81A Bell Street, Coburg VIC 3058

Use and dvelopment of the land for a building incorporating dwellings, retail premises, food and drink premises, alteration to access to a road in a road zone category 1 and reduction in carparking requirements of the Moreland Planning Scheme

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 5 years ago. It was received by them 11 months earlier.

(Source: Moreland City Council, reference MPS/2013/859)


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  1. Peter Robertson commented

    This site has had 5 unsuccessful plans.

    Traffic flows along Bell St mean any commercial properties will not succeed.

    The scale and greed of the Double LZ plan is amazing and will never be built.

  2. Nick Kokkinidis commented

    This application should NOT be approved as the building and its excessive height and density is extremely inappropriate for this area

    Shadowing that will occur if this building went ahead will be wide felt ...It would put most of the Rodda st residents in the dark after 2pm in the winter, depreciating their house values and more importantly their right to the enjoyment of their homes.

    The park, leisure centre and even the state school will have limited morning sunlight.

    The traffic and noise, especially at the proposed LOADING DOCK in Rodda st will also have enormous negative impact on the residents and again the right to have peaceful enjoyment of their homes

    An electricity sub-station has many concerns and can way heavily on neighbouring homes worried about electro radiation

    The council should support the residents and not pander to profit hungry, non Australian companies that do not have the community 'at heart'

    The building height ALLOWANCE.... hastily made by a previous "suspect" Planning Minister should be investigated and made right.
    The council should strive to change building height regulations for inner Cobug to a maximum 5 stories

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