35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015

Proposed demolition of the Alexandria Hotel building and construction of a 4 storey mixed use building. Building consists of 28 residential apartments, a commercial tenancy on the ground floor facing Henderson Road, a basement for general residential storage and the storage of 28 residential bike lockers and 7 retail bike rails and a communal open space on the rooftop. Public domain improvements are also proposed including a new awning over the Henderson Road and Garden Street frontages.

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(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2015/772)


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  1. Michael commented

    The demolition of a pub that has been around since the 1870s and in its current form since the 1930s is very sad. It is amazing that it is not a heritage item. The heritage report itself references the building is in good condition and retaining original features. There are not many pubs left that still have this feel since a lot have been 'yuppie'fied (thing Bank, Coopers etc). Surely as some sort of compromise, they can retain the facade and some of the features like some pubs in the city where buildings have been incorporated. Such a sad loss for Eveleigh/Alexandria/Redfern of the only landmark of significance on that part of Henderson Rd and the only bit of character before seeing the usual 'modern' characterless buildings of Garden and Henderson. I especially encourage you to read the heritage report that reminds us of the features and history.

  2. Matt Costain commented

    The Alexandria Hotel is a historic and unique building in this part of Sydney, and the pub itself has been a place of many gatherings for many generations.

    I object to the application on the basis that the demolition of the Hotel will remove a well known landmark given that the area is already full of characterless multistory mixed-purpose buildings

  3. Alex Ozdowski commented

    I Object to the loss of this historic building to a building that adds little public utility and appears to be over building on the block. 28 apartments over 4 floors on that space. It is pure greed and overall the public will loose as a result of it.

    You can not demolish such a beautiful building.

  4. Dave commented

    I only wish City of Sydney would understand that they cannot just keep cramming in apartments everywhere & then have no pubs, parks & other amenities.In time the inner city suburbs just turn into ghettos, like has happened in a lot of World cities! We need to learn from other World city’s mistakes.

    The Planners are the puppeteers. The Developers should never be the puppeteers! There is no overall plan or vision. What we are seeing is a large number of small apartments for singles or couples & not a fair or decent ratio of family sized units – which would build a community! Like we have always had in Redfern/Alexandria/Erskinville.

    We were in the Alexandria Hotel on Sunday afternoon, enjoying the real fire in a 1930s fireplace that has been keeping patrons warm for 80+ years. We were remarking on how lovely the original features are in that room & how rare, yet fantastic, that they were retained in an inner city pub.

    So much of Sydney's heritage is being lost. Future generations will be disappointed! Like we are disappointed with the Planners from the 1960s. What is contemporary now, will be daggy in 15 years time - no matter what people think now!

    The City of Sydney need to retain the heritage of these old buildings - build around & above it if necessary - look to other cities, not just for a quick buck. Worst case scenario leave at least the facade of these old buildings. They need a bigger vision!

    Successful cities like Melbourne, NYC & London have retained so much heritage. Let us learn from cities that have not.

    Such a shame!!!

    I object to this planning application on a number of points.
    1) Loss of amenity – a social hub that has been in the area for 80 years
    2) Loss of Community
    3) Loss of heritage and history in a cultural sensitive area.
    4) Too much density of small apartments
    5) Not enough ratio of different size apartments.

  5. James Nichols commented

    I object strongly to this development application. The density of the Waterloo area is quite high and non-residential communal areas, such as pubs like this one with a large outdoor area, are becoming increasingly rare in Sydney. It is a massive loss of potential amenity for the community. The Alexandria Hotel has a strong history of hosting big meet-n-greet events in their large beer garden (e.g. Green-Ups).

    It is also a shame to loose Sydney's pub heritage. It is a wonderful old building with many original interior features.

  6. Robert commented

    There is room for everything proposed without demolishing this historic pub. Hire a good architect to add a couple of floors etc. and keep the pub open, with the existing building intact.

  7. Henare Degan commented

    I strongly object to the demolition of this building. Surely adaptive reuse could achieve the same objective of cramming more inappropriate apartments into this area without destroying this great old pub.

  8. Alexander Vitlin commented

    Alexandria risks becoming entirely charmless as it is through the rapid development, let alone losing one of the only cultural hubs it has. The Alexandra is a fantastic example of a family-friendly Sydney pub in an area that needs it. I strongly object to this.

  9. Tracy Wright commented

    Where is the parking for cars? Residents without cars is from a planner who is dreaming. We, the current residents already face great difficulty in parking on the street as it is, so 28 units, a retail space and NO PARKING is just a plan for disaster. Are the only customers and guest meant to walk and public transport 100% of the time?

  10. Andrew Chuter commented

    This is a lovely building with a great history in a prominent location and should be preserved.

    Also this development includes a significant residential component which may have been appropriate if there were significant efforts by State Government to greatly increase public and active transport and other infrastructure in the area. But alas, there are none. On the contrary, with the plans for WestConnex proceeding, namely the longest underground tollroad system in the world, both federal and state government clearly have no intention for Sydney to go down this path. The WestConnex project will encourage greater car dependency all over Sydney and will worsen the already hideous congestion in this area, making it increasingly unfavorable for residential development. Until such time as WestConnex is cancelled this development can not be allowed to proceed. Clearly the priorities of the State Government and the WestConnex Delivery Authority are in conflict with the developer.

  11. Sally Hawse commented

    This is sad. A lovely and historical pub and a good community hub. Alexandria is fast losing much of its charm to become another bland suburb. Are there no real alternatives that will enable this pub to remain?

  12. Matthew Jorgenson commented

    I am very sad to hear that someone wants to demolish the Alexandria Hotel. This pub brings charm and a sense of community to the local area. As a local resident, I am normally pro-development. The area is growing and new homes for new residents need to be provided. But this growth should not come at the expense of our local icons such as the Alexandria Hotel. This pub is a piece of local history. It's unique interior is a reminder of the old days of Sydney, demolishing this pub is erasing that part of our history. The Alexandria provides a common meeting place for the locals of the area. It's part of our community and provides some real charm amongst all the stark apartment buildings going up all around. Don't destroy our connection with the past and don't take away our sense of community. It's a local icon and deserves to be preserved.

  13. Samantha commented

    No thanks. There are enough whitewashed residential areas popping up in Alexandria. We don't need to lose part of it's heritage.

  14. Darren Cole commented

    I object to this building being demolished. Surely it's wonderful heritage (1870s) value alone should be enough to save it from the wrecking ball? By taking down this building, you will strip yet another piece of history from this area and take away more character. The building appears to be in sound condition and could be renovated. I do not believe this district/neighbourhoods needs another mixed use (really just more apartments) at the expense of a building which has been a meeting place and watering hole for many inner city residents for over a hundred years.

  15. Rowena commented

    I am opposed to the demolition of the beautiful, historic Alexandria Hotel to make way for more apartments in this rapidly (over)developing area. To let this go ahead will mean another piece of Sydney's history is irrevocably lost for the benefit of a few. The argument that the building's heritage value has been diminished by surrounding redevelopment is false and could be cut down by the simple adage: 'two wrongs don't make a right.' There may be other buildings in Sydney with relatively similar architecture but not in that area, and none with a 'U' shaped bar quite like the Alex. Please protect this site from cheap redevelopment so that it may remain lasting artifact of Alexandria's architectural history for future generations of Sydneysiders to enjoy.

