10-14 Hall Street, Bondi Beach

10-14 Hall Street, Bondi Beach

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: NSW Joint Regional Planning Panels, reference 2014SYE125 DA)


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  1. michael wrigley commented

    Is there not a height limit on developments at bondi beach? 7 stories seems very excessive. This may create a precedent for other buildings in the area. A bit of responsibility from the council would be appropriate. Mike Wrigley

  2. {Paul Paech} commented

    This proposal is much too high, much too prominent. Will there be additional overshadowing over the beach/park? If there is ANY shadow, it must be very carefully considered. Also, the proposed narrow entry/exit to the proposed 2-level basement parking is simply not acceptable as it places Jaques Avenue pedestrians serious at risk. The roof area is a recipe for nasty noise disruption throughout the Bondi basin. This proposal is very obviously not approveable in its current form.

  3. Sarah Jones commented

    A 7 storey development in this location would put the rear of my building into complete darkness. The rear of my property would not get any daylight at all. Surely agreeing to a 7 storey development so close to Campbell Pde is only going to set a precident for future developments. Also by going down 2 levels for basement parking the damage the excavating of this to surrounding building will be imense. It was bad enough when they developed the large apartment block at the other end of Jaques Ave years ago and that wasn't adjacent to my building.
    It will be a sad day if the council allows a build this size to continue.

  4. george verebes commented

    Objection based on:-

    Proposed development, disregards ALL PLANNING GUIDELINES INCLUDING height restrictions, floor space ratios and amenities of neighbouring properties.

    A selfish self serving profit motivated and disgraceful attempt to sweep aside development guidelines that have controlled development in the area for half a century.

    More particularly:-

    a) Planning issues: Height limit and floor space density ratio ignored.

    site coverage ratio is max 3:1 and not 7:1
    The proposed exceeds 30 odd m in height opposed to the maximum permissible 15m. Therefore, on this point alone the proposed development MUST be entirely refused.

    b) Impact to neighbouring properties

    * significant loss of the westerly view from Campbell parade properties
    * significant loss of afternoon sunlight and warmth.
    * disruption to the airflow which currently brings breezes from the west
    * overshadowing and deprivation of natural sunlight and warmth

    Proposed development must be limited to the maximum permissible height of 15 m. and applicable FSR of 3:1

    c) Issues with proposed use of roof top

    The proposal for gardens on the roof, and rooftop use, are not clearly shown in the plans. excessive numbers must be avoided or limits imposed . Soundproofing should also be required. The potential noise impact has very deleterious impact on entire area.
    council must control following if roof use permitted at all.
    I. The number of persons permitted to occupy the area at any one time.
    II. The noise level created by persons should be restricted to acceptable levels.
    III. Restrictions should be imposed disallowing microphones and music at all times.
    IV. Permitted use should cease at 10.00 pm daily so as not to disturb residential use in area.

    d) Excavation and issues with subsoil

    Absolutely critical issue in view of excavation depth proposed.
    The subsoil in this area is sandy and unstable. Regardless of care taken, serious and costly damage will most likely occur to all neighbouring properties for which developer MUST be held responsible.

    Council should insist developers put aside Funds to cover cost of emergency repairs to neighbours properties (or security BONDS or commercial bank guarantees ) should their development damage adjacent properties.

    Council should impose limits and rigorously enforce

    1. The size and weight of earthmoving machinery permitted.
    2. The maximum permitted vibration caused by all works.
    3. Dilapidation reports to be mandatory for all neighbouring properties
    4. In the event that damages occurs, an automated “cease work” order be imposed to mitigate further damage occurring prior to reinstatement of stability and/or repairs being completed.
    5. Should damages be caused to our property, a mechanism should be in place compelling the developers of Hall Street to immediately perform repairs at their cost.

    e) Permitted working hours
    No machinery or noise producing activity be allowed before 9.00 am. The area is residential!!!!

    The proposed project is simply too big for the site and ignores too many existing planning principles. Accordingly, the current proposal should be refused by council.

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