre in Lane Cove we are very fortunate to know the owners of DA0370/15 who are such dedicated and passionate people in the field of Early Childhood Education and Care.

    We are all aware of the shortage in child care and it would be a shame to not allow more children and families to access such a wonderful service.

    We are in absolute full support of the DA approval to expand and we hope you are all proud of your efforts. We want you all to know that we are glad to hear of the expansion of a service who will provide the best memories for all of the children, along with the quality of care they will receive.

    We wish the service all the best for the future.

    Warm Regards,

    Anjali Abbey and the team at Lane Cove Montessori


  3. Richard Lau commented

    The proposed childcare centre is located at the section of Tryon Road between Melbourne Rd and Archbold Rd. This part of Tryon Road is very busy because of Lindfield East Primary School. Also many residents of East Lindfield frequently use Tryon Road to cross Archbold Road because the traffic light at the Archbold Road interception. Adding a large childcare centre (for 36 children) would cause even more traffic chaos during peak hours on Tryon Road. There are many parents, children and students often walk passing the driveway of this property along Tryon Road before and after school. So it would increase the risk for pedestrians to be knocked down if there are cars frequently entering and leaving this childcare centre for children pick up and drop off.

    Another concern is the loud noise generated by many young children playing at the backyard from this large childcare centre. All surrounding neighbours will be disturbed by such noise. There are quite a number of retired senior residents living near this proposed childcare centre and they are at home during daytime. With the constant loud noise from children playing at this childcare centre, the neighboring residents no longer can enjoy the peaceful and quite time even from their own backyard. Such noise would reduce their quality of life and have negative impact on their health. Moreover there are also people working from home in the neigbouring properties. The noise will have a significant impact on the quality of their work.

    Therefore, such large childcare centre development proposal should be rejected since it has adverse impact on local residents.

  4. Amanda Houge commented

    This house is very small and in a crowded street with busy traffic. I don't think it's suitable for a child care centre with Loombah ave is just few meters away. Can you imagine how Local traffic would be affect from this? It's already been quite busy on tryin rd, a child centre with lots of cars pickup and drop off would be horrific. Not a wise site choice. It's not considerate for other local residents.

  5. Violet Tsui commented

    I don't think this site is ideal for child care centre. According to council guideline for childcare centre, a childcare centre should

    i) share two or less common boundaries with surrounding properties zoned for residential purposes;

    The proposed site shares three boundaries with the surrounding neighbors. This is not ideal for childcare centre. Also the existing house and the proposed centre is quite small. It would be jam packed with the proposal to accommodate 36 children plus 9 staff. This is not healthy for both children and staff.

    Based on the proposed floor plan, they need to provide 9 parking spaces in order to accommodate with the pickups and drop offs. I don't think it is possible considering their small frontage and the crowdedness of Tryon road. Tryon Road is a very crowded during school days and hours with all the parents’ cars and school buses. Many parents have already parked their cars waiting for children pickup along Tryon Road outside of the proposed site. If this large childcare centre is allowed to proceed, the pickup and drop off of children from this childcare centre would make the existing traffic jam even worse. Also it would increase the chance of traffic accidents for local residents and putting the safety of children and Lindfield East Public School students who walk daily along Tryon Road in jeopardy.

    We've already had a lot of childcare centres around the area, such as East Lindfield community preschool, Lady Game community kindergarten, Bradfield park preschool & child care centre, Children's house Montessori preschool, Masada preschool and Thomas Carlyle children's centre. I don't think adding another large childcare would be necessary for local residents of East Lindfield.

    Therefore this childcare centre proposal should be rejected.

  6. Jo Millyard commented

    In my view this proposed development to open a large child care centre for 36 children and 9 staff will add huge traffic congestion at a point in Tryon Road which is already too narrow when cars are parked on both sides of the road. The proximity of the Child care Centre to the Sydney Road junction with Tryon Road is also of great concern because of the likelyhood of child care parents parking inappropriately and too close to the corner.

    The development may comply with parking space requirements but practically there will be dangerous traffic congestion with cars trying to get in and out of the driveway at already peak school times. Traffic heading west from the East Lindfield Public School at these times is regularly backed up from the lights at Tryon Road and Arterial Road to past the driveway of this residence causing a traffic jam twice a day

    As semi retired local residents working from home we do not want to be disturbed constantly during day time by the imposition of a noisy day care centre.

    This inappropriate development will not benefit our community at all and local residents will have their property values decreased.

    This proposal should not be approved.

  7. Resident on Tryon Road commented

    I think this is an appalling idea. As a parent of Lindfield East Primary I already struggle to find somewhere to park my car to drop off and pick up from Before and After School Care often parking half a block down the road. The road is already very busy. This development would cause more stress to everybody in the area trying to get onto the main roads - Archbold and into Chatswood and further onto Pacific Highway. The traffic is already backed-up. Please don't add more stress to our mornings. This is a dangerous move, a hazard to have so many young children in such a short space from children going to school to before school care to this proposed daycare, there is sure to be an accident. We have enough daycare services close enough. I am a mother of three young children and we found childcare just fine.

    Heavily opposed.

  8. Alex Guo commented

    I have a little daughter and am also looking for child care services. However knowing this area well enough I will definitely not send my precious little one to this proposed child care. The small house, with its compact back yard which is surrounded by other houses on 3 sides, with dogs and other garden noises so obvious, is simply a very bad place to turn into a child care centre. This area is NOT that desperate to have yet another childcare centre.
    When I walked my other children to the school in the morning, I have seen many times how close it is that the reversing vehicles from this house to hit the passing by cars on the busy Tryon Road. Small children are constantly warned about the danger whenever they need to walk pass the driveway of this house. There is clearly an accident waiting to happen. Making this place a centre for 36 children is irresponsible on safety to the locals.
    I don't oppose facility that benefits the community. However it needs to be appropriately planned and does not create more problem than it resolves. For those who support this application, I just want to say, we all need to be considerate to others don't we?

