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In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

Nicholas Langley commented

Firstly, I will disclose that I've made no gifts or donations to any Councilor or Council Employee any time in the past. Now on to the main event:

Creating medium to high density residences makes total sense in a highly desirable location, close to the centre of one of the world's most fancied and livable cities - this is no secret. What seems to slip through the Cracks of Consideration is that all of the inhabitants of these newly built developments need amenities and infrastructure surrounding them. These people are going to find themselves without carparks, congested by both foot and vehicular traffic, and few places to shop or enjoy the outdoors. Most importantly for the average Australian, these people will find themselves without a reputable drinking hole, where their innumerable burning woes, conceived by the aforementioned lack of supportive infrastructure, can be dulled to an alcohol-assisted ache.

The Alexandria Hotel is a beautiful space, both from the inside and out, steeped with history of a time well before any of ours. It fosters community, belonging, and the great game of Australian Rules Football. Having seen the proposed plans for the residential development, the residence will be soulless and squashed. The developer isn't interested in community or belonging. That's not lefty rhetoric, as I'm happy to acknowledge that plenty of residential developments are well considered for their inhabitants and are contextually appropriate to their environments. This is not one of those developments.

City of Sydney, you've been championing the community - the little guys who just need a bone thrown at them - and I beseech (1870's speak) you to continue to do so. Surely you can see the graveyard that will be the proposed development doesn't need any more bones.

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