35 Lonsdale Street, Braddon, ACT

AMENDMENT TO APPROVED DA201526949. Amendment to the development application for mixed use, demolition, lease variation, commercial, 39 residential units, 16 non residential units - the amendment is alterations to building form, articulation and layout, alterations to level 1 courtyard, number of units reduced from 39 to 36, changes to unit and serviced apartment layouts, changes to ancillary facility locations in basement and ground floor levels and associated works

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 5 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: ACT Planning & Land Authority, reference 201526949)

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  1. Carol Spencer-Morgan commented

    Have lived in a "mixed use" (residential & commercial) area for 6 months over at The Realm. Commercial/Industrial noise starts well before 7am and ends well past 10pm (sometimes does not stop at all) and is a huge problem for residence. The community needs to be made aware as do any owners of commercial areas and/or tenants of such areas that proper ventilation for any intended restaurants planned or future fit-outs MUST be well planned in advance and MUST have exhaust extracted out the TOP of the building. Also that waste management services for such "mixed use" developments involve CleanAway disposal type trucks that involve large industrial bins that are wheeled out causing what sounds like and feels like a thunderstorm vibrating through the slab of the foundations of surrounding structures, then there is a huge amount of noise as the industrial sized bins (for glass or other items) are emptied over head of the truck, waste thunders into the truck collection unit, the bin then crashes to the ground again like thunder and are once more like a rolling storm wheeled away for storage. Depending on the number of restaurants the number of waste disposal trucks only increases. The impact to the area is going to be detrimental to say the least. Constant delivery trucks, trades personnel and vans and any potential further instillation of restaurants will change not just the feel of the neighbourhood, but through sound/air/odour pollution cause the potentially newly completed and existing value in homes/units in the area to demminish. Has there been proper trades and parcel/food/waste management/trades services delivery parking included in this 'mixed use' zone including adequate disabled parking and access?! The Ream Precinct has none - zero and so residence past, current and future are always going to hear industrial noise around the clock regardless of what the EPA finds, reports and says to comfort sleepless residents in the area. Please rethink this planned zoning and if that is not possible, please for the sake of the neighbourhood and the on call Rangers at the EPA please make sure this thing is well planned and caters to more than just the developers bottom line. Braddon is a neighbourhood not a an industrial zone anymore.

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