  9. steve fantham commented

    although I recognise the need for more childcare facilities in the area. This location would create a dangerous and reckless extra traffic load on what is already a very dangerous area. I have lived and driven in the area for 16 years I use Tryon road every day. Friday evening rugby training for the juniors means an overload of out of area vehicles parking both sides of the road. Only 24 months ago a child road traffic victim had to be airlifted by care flight to Westmead hospital. The accident occurred within 150 metres of this location. Other evenings with older age groups training also add to the traffic load. Buses use this road every day. The location of this proposed facility needs to be reviewed.

  10. Sandra Lee commented

    East Lindfield is a beautiful residential area where many families are lucky to call home.

    I do NOT support having a large childcare centre on Tryon Road and believe the DA application no. DA0370/15 sould be REJECTED for the following reasons:

    1. Constant noise and disruption to local residents lifestyle in a peaceful and tranquil neighbourhood during the construction and when there are 36 kids and 9 staff operating from the centre.

    2. Traffic congestion on a busy road where there are significant visibility issues for traffic crossing Tryon Road into Sydney Road and also those turning right from Sydney Road to Tryon Road. Currently one or two cars of residents parked on the road are enough to cause poor visibility of cars coming up the hill towards the Tryon/Sydney Road intersection. Parents picking up and dropping off kids are also at risk of accidents from passing traffic on a road that is not wide enough to allow for parked cars and doors being opened wide to let babies and children get in and out.

    3. The proportion of hard spaces to soft spaces is grossly disproportionate with the greenscape that Kuringai and East Lindfield is known for and should not be tolerated.

    4. There is a great Council Childcare Centre in East Lindfield and a Community Preschool, along with other family daycare facilities in the suburb to service the needs of the local community. Families having to use childcare centres in other suburbs have been a practice that has existed for a long time and is a result of family preferences and not just avalable spots.

    5. This section of Sydney and Tryon road is also on a bus route and the buses will have trouble fitting on a shared road that's not wide enough for a large number of parked cars during school pickup and drop off times. The potential for accidents will increase due to congestion and visibility, not to mention poor driving practices that have become more prevalent.

    6. Traffic congestion causing safety issues are already apparent where Lindfield East Public School (LEPS) and the Community Preschool are. The section fo Tryon Road around LEPS is flat and visibility is still affected as it is usually very congested, let alone a poor visbility section on Tryon Road where 125 Tryon Road is located that will be extremely busy with at least 36 cars dropping off and picking up. It really is only a matter of time before a serious accident happens as there is a lot of traffic on these narrow suburban two way streets.

  11. Yvonnne Jayawardena commented

    this is the wrong location for a large childcare centre due to the traffic situation in Tryon
    Road.. Between the hours of 8.45 am and 2.45 pm it is a quiet suburban road. Between
    7 am and 8.45 am and 2.45 pm and 4 pm it is bumper to bumper. I live further down the
    street and had to wait for 32 cars to pass before I could get out of my driveway
    There are 3 reasons for this: the local public school close to opposite of no.125 , the Oval further down on the opposite side with all the sports activities and the fact that
    there is only one traffic light for the whole of East Lindfield between Tryon Road and the Roseville School, so all traffic wanting to go West or North goes through Tryon
    Road from all the surrounding streets. The pedestrian traffic light close to Carnarvon
    does not count.
    I am seriously concerned about the safety of those children.

  12. Robert Nelson commented

    I live in Brisbane Avenue and have a child who attends LEPS.

    During the week, at the start and end of the school day the amount of traffic - pedestrian and motor vehicle - is massive in the area where the proposed 36 place Child Care Centre would be located.

    I believe this centre would be a serious disruption for the local residents who live in the immediate vicinity. I can't think of a worse location for a child care centre. I know it is near the local primary school...... but that is the problem.

    The congestion would strangle that part of East Lindfield.There is within a 100 or so metres a Dr's Surgery, shops, bus stop, local primary school.......I honestly can't think of a worse spot. If we need more Child Care spots - think about another part of East Lindfield.

  13. Stuart Chandler commented

    I strongly oppose the opening of a child care centre at this location. There are already plenty of child care locations in and around the Roseville and Lindfield areas and no need for an additional one. The traffic congestion is already very heavy on Tryon Rd and this will only add to already very congested traffic conditions and would be a danger to pedestrians and drivers alike with very limited access into and out of the property for what would be a large commercial business in the street.

  14. NAN WANG commented

    We strongly DISAGREE this DA project, as Tryon Rd is narrow, and too busy in the morning and afternoon, if cars come in and out from the proposed centre, it wil block the whole traffic.
    It will increase the risk of causing a accident, and especially when kids cross the drive way.

  15. Elizabeth Hamilton commented

    I wish to oppose this Childcare Development Application due to the unsuitability of the location in the middle of a residential area, creating added traffic congestion to an already busy Tryon Road especially and school pickup and drop off times along with a serious noise issue.

    Whilst I am not immediately affected, although there will be increased traffic in my street of Loombah ave due to parents not being able to turn right directly into the centre, I really don't think it is fair to surrounding residents to be subjected to 36 screaming children 10hrs a day when we bought into the area paying enjoying the peace and serenity of our leafy suburb.

    By approving this development here it sets the precedent for Childcare centres to be springing up everywhere. Being home full time I certainly wouldn't want one approved next door to me.

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