  16. Yolanda Floro commented

    I object to the demolition of Alexandria Hotel. It should be protected from demolition. It has important historical associations with the local community and local government in the area. A hotel has stood on the corner of Henderson Road and Garden Street in Alexandria since the late 1870s. The existing building was built in the late 1920s. The hotel is Henderson Road's last remaining link with Alexandria's pre-war industrial heritage. It sits in the Alexandria Park Conservation Area - significant for its ability to demonstrate the growth of the Municipality of Alexandria in the second half of the nineteenth century - an area of late nineteenth century housing, encompassing a large range of housing types including 1-3 storey terraces and cottages. The area also includes corner shop buildings and substantial civic buildings (former Town Hall and Mayor’s residence) and the Lord Raglan Hotel dating from the early twentieth century. The area illustrates the establishment and development of the Municipality of Alexandria, from 1868. The industrial development illustrates a later overlay reflecting the growing importance of the area as an industrial centre in the early twentieth century.The Alexandria Park Conservation Area Statement of significance Recommended management states : "Contributory buildings should be retained and conserved.Promote public buildings - Promote retail areas (c) Other Significant Development: - Retain intact Interwar industrial development"
    To destroy an example of our social history for a box with 28 compartments (with no parking for occupants) is incomprehensible.
    The proposed development is inconsistent with the aims of the Sydney Local
    Environmental Plan 2012 (Sydney LEP 2012) stated at clause 1.2 as it does
    not enable a range of services and infrastructure to meet the needs of
    residents, workers and visitors and does not enhance the amenity and quality of
    life of the local community. The proposed development is inconsistent with the provisions, objectives and aims of Council’s planning controls and if approved, would detract from the improvement of the public domain and character of the local area. Therefore as a matter for consideration pursuant to clause 79C(1)(e) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the Act) the proposed development is not in the public interest and is inconsistent with the objects of the Act to encourage proper development of the City for the purpose of promoting a better environment.

  17. Kevin McLaughlin commented

    It's not good enough that the City of Sydney allows buildings such as The Alexandria to be demolished to make room for yet more development of the area. The Alexandria should be heritage listed and preserved for future generations. The area can be developed in such a was that iconic buildings such as this remain.

  18. Carrie Grimes commented

    I know there are architects and developers out there who are talented, visionary and influential enough and to design projects that combine heritage values with the need to make a financial return. Just don't be f**&*!!&ing greedy guys!! Leave something in it for everyone else. You can't take all that money with you.

  19. Rachael King commented

    I would like it to be known that I object to the loss of this historic building, a hotel that has stood on the corner of Henderson Road and Garden Street in Alexandria since the late 1870s.

    Its simply not good enough to allow such a historic building to be demolished to make way for residential apartments. Why is this hotel any different to those in Paddington, Surry Hills or Newtown.

  20. Pat Duggan commented

    I would like to oppose the demolition of this magnificent inner city "local".. besides its obvious historical value as a fine example of 19th century architecture it has the added bonus of providing a meeting spot for local residents and businesses. Unlike many new style hotels it is low key and I can honestly say i don't ever recall any problems from the venue... it is also widely used in the local film industry due to its old style feel... please save "The Alex".

  21. Jayne Hamparsum commented

    I would also like it to be known that I strongly object to the loss of this historic building for the construction of an apartment block which this council seems to get getting so wrong with ugly cheap developments for a quick buck. What is happening to with this government, they are suppose to be working for the people and all I see these days is they are working for themselves and their egos and pockets. There is enough dense apartment living that you have already been getting so wrong with no consideration to infrastructure or quality, not to mention the congestion of the roads and providing no parking. Enough is Enough, use your common sense on this one and do not allow it to go ahead. Listen to the people who voted you in. The Alex is a great hotel, has fabulous history, great community destination, supports lots of local sporting and national sporting groups. The Hotel might be tired, it just needs new management and some money spent on it to make it an amazing hotel again, it just needs a little TLC, a bit like what they are doing at the Cauliflower, which is being done up at the moment to be a groovewahhhh pub!!!! This reflects what is happening in the area...
    SAVE THE ALEX.........

  22. K Forbes commented

    I OBJECT to a Sydney icon being demolished for apartments.


  23. Megan Cassidy commented

    We object. A large venue with an outdoor area for children will be missing from the area if this is demolished. There is nowhere to host a local event in the area other than this pub (where we had our engagement part a decade ago) and increased traffick, drink driving risk is an issue.

  24. Andrew Levins commented

    Please don't demolish one of Sydney's best pubs, one of the very few family friendly outdoor venues and an important venue for the community.

  25. Ryan Saar commented

    I don't think this application should be approved - The Alexandria Hotel has only ever been a positive force in Redfern and Alexandria, not to mention a work of fantastic sight both from the outside and inside. It would feel disrespectful to the community to tear it down for another ugly block of apartments.

  26. Kelly DeSouza commented

    This would do a great disservice to its community, I work next door in a building that is 24/7 we all speak about how family oriented this facility is, never any trouble well policed family and drinking and sporting venue..... This makes no sense, I can list numerous places that should be knocked down before this one.

  27. John Griffin commented

    I object to the demolition of the Alexandria Hotel building for the following reasons.

    1. The Alexandria Hotel building and premises provide a window into historic Sydney (Eveleigh).

    2. The gradual loss of historic structures is akin to the torture of "death by a thousand cuts". The removal of this structure might not cause an immediate major change of the area, but it contributes to the irreversible loss of neighborhood character.

    3. The building has been maintained well and is not in dire need of rehabilitation. The premises in the current condition have many years of use left. An aspect of being a "green city' is to use what is in place. I expect the environmental cost of this project to be very high.

    4. It is shocking that in an area with very tight parking and some distance from rail transportation NO parking is planned. Even more shocking is a provision for commercial space when during the day the area is subject to parking restrictions along Botany Road. Invariably, residents of the planned building will park their cars in the adjacent neighborhoods which have very tight parking already. Within several hundred meters of this planned project are other projects already in construction which also have very limited parking.

  28. Laura commented

    This is an unbelievable move folks; a local landmark, part of our history, should be treasured, taken care of, and kept alive. The complete destruction of one of the last buildings in this area with such a long, established life is so sad. It needs some serious consideration before we start crushing somewhere that embodies community spirit and social interaction, a real heart of Alexandria.
    Reconsider. Developments can clearly be made around or near the Alexandria, with the pub as a feature; develop the Alex, don't destroy it.

  29. Janet Maughan commented

    I object to this iconic building being demolished
    There have never been any problems with the patrons
    It is a meeting point for the locals both singles and family's
    It has also been a debriefing area for the staff that work next door 24/7 when they have been hit by tragic events in their work and personal life (having used this venue many times for debriefing when I worked next door (now retired)
    Also a building that has stood the test of time for a 145 years and still looks good will be gone with one sweep of a wrecking ball and replaced by an ugly cube of a building
    There is not enough parking for the residence and workers already another 28 cars will just add to the aggregation of finding a car spot and there will be no where for people to stop and buy goods from the retails area as demonstrated by the other corner where units have been built and the retail outlets have stood empty
    Do not do this to this area and lose the character that Eveleigh has
    Please reconsider

  30. P Hunter commented

    I object to the destruction of this building and local landmark.

