1C Whateley Street Newtown NSW 2042

Change of use & fit out of former "Mitre 10" hardware store at 1C Whateley Street to a licensed cafe/restaurant at ground & first floor levels and a vehicle repair station at ground level. Change of use & fit out of former "Mitre 10" ancillary storage area at 1A Whateley Lane for the storage of motorcycles and spare parts ancillary to the proposed vehicle repair station at 1C Whateley Street. Minor internal & external building alterations including demolition of some internal walls & three new business identification signs at 1C Whateley St. Installation of an internal bin storage enclosure at 1A Whateley Lane. The exterior of both buildings will be painted with a "Rising Sun" artistic motif. Proposed hours of operation for the cafe are 8.00am to 10.00pm Mondays to Sundays inclusive. Proposed hours of operation for the workshop are 8.00am to 8.00pm Mondays to Sundays inclusive.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 8 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2014/1186)


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  1. A Mayo commented

    I don't think this is an appropriate location for a motorcycle workshop. It just metres from Wilson Street, and this development will cause motorcycle traffic not only on King Street, but in Whately Lane, through the council car park and of course on Wilson Street, which some motorcycles already treat as a drag strip. This is a residential environment and there are a lot of people and families about. This is a question of not only pedestrian safety but also potential noise issues from loud motorcycles. As a workshop, it is not as if they will drop a bike in and pick it up at the end of the day. Bikes will be taken out for test runs around the block all day, every day from 8am to 8pm. I think this is a huge concern and I hope this will not be approved. I think the workshop would be better located in a more industrial area (such as Burrows Road, for example) away from residences and families.

  2. Justin Koke commented

    Having visited the current cafe/workshop location on Lennox street and seen what they have done at this location I am very excited to see that a new permanent location has been found.

    I would say that if you any doubts about this application, please drop by the cafe/workshop on Lennox street opposite the park. They make fantastic ramen, coffee and chat to them about their plans for the new workshop location.

  3. stafford williams commented

    This will be a fantastic community initiative to have in the area. Really looking forward to having it there. It will also help reduce traffic in the area by promoting the use of motorbikes over cars.

  4. joe ortenzi commented

    I agree with Justin and Stafford. have a word with them on Lennox street about your concerns.

    Far better something like this that what those lemmings queue up for under the red light in mary street, which is far more disruptive to me than the Rising Sun has been on Lennox. they are sincerely lovely people!

  5. Cathy Brown commented

    I think this is a fantastic idea and deserves Council's full support. Taking an iconic Newtown location that is currently unused and reinventing it as