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In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

Dave commented

I only wish City of Sydney would understand that they cannot just keep cramming in apartments everywhere & then have no pubs, parks & other amenities.In time the inner city suburbs just turn into ghettos, like has happened in a lot of World cities! We need to learn from other World city’s mistakes.

The Planners are the puppeteers. The Developers should never be the puppeteers! There is no overall plan or vision. What we are seeing is a large number of small apartments for singles or couples & not a fair or decent ratio of family sized units – which would build a community! Like we have always had in Redfern/Alexandria/Erskinville.

We were in the Alexandria Hotel on Sunday afternoon, enjoying the real fire in a 1930s fireplace that has been keeping patrons warm for 80+ years. We were remarking on how lovely the original features are in that room & how rare, yet fantastic, that they were retained in an inner city pub.

So much of Sydney's heritage is being lost. Future generations will be disappointed! Like we are disappointed with the Planners from the 1960s. What is contemporary now, will be daggy in 15 years time - no matter what people think now!

The City of Sydney need to retain the heritage of these old buildings - build around & above it if necessary - look to other cities, not just for a quick buck. Worst case scenario leave at least the facade of these old buildings. They need a bigger vision!

Successful cities like Melbourne, NYC & London have retained so much heritage. Let us learn from cities that have not.

Such a shame!!!

I object to this planning application on a number of points.
1) Loss of amenity – a social hub that has been in the area for 80 years
2) Loss of Community
3) Loss of heritage and history in a cultural sensitive area.
4) Too much density of small apartments
5) Not enough ratio of different size apartments.

delivered to the planning authority

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