    When will you understand that these buildings are a part of our history and culture which must be maintained/preserved for future generations.

    Lets look at the human over population as the cause for the destruction of our buildings so that more accommodation can be built.

    Indeed, all roads lead back to human over population causing other species to become extinct.

    The continued destruction of our history and culture through the destruction of buildings is very short sighted.

    We save "the front shell" only of some buildings when we should be recognizing the importance of saving most of the buildings in memory of our past and culture.

    More units, more people and more pollution - air, noise etc..

  31. Kerry Tronerud commented

    This hotel should be heritage listed, this is an absolute disgrace. It just isn't right to demolish historic buildings.

  32. Eunice Quick commented

    Do we really need to demolish such a fine old establishment that has brought so much joy to the general public.

    its such a shame that we keep getting rid of the old to make way for the new. units can be built anywhere, but you can never replace what was.

  33. Chris Nixon commented

    I strongly object to the demolition of the Alexandria Hotel.

    This grand old building is an important part of our heritage and should not be destroyed by money hungry developers and council members who are in cahoots.

    If you allow this to go ahead you will further erode the look and feel of this area and you as Councillors will forever be reasonable for this - there will be backlash from your constituents if this goes ahead.


  34. grant marshall commented

    What little old fashion charm Sydney has left.. And you're going to tare it down for apartments?? Really.. Not heritage listed?? How So... If this Great old Dame pub was in the Rocks, would it be knocked down for apartments.. I think not!! Leave it alone!! have some Class.

  35. yi shen commented

    Please do not approve.
    I live in the neigbourhood and enjoy the atmosphese current buidling created for the neighbourhood. Please make it heritage listed and not make decision only by profit.

  36. Adrian Cave commented

    No ! no no no no no no No ! ( Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast )
    Has Sydney Council gone nuts? I have a 2 bedroom terrace I'm sure we can get 10 apartments to fit somehow..

    The Alexandria Hotel should be preserved to maintain some local heritage
    i.e. features belonging to the culture of a particular society, such as traditions, languages, or buildings that were created in the past and still have historical importance.
    All of these can be found in The Alexandria Hotel and in the tens of thousands of people who have had the pleasure to frequent it over the last 100 years + and hopefully for many years in the future.
    Or we could have 28 apartments.

  37. Mark Nicholson commented

    Big no.

    Turn off the greed Sydney Developers.

    Take away the things that make a suburb (heritage) and you end up with just units and a sterile no character bruffhgp (new word to describe Merriton vomit of buildings with crappy retail shops underneath that no one uses).

    Don't take away this family friendly venue, piece of history.

  38. Maerin Hamilton Fraser commented

    Hello to whom it may concern, I would like to say...that I have not visited this iconic building YET..but would very much like to , so in this regard I object to the demolition of such an outstanding historical building...in fact i feel it should be added to the protection of a heritage listing and be preserved!

    PLEASE building like these being replaced by building for profit is...very wrong and should be stopped!

    Thank YOU!
    Maerin Hamilton Fraser.!

  39. Mark King commented

    This great pub represents for me a place that has provided great memories and close attachment for, over 10 years. Its a pub the draws so many people together to celebrate and supprt our mighty swans year after year. All toads leadcto this great place. Leave it alone!

  40. Marianne commented

    This is just insane madness and needs to be stopped.
    Development has gone rampant in Alexandria and I believe this to be the last straw.
    The thought that the council would even consider allowing the demolishing of this historical landmark is incomprehensible

    It is heritage, it is historical, it is a landmark , It’s the vibe but most of all it is a place that so many people have come together as a community to share a beer, have some fun cheer their local sporting team, Cheer the Socceroo’s at the world cup and so much more.

    Shame City of Sydney shame.

    Make a stand with your residents and with your community that trust you to make the right decision and stop this lunacy now.

  41. Jodi Hawthorne commented

    Another set of apartments with NO PARKING in an already heavy congested area of traffic. You cant be serious your going to allow an amazing piece of history be torn down to make way for badly designed apartments.

    Whats with this council???


  42. Geoff Mason commented

    This development ticks many boxes and the developer has done their homework smartly and I commend them. This old 145 year old building has no off street parking currently, yet attracts hundreds of car driving patrons who now park in nearby streets day and night to visit the pub. This development will in fact free up parking.

    Secondly, it caters for buyers/tenants who do not own cars which is becoming a common and desirable option for inner city residents. The development encourages sustainable transport by offering safe convenient bicycle parking.

    The building design is leading edge and eye catching, it is not a usual residential cube.

    Removing a licensed premises from the area is also a big plus to nearby residents and will reduce the late night drunken rowdy crowds.

    As a local resident I approve and endorse the project and hope this sets a benchmark for many more smart developments.

    (I have no affiliation with the developer or City of Sydney Council).

  43. Kat Harte commented

    I strongly object to this iconic building being demolished. What could be your reasons apart from greed? There have never been any problems with the patrons It is a meeting point for the locals both singles and family's. The building has stood the test of time for a 145 years and still looks good will be gone with one sweep of a wrecking ball and replaced by an ugly cube of a building. There is not enough parking for the residence and workers already another 28 cars will just add to the aggregation of finding a car spot and there will be no where for people to stop and buy goods from the retails area as demonstrated by the other corner where units have been built and the retail outlets have stood empty. Do not do this, Please reconsider, thank you

  44. Richard Gosling commented

    The Alexandria Hotel has been a meeting place for so many great events in the last 30 years of my life. Please leave an historic, iconic and much loved piece of the local community alone. There are enough blocks of high / medium density residential structures in this area as it is without killing off any more cultural landmarks. Please leave this hotel alone.

  45. Rebecca Wolfe commented

    I oppose the tearing down of the Alexandria hotel for apartments. As the other comments point out- the hotel is a local landmark and a meeting point for the community, the area is already congested and this will put more cars on the streets, vying for limited parking.

  46. Anna commented

    I object to the tearing down of this classic old pub, full of run down charm and community feel.
    By allowing this old hotel to be demolished and another set of new units to be built, the council is yet again letting go of heritage buildings for the betterment of developers.
    The building itself is not deemed worthy of keeping as the surrounding areas have had their heritage destroyed. If this continues you can easily see how there will be nothing left of any interest to round out the numerous apartment blocks in the area.
    I understand there is a need for housing but I think there may be more clever ways of incorporating units into suburbs so we don’t lose all the character of our community.

    Queen Victoria Building is a good example.

    Anna - resident for 29 years

  47. Deirdre McIntosh commented

    Please don't demolish this iconic building!! It would ruin the very essence of Alexandria! It is a family friendly iconic pub of Australia!!

  48. Chris Glen commented

    The Alexandria is a beautiful, rare example of a early 20th century Sydney inner city pub. Demolishing it to be replaced by a "4 storey mixed use building. Building consists of 28 residential apartments, a commercial tenancy on the ground" will remove an iconic local landmark & community asset with a run of the mill new development.

    As has been reported (below), I fail to see how the hotel is both "relatively common" & has how the "heritage value has been diminished by surrounding redevelopment." The latter is absolutely counter intuitive (newer developments reducing heritage value?), the first is unsubstantiated & frankly untrue as many of these buildings are irreversibly changed or developed from original use.

    "Documents lodged in support of the development application acknowledge the building has historical value but argue its style of architecture is relatively common and that its heritage value has been diminished by surrounding redevelopment."

  49. R Puttock commented

    So much has been achieved in turning this great pub into a fantastic community hub for the people of Alexandria and Waterloo. It's been that way since the 1870s.

    Do you really want to destroy a living testament to 130 years of history and culture, for just another boring residential and commercial block?

    The soul of a place doesn't often get wiped away in an instant. Rather, it is usually the result of a series of bad decisions. Don't let this be one of those decisions.

    Save Alexandria. Save the Alex.

  50. Tyson commented

    Don't sell! It's my family's local for dinner we head in one night per week. Very sad to see it turn into ugly apartments..

  51. Neil McRae commented

    It makes me really sad to think that The Alex will be demolished. I have very fond memories of this place going back decades. I really can't believe it will be gone. I thought it would have been heritage listed. This is a real community gathering spot where the sense of local history is tangible. I understand the need for more homes in the area but this place should be off limits to developers. I met my partner at this pub. He would turn in his grave if he knew what was planned. Buildings are buildings but this place has a soul and it contributes strongly to the character and vibe of the neighbourhood. There are so few commercial heritage buildings left in the area, and none that are so open to the public. This is a special space. I will feel very empty inside every time I walk past this corner if this beloved pub is destroyed. Please, please reconsider.

  52. Susan Walsh commented

    The demolition of a pub that has been around since the 1870s and in its current form since the 1930s is very sad. Buildings are buildings but this place has a soul and it contributes strongly to the character and vibe of the neighbourhood. There are so few commercial heritage buildings left in the area. The heritage report itself references the building is in good condition and retaining original features. Such a sad loss for Eveleigh/Alexandria/Redfern of the only bit of character before seeing the usual 'modern' characterless buildings of Garden and Henderson. I especially encourage you to read the heritage report that reminds us of the features and history. Please, please reconsider.

  53. Julia Nozhnitksa commented

    1870! Imagine having this pub and knowing how many generations ago people were looking at the very same building. Looking at the old pictures of people long gone and seeing the very same building makes you be interested in history more. It is certainly so for the children. Please don't demolish the pub that was built in 1870.

  54. Cameron smith commented

    I object to the loss of the alexandria hotel, its demise would be detrimental to the character of this area of Sydney. It connects our community to a time and place in Australia's history and serves as a reminder of where the area has come from.

  55. Clare commented

    We object to the demolition of The Alexandria. This is yet again the loss of a historical building in favour for a load of shoebox appartments which will take the charm away from this Suburb.

    This is one of the few venues that has an amazing set garden that local families can enjoy.

  56. Tim commented

    I object this proposal based on the lack of parking provided.
    The suggestion that the pub attracts lots of cars already is quite silly, most locals walk to the pub not drive.
    Buildings need to be designed along with parking spaces. The traffic situation is already terrible.
    Their wont be much left for locals to do in the area.
    Its obvious this location has huge community support.

  57. Renate Cross commented

    I object to the demolition of this building. There is historical and cultural value in retaining the Alexandria Hotel. It has not been diminished by surrounding architecture. It stands alone as a landmark to the past as so many of its original features remain. Please consider the development application carefully. This building should not be demolished.

  58. David Prestney commented

    I am surprised and appalled to find that this iconic pub / building is not heritage protected. Sydney's beautiful old pubs are one of the greatest pieces of this wonderful city and the Alexandria is a suburb example.
    I always take my overseas visitors to the Alexandria and they love the Aussie-ness of it.
    Apartment blocks are a dime a dozen. Pubs / buildings like this can never be replicated.
    This must NOT be allowed to happen. PLEASE save this.

  59. Marty commented

    To whom it may concern,

    The Alexandria Hotel cannot be demolished, it is iconic, should be heritage listed, and it is a ridiculous outrage that the raglan across the road is yet the alex isn’t!

    It is a piece of Aussie history and one of the the best part's of the local culture, step inside it and have a look for yourself, it would be a crying shame to lose it in the name of ‘progress’ - knock down the cricketers arms 100m down the road that is full of delinquents and undesirables for example or one of the other 100 ghetto like buildings in the area/Redfern not something that adds character and value to the local community..!



  60. Anna Bradshaw commented

    I strongly oppose the demolition of the Alexandria hotel. The original fittings and huge beer garden make this pub utterly unique for inner Sydney and would be a loss to the community. Further, as a resident of Garden st who always struggles to find a car park near my home, the lack of car parks in the proposal are very concerning for local residents. There is evidently broad opposition from the community. Please save the Alex!

  61. Amanda H commented

    Not only is the Alexandria Hotel iconic of Sydney's architectural and cultural heritage, it is also a social hub for the local community. Alexandria locals choose to live in this area because of its vibrant mix of old and new that complement each other. The demolishment of this treasured building to make way for more soulless and fast-dating apartments tips the balance and will be a very sad loss to the area. Why is this building not heritage protected!? I oppose the plans for this site.

  62. James Dempster commented

    I would like to oppose the Development Application Number D/2015/772 to redevelop the Alexandria Hotel.

    To redevelop is to destroy Heritage and you can’t bring that back. It’s like green spaces you never get them back.

    The Sydney City Council talk about a city of villages, you don’t build villages out of new soulless apartment blocks, they are made around heritage buildings to create beauty and contrast.

    We are begging you not to allow this to happen. This building should be a listed Heritage building!!

  63. Monique Ward commented

    I object to the DA D/2015/772 on the following basis:

    Heritage Significance of the site:
    * The venue has retained original features which are unique in the area. It's frequent use in film and television is evidence of this;
    * The facade and the building's lengthy history together with it's ties to the Eveleigh railyards are an important legacy for the area;

    Cultural importance of the venue:
    * The size of the land / block has enabled large functions for many years;
    * The size of the outdoor beer garden facilitates a family / pet friendly environment;

    Proposed use puts undue pressure on the area;
    * The four storey height would create significant shadows for local residents;
    * The parking to apartment ratio is grossly inadequate given existing conditions;
    * The lack of shared green space is not sympathetic with the leafy neighbourhood;
    * The structure itself is not sympathetic with the surrounding structures;
    * The density of the area is already increasing - local housing needs are being met by other emerging developments.

  64. Erin straker commented

    As a local resedent I object. In an area where the colour of paint on the outside of your house has to be of heritage colours and a 11year old apartment is turned down an internal exstention due to heritage factors, how on earth can they justify pulling down the last standing worker pub. The Alex is an icon. The focus of the city of Sydney is to build community I thought, how is that achieved by removing one of the biggest long landing establishments.

  65. Emma Larkin commented

    I object to the application that will demolish the Alexandria Hotel. This hotel is a well known landmark in the area. Alexandria has changed dramatically in the last decade, with streets now full of characterless multistory mixed-purpose buildings. They bring nothing to Alexandria, no history, no character and no style.

    The Alexandria Hotel is a historic and unique building in this part of Sydney, and the pub should be preserved for generations to come.

    Councils really have a lot to answer for. The proposed demolition is not in the best interests of anyone other than property developers.

  66. Victoria Gracey commented

    I strongly object to the demolition of The Alexandria Hotel. Progress should not include destroying a building that is part of heritage to replace it with more soulless apartments and shopping villages. There are so few buildings that remain in their original state and it's this that gives an area character. The Alex is a unique hotel, with many original features; as well as a large beer garden, that is family friendly. It would be an utter shame to lose this venue to the local residents.
    The area is already highly populated, with minimal parking options for current residents. This proposal will make this issue significantly worse.

    Please Save The Alex!

  67. Don Mackintosh commented

    The development application for the demolition of the Alexandria Pub building should not be accepted. Although there are a number of personal and community reasons not to proceed because its a great place and we have had many good times there, I believe the true reason this shouldn't proceed is because the design of the new building does not add any significant value aesthetically to the suburb/site.

    If you look around Alexandria and Redfern, and backed up by the report the reason the that there is no Heritage or similar buildings on the area, is because the council continues to let Development get in the way of history and heritage. And that's the only way the applicant can respond to the Heritage debate. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the applicant is also arguing in favour of keeping this older building in place by answering this way - depending which way you read it.

    Is the building in ruins? No in fact there has been recent renovations of the building.
    Can the area cope with more apartments? Possibly, but the Carparking situation is problematic already.
    Could the Pub remain with apartments on top? For sure! but this would cost a lot more money for the developer to work with.
    Regarding the Technology Park (with significant older heritage buildings!..if you walk through this site you see how they have tried to keep the heritage intact) - would an UGLY building on the corner fit in with what the Park and council has tried to achieve? NO

    Lets hope we don't lose another part of Alexandria's history. Whats next - maybe we put some new apartments at the other end of Garden St - in the park - or perhaps sell the Hall on Garden St and turn it into a multi dwelling unit block!

    Hopefully a compromise can be established and the developer can dig a bit deeper into their pockets, and think a bit out of the square and redesign a building that includes the current establishment and maintain some of the suburbs and sites history.

  68. Jan Olver commented

    I object to the proposal as the building should be retained to preserve the history of the area.

  69. Frances Moody commented

    My grandparents and great grandparents held the lease on the Alexandria Hotel from the late 1920's until 1970's. I have very many fond memories of my childhood playing in the bar when it was closed on Sundays. The pub was then and still today is a significant meeting point and local landmark. It characterizes the heritage of the area. Continuing to demolish these charming buildings where they have stood for so long does a great disservice to the overall character of the area. Please maintain some history in Alexandria

  70. Bronwen Jones commented

    I object to this development proposal on the grounds that it will further reduce space for families and communities to come together. As more and more of us are living in apartments we need to rely more on communal and public spaces to socialise and connect with others, thereby ensuring continued sense of community and reduction in the risk of isolation of individuals and families. The Alexandria serves a number of purposes for different sectors of the community, a venue for watching sport, significant outdoor space, and it is family friendly. As someone with a young family I need spaces like this yet they are increasingly being shut down or demolished.

  71. nina benedek commented

    I strongly object to the DA D/2015/772

    The Alexandria Hotel is iconic in its history, stature, ability to intimately accommodate its locals, neighbours, sports genres and ALL communities in general in an established and evolving post code.

    Another concrete graveyard is not what Alexandria needs. I appreciate the fiscal motivation the current developer is seeking, however I question if the new owner would live in a 28 residential apartment block with no parking and therefore burdening other resources already exhausted.

    The selling of the building and the new proposal appears to have been actioned quickly indicating a perception from developers that their plan would not be well received from the community. It is probably the only consideration the developers have got correct - the community is united and opposes the demolition of the Alexandria Hotel.

    City of Sydney I expect you to manage this application in line with your Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.

  72. Paul Judge commented

    Please save the Alex. It's a historical pub which is a great place for people of all ages to get along and enjoy. Taking it away will be a detriment to the community.

  73. Rebecca Ames commented

    This hotel has gone from being just a little local to a thriving community of Swans fans and locals alike. It is a gorgeous building and, with not many other nice watering holes in the area, it would be an absolute shame to see this gorgeous place demolished. This pub brings people together from all over the city. Harry and his team have built this up over many, many years and I proud to say I have frequented this place for over 12 years now. The last thing we need to build around here is MORE apartments....think of the local area and how a place like this benefits the whole community, not just someone's wallet.
    Please do not approve this application!

  74. Andrew Oakley commented

    I whole heartedly oppose this development as local resident.

    For the last 4 years since moving in we have found it harder and harder to find a place to park on our street! Then the council took away 1 spot for a hire car at the end of our street. Technology park workers use our street to park all day in coming out to play musical chairs with their cars during the day every two hours. Now this development has no car parks what so ever! When will the council think about its local constituents? I am appalled that people in our street are told that they can't change the fasard of their building (even though a brand new unit block exists on the corner) and yet you plan to change the most historic building in our area!

    What does the new residence add to the community? Less parking, higher traffic flow, less facilities for the use of by the public, remove a piece of history from the area and add more high rise buildings in an area that should be protecting its history (reflected in the refusal of applications due to the fact that the council wants to preserve the look of the area)

    How about you lead by example and save this beautiful old building from more greedy developers!

  75. alan brennan commented

    City of Sydney council please do not give approval for this development. The "Alex" is very much part of the local community and many locals use it as a meeting place for birthdays etc. It is also an interesting old building and we do not have that many old public buildings left in the area. I urge you to please do not allow this development to take place.

  76. Ed Lang commented

    Once again greedy people of this city are willing to destroy part of our heritage by pulling down an amazing building with so much history.
    Why is this building not heritage listed is beyond me....
    This can not happen.

  77. Maggie Jenkins commented

    Please do not approve the submission.
    We need to save some heritage in the Inner West. This is a great pub for the diverse population.
    Please please please don't approve!!!
    Long term I can't understand how the city will survive (transport, roads, infrastructure) with the growing population.
    Let's move the population out rather than up, there is enough high rises in the area getting built e.g Green Square.

    Please please please don't approve the submission - it will be a mistake if you do and future generations will be ashamed of what we have done.

  78. Nic Lloyd commented

    I utterly object to this development. It's institutions and establishments of character such as this that have made me want to renovate (with heritage in consideration of course) and invest in the immediate area of Alexandria. If I wanted to live in an area of endless soul-less units and apartments then I'd move to any number of the other now unidentifiable ghetto communities springing up and around the immediate inner city Sydney area.

    Please stop this poorly considerd move before we lose all sense of individual identity in our 'City of Villages'.

    Oh, and no parking....how can that possibly be allowed? It's already impossible for current residents to park.

    Decision makers...I urge you to think again.

    Please Save The Alex and let's retain some unique identity and heritage in Sydney.

    Thank you.

  79. Richie commented

    As an Irishman I have to tell you that most pubs in this otherwise magnificent country lack character and soul. The Alexandria Hotel is an exception. It would be regrettable should the mistake be made to knock it.

  80. Lee Roche commented

    I object to the development proposal on the site of the Alexandria Hotel.

    I am all for redevelopment of the inner urban areas of Sydney and in particular the re-zoning of industrial and commercial land in Redfern, Alexandria and Zetland for residential use. However, with all the new people coming to live in the area, social institutions such as the Alexandria Hotel must be preserved. These places are part of our cultural capital and cannot be replaced with sterile new buildings. We must preserve them for new residents and existing residents alike.

    The demolition of this building is an outrage. I do not blame the owner for trying this on but the City of Sydney must not let it proceed.

  81. Kitty Blackman commented

    I Object
    Demolishing the Alexandra Hotel for any reason would be sacrilege. It should be preserved and heritage listed out of respect for it's long history, current community and cultural relevance and for future generations. The loss of such a beautiful, spacious and friendly pub for our diverse community would be a great tragedy. The Alex is an important icon, concentrate on redeveloping the eyesores if you must. We have already knocked down enough buildings of historical importance, lets not make another ill advised decision. Listen to these profound community comments and not the developers greedy pockets.
    Please save our pub, think long and hard before you make a decision you will regret.

  82. P. Unters. Club. commented

    Dear developers
    Could you please knock down the Rose Hotel on Cleveland St instead?
    Overpriced drinks, overpriced pizza, and an arrogant service culture have combined to ruin the Rose as a place to spend time.
    If you're going to trash a beer garden to make money off poorly built units, could you do it there instead?

  83. Danny Corvini commented

    I am a journalist for Domain in the Sydney Morning Herald and so I am acutely aware of Sydney’s housing shortage.

    However, I do not believe that this means that a community must accept every development proposal that’s proposed - especially in cases like the Alexandria Hotel, where there’s heritage value and even more so because the community loves it.

    Centennial Property Group offers a misleading choice by implying that the heritage value of the Alexandria Hotel has already been diminished by the disappearance of other historic buildings nearby.

    In reality, the developer seeks to encourage a further decrease of Alexandria’s built history, thereby (in my opinion) proving that they have no real connection to or respect for the area.

    The community response to the proposal has been strong. An appropriate response would be to put the community’s wishes ahead of that of a developer who took a gamble, but is by no means any more deserving.

    The Alexandria Hotel is a Sydney icon and it has been used numerous times as a filming location because its old pub architecture is so iconic.

    The Redfern/Alexandria precinct is emerging as a cultural precinct, not just a high-density living precinct. But what is the point of putting more people into an area that is losing its very essence?

    Sydney lost so many of its great buildings last century and we should be extremely vigilant to not let it happen now.

    I believe that developers can and will find other sites for their developments, but once buildings like the Alexandria Hotel are gone, they’re gone. Please save the Alexandria.

  84. Chris Welch commented

    The Alexandria Hotel is a rare and wonderful establishment. A great, iconic pub with a beer garden for all, including kids and dogs and a cool venue for sports lovers too.
    It has a lot of character and it is one of the reasons why you want to live in the area.
    To change it too much in any way would be a real shame, but to knock it down and build another block of soulless units would be a crime to all the patrons from the past and present. There are many of us hoping that The Alexandria Hotel has a long and happy future.

  85. Robert Kennedy commented

    It is wrong-headed to consider knocking down this nice 100 year-old pub and replacing it with more drab apartments! Whatever the developers, politicians and bureaucrats might say, The Alex is part of the social fabric and has loads of heritage. Hands Off I say!

  86. Hollie Ussher commented

    I strongly object to this development application. This hotel has real significance in the Alexandria community. It is an historic, iconic, and extremely unique venue. Please tell me where in city Sydney I can sit under the stars watching sporting events on a large outdoor theatre screen, or sit by an open fireplace with a friend or two. This venue is accessible to ALL OF US. This future da has no accessibility. Any retail space if indeed used for hospitality will be small and overpriced. There is a flood of apartment blocks going up in the area as it is. Slow down Sydney City Council. Pace yourself and think clearly and into the future of your people. We love the old stuff just as much as the new stuff. Please do not allow this particular application. Keep Alexandria Hotel for our future, so we can look back on its past, not just in a book or online.

  87. Ron Cave commented

    As a frequent visitor to Sydney this is the sort of place we look for. Alexandria is one of our favourite areas as it has so many great shops, cafes etc and we are always coming across something undiscovered. We have visited the Alex many times feel it would be to Alexandria and Sydneys detriment to let it go.

  88. Wendy Bacon commented

    I am a resident and a journalist. So I should mention that I may write about this matter.
    I am opposed to the demolition of this pub which clearly is a thriving business and is a social gathering place in our area. It's also been there for a long time.

    I am very unimpressed by the suggestion from the developer that what is needed is housing. What is needed is social infrastructure to support the massive amount of housing going up in this area. This is a ludicrous self interested justification. No one is opposed to some higher density living but why pull down the very buildings that attract people to our area in the first place

  89. Antony Brennan commented

    I am totally against the demolition of this unique and historic old pub, although no longer my closest watering hole, I still visit several times a year as it's my brother's and friend's local pub.
    It was one of the first pubs that I visited when I arrived here in Sydney in 1978. My sister lived in Alexandria so it was a great venue for family gatherings, we met there most Sunday afternoons in the days when you could smoke at the bar and get rotten drunk without being refused service.
    Although times have changed since those days it's still a vibrant and vital venue for the residents of Alexandria not to mention the employees of the nearby technology park.
    I walk around this area and Redfern often and I'm sure there are many alternative sites
    where developers could stick up there overpriced high rise boxes without upsetting too many people.

  90. Kerry Glover commented

    As a long term nearby resident, this is distressing. The Alexandria Hotel has contributed to the comunity for over a century. It is a landmark & the neighbourhood is proud of it. It should continue to serve the community & it's visitors.
    There is sufficient development proposed for the area to suggest this site is superfluous to the requirement for more housing. It is a drop in the ocean and an unnecessary destruction of a business. A business which will be needed more than ever as further development takes hold and more people move in. Keeping the hotel running is also incentive for the buyers of the other developments.
    The Alexandria Hotel represents why people want to live in the Inner City, it's insane to destroy that.

  91. Yvette commented

    I object to the demolition of the Alexandria Hotel. The history of the pubs around the inner west is one of the key charms of the area for residents. It would be an absolute shame to lose the long bar and interior design that are synonymous with the great Aussie battler story. We have to keep some of the older, publicly assessable, heritage in the area, and this is a true treasure of Alexandria.

  92. James Baber commented

    I would like to add to the many voices who strongly object to the development proposal (DA D/2015/772) to demolish the historic Alexandria Hotel and replace it with a generic apartment block. I am not against development, and the addition of well designed accommodation in appropriate areas is important, but not at the expense of the heritage and amenity of our community. There are already many developments in this area to support future housing needs such as the new developments on Mitchell Road nearby, and of course the Ashmore precinct. Alexandria needs to retain it's heritage or it risks becoming a community without a soul. I dispute the argument that because there are a handful of other pubs in existence designed by the same architects that the Alexandria Hotel is not unique or worth saving. This is precisely why it is worth saving - it should be heritage listed.

    Please do not allow the destruction of a valuable piece of Sydney's history, a classic hotel that means so much to the community.

  93. Charles Edwards commented

    Please do not allow this wonderful piece of working Sydney's history be replaced by yet another soulless apartment complex. Once it is gone it is forever. Think about all those buildings that have been lost already. At the very least incorporate the facade into an attractive fusion of old and new, but do not destroy this classic building.

  94. Tony Arnold commented

    I object to the demolition of the Alexandria Hotel on two grounds. Firstly, the building is irreplaceable due to it's heritage value. Secondly,  there are already thousands of new apartments being built in Alexandria which will increase the demand for pubs like this. It would be a shame to lose this pub right when it is in highest demand.

  95. Kathy Wilson commented

    I despair of the lack of respect for the many historic buildings in our great city. Money cannot buy back history, we have a duty to preserve it. And as always, it's money hungry developers behind the proposed demolition of this wonderful historic gem in a part of Sydney with such a diverse history. It's a beautiful building, perfectly preserved, one of those places where the saying "if the walls could talk" is highly appropriate. And it's very well patronised - I've rarely been in there and seen it without a decent crowd. Why oh why is it not listed? It should be!

    God knows there are enough soulless apartment complexes being built around the historic inner city. We don't need another one - especially at the cost of such a beautiful piece of Sydney's history. Please see sense and DON'T DO THIS.

  96. Hollie Ussher commented

    I strongly object to this development application. This hotel has real significance in the Alexandria community. It is an historic, iconic, and extremely unique venue. Please tell me where in city Sydney I can sit under the stars watching sporting events on a large outdoor theatre screen, or sit by an open fireplace with a friend or two. This venue is accessible to ALL OF US. This future da has no accessibility. Any retail space if indeed used for hospitality will be small and overpriced. There is a flood of apartment blocks going up in the area as it is. Slow down Sydney City Council. Pace yourself and think clearly and into the future of your people. We love the old stuff just as much as the new stuff. Please do not allow this particular application. Keep Alexandria Hotel for our future, so we can look back on its past, not just in a book or online.

  97. alex willis commented

    As a long term resident it makes me so sad and angry to think that The Alexandria Hotel could be demolished for yet another bland and ugly apartment block.

    We've seen many changes in our area in the last decade and many beautiful old buildings have been torn down in the name of progress....I'm all for progress, but we need to have a balance with retaining history too. The Alex has been lovingly improved by it's current tenant and it's such a great place to visit whether you're a single person, with friends or as a family. When I had a baby a few years ago my local mothers group even used it as a meeting place when it was too cold to go to the parks. The staff could not have been more welcoming to a bunch of new mums who only ever ordered coffee and hot chocolates.

    Please take the objections from people who live in the area seriously. We don;t want to lose this pub, there are far too few in the area anyway. As you pump more people into the area, you need to give them somewhere to meet, eat and socialise.

  98. Simon Teong commented

    I strongly object to the demolition of such a historic pub that is family friendly and community orientated.

  99. J Clark commented

    If an iconic pub is to be destroyed, at least turn it into something that benefits the public rather than lining the pockets of another opportunistic developer.

    Whilst I would prefer to see the hotel retained and heritage listed, it would make more sense for the council to deny the DA, lobby the government for a Waterloo metro rail station, and for the government to buy the site and make it into an accessible station on the proposed metro line.

  100. claudio parinetto commented

    I object l have had a business directly opposite the alex for 30 years this building has so much history being part of alexandria .the other problem is parking its hard enough parking now

  101. Nicole McGee commented

    I object tot the demolition of the Alexandria Hotel. Removal of the hotel significantly impacts on the community use areas within the area. Increasing the density of housing / apartments will lead to further traffic congestion, noise and pollution.

    The Alexandria hotel is an historic icon and should remain as such in what is fast becoming an over- developed area.

  102. Steve Harris commented

    The news that the Alexandria Hotel could be demolished and replaced with an apartment block is very sad indeed. Heritage listing of this historic hotel building should be the priority of City of Sydney. This building has served the local community and others as a meeting place for many generations now. If this piece of history is destroyed, it is lost forever.
    Please stop this application from going ahead City of Sydney.
    You have the power to veto!

  103. Steve Harris commented

    The news that the Alexandria Hotel could be demolished and replaced with an apartment block is very sad indeed. Heritage listing of this historic hotel building should be the priority of City of Sydney. This building has served the local community and others as a meeting place for many generations now. If this piece of history is destroyed, it is lost forever.
    Please stop this application from going ahead City of Sydney.
    You have the power to veto!

  104. Russell mason commented

    As the saying goes the whole is made up of many parts. By destroying a significant part of Alexandria you take away a place that is not only bricks and mortar but heart and soul.

    I strongly object to the proposed demolition of the Alexandria Hotel. I believe the City of Sydney should do it's utmost to ensure the Alexandria Hotel remains as a pulsating, living, heritage, community oasis in this vibrant area of Sydney.

  105. Sonia Tourany commented

    I strongly object to this proposal for the following reasons:
    This is a historic building with orinigal features that cannot be replicated.
    It is a gathering place for the community where people come to meet and socialise.
    There is already enough residential development being constructed or already constructed in a 2km radius.
    Units which are normally developed on small corner sites like this one are normally built so quickly and are so visually diaspealing, they are normally housed by renters which tend to change every six months and leave their rubbish on the street when they move. AND the buildings look so UGLY in 5 years because of the lack of quality in the building process as the developers just build them so quickly to make a quick profit.

  106. Nicola Perry commented

    I absolutely object to this proposal. As urban areas undergo renewal, it's vital to keep the balance between the amenity needs of the population and the diverse cultural heritage of the area, as represented in its buildings and their functions. This is a historic building that allows for people to come together in a way that is different from other places and is special. The Alexandria Hotel is about local people, local community, local jobs and local history. It's an important place and an important structure.

    On a more economic note, the preservation of the Alexandria Hotel is vital in maintaining the sort of vibe that attracts people to the area to live, work, play and spend their money. Demolishing it would be demolishing an irreplaceable asset.

    The negative effects of approving this development proposal would be much greater, both socially and economically, than any gain yet another block of apartments could possibly bring to the area.

  107. Jason Hooker commented

    Regarding "Application Number D/2015/772":

    I strongly object to this application because:

    1. I believe the current building has local historical and heritage significance.
    2. The lack of parking provided by the new building will lead to more cars being parked in the already overcrowded local streets.
    3. The local community will lose a popular meeting place.
    4. The suburb is already saturated with soul-less apartment buildings.
    5. The new building provides no affordable housing.
    6. The current building already provides long-term affordable housing that will be lost if demolished.

  108. ADAM YEE commented

    As a small business owner who has been based in the immediate area for the past decade, I strongly object to the demolition of the Alexandria Hotel. The need for progress and development in a highly desirable commercial area is understandable. However as the case of the Carriageworks precinct has displayed, it can be done without destroying iconic buildings.
    Alexandria/Redfern is quickly becoming a soulless, vertical suburb with much of its character being scrubbed out of existence. The Alexandria is an oasis that is becoming a beacon for the fast-multiplying population. Rightly so. It has been there since the 1870's and retains its heritage and charm. In addition, its a family friendly venue. To destroy this local icon would be criminal. Once its gone, it is gone for good. Replaced by high-density housing that will create further traffic and congestion in the area.
    I call upon the City Of Sydney to decline this application to demolish The Alexandria Hotel.

  109. Chris Zajko commented

    One of the last remaining bastions of community and charm left in Alexandria. It would be absolutely devastating to see this iconic building go.
    I can't think of another family friendly community hub in the area.

    I STRONGLY oppose this development.

    - Chris Z

  110. James Singline commented

    As a resident within 800 metres of this site, I strongly oppose this development of the Alexandria Hotel site because of the loss to the community of a great historical gathering place. Development of apartments in the area needs to be balanced with preservation of social sites and the heritage of the building and its use as a hotel should be protected and continued.

  111. Rosie commented

    I object to the demolition of this beautiful hotel. Please do not allow this wonderful building and yet another piece of Sydney's history be replaced by yet another concrete complex. It is visited by patrons from near and far and a great meeting place because of it's historic charm. Should be preserved forever and anything else that is built around it should have to blend in ! This one building being demolished will not solve the housing shortfall and the area will lose one of it's last charms.

  112. Jon commented

    I object, you greedy people. Stop raping and pillaging the city's heritage architecture/facilities all for the financial gain of a few greedy ones.

  113. Dave commented

    I object for the same reasons everyone has written above.

  114. Kennie Ward commented

    This precinct is one that is developing rapidly and although the there may be a need for housing to meet this growth, it is so often the case that construction takes place quickly before much forethought is given to the future of the community, in terms of its use, it's design and what will make it an interesting and valuable part of our city going forward.
    Alexandria/Redfern is already a cultural hub with a sense of diversity and history, with a close proximity to the city - this is part of what makes it so attractive to visitors and residents. It would be a shame to fill the area with new developments if these come at the cost of losing historic buildings. Any precinct can be developed with the new - but there are few that have the ability to preserve a sense of history, while remaining current. By all means allow the area to grow, but I ask that we do this by integrating old and new. We need to plan ahead to keep this area a vibrant and interesting one, for the future of our city and its visitors, or it will become just another over-developed suburb.

  115. Nicholas Langley commented

    Firstly, I will disclose that I've made no gifts or donations to any Councilor or Council Employee any time in the past. Now on to the main event:

    Creating medium to high density residences makes total sense in a highly desirable location, close to the centre of one of the world's most fancied and livable cities - this is no secret. What seems to slip through the Cracks of Consideration is that all of the inhabitants of these newly built developments need amenities and infrastructure surrounding them. These people are going to find themselves without carparks, congested by both foot and vehicular traffic, and few places to shop or enjoy the outdoors. Most importantly for the average Australian, these people will find themselves without a reputable drinking hole, where their innumerable burning woes, conceived by the aforementioned lack of supportive infrastructure, can be dulled to an alcohol-assisted ache.

    The Alexandria Hotel is a beautiful space, both from the inside and out, steeped with history of a time well before any of ours. It fosters community, belonging, and the great game of Australian Rules Football. Having seen the proposed plans for the residential development, the residence will be soulless and squashed. The developer isn't interested in community or belonging. That's not lefty rhetoric, as I'm happy to acknowledge that plenty of residential developments are well considered for their inhabitants and are contextually appropriate to their environments. This is not one of those developments.

    City of Sydney, you've been championing the community - the little guys who just need a bone thrown at them - and I beseech (1870's speak) you to continue to do so. Surely you can see the graveyard that will be the proposed development doesn't need any more bones.

  116. Vikki Hanson commented

    I believe that there is enough units going up in this area that the planned block of units is not going to make a significant gain to the community where as leaving this wonderful place of gathering will.

  117. Katie Hage commented

    I object to the demolition of a historically significant building in this important region of Sydney's inner city.

  118. Nathan Hage commented

    I object to this planning application on a number of points.
    1) Loss of amenity – a social hub that has been in the area for 80 years
    2) Loss of Community
    3) Loss of heritage and history in a cultural sensitive area.
    4) Too much density of small apartments
    5) Not enough ratio of different size apartments.

  119. Dan Kra commented

    I object to the demolition of the Alexandria Hotel building for the following reasons.

    1: the council zoning of this site allows for a maximum of 2 stories and a maximum height of 9 metres. The application is for 4 stories and up to 17 metres at the highest point! This is a massive increase over the allowance.
    2: the significant heritage value of the hotel. The development application’s Heritage Impact Statement mentions 6 other similar hotels in Sydney, all of which are heritage listed. I believe that it is an oversight that the Alexandria Hotel isn’t already listed and are requesting council grant an interim heritage order to stop any damage being done to the hotel while a formal application is undertaken.
    3: the enormous social & community importance of the hotel as an open meeting space in an increasingly population-dense area.
    4: the complete lack of parking included for new residents.

  120. Christopher Hodges commented

    The Alexandria Hotel is a wonderful building and a wonderful community amenity. As a local resident I witness the diverse users of the Alexandria who enjoy its social amenity and hospitality.

    The architecture is unquestionably a superb example of its era and the only example in our area that remains intact inside and out.

    It has been operated responsibly for the community for many years with no gambling, no disturbance on the local environment and no problem with drunken behaviour or violence.

    There is a broad community use of the venue for meetings and social events and of course sporting events.

    The building is an icon of the community, links well into technology park and the oval behind and sits proudly in excellent condition for its years.

    It would be impossible to replace and doubtful a new building will have the architectural integrity classic example of its era. It is a working building too, a useful asset too good to demolish.

  121. Juliane Benete silverio commented

    I object to the demolition of such an iconic building and the onky child friendly pub in the area. the lack if parking in the area us already an issue and with all the other developments around it us clear that more buildings are being built without parking facilities. I found that we would be compromising the community feeling by addung just another ugly building in the area.

  122. Suzanne Sundin commented

    The proposed demolition of this lovely old pub means the last standing building from the past on this side of Henderson Road will be gone.
    For anyone who has seen the wonderful photos of the grand old buildings that once lined Henderson Road you can only shake your head in despair.
    To bulldoze this iconic old pub is shameful, it should have been Heritage Listed many years ago.
    It really is the last link with the days gone by, we will never ever get it back if the wrecking ball swings.
    It provides a safe haven for families, football fans, residents who just want a quiet drink, and allows the community to conduct meetings in a quiet and really nice environment. The absence of gambling is also very refreshing.
    As already mentioned, the lack of parking in the proposed replacement for The Alex could mean another 60 cars enter our already crowded streets.
    I guess the trees, perfectly planted by someone with wonderful foresight, and no idea they would be cut down. These lovely gums form an avenue at the side of the beer garden will have to go to make way for these apartments, that in itself is a terrible shame.
    Everything about this proposal is a tragedy for our wonderful community. I just hope sense can be seen in what will be awful for our community and the many who enjoy The Alex.
    Communities come together because of places like The Alex. They are the heart and soul of the many Small villages of Sydney and when you are lucky enough to have a place like this it should be preserved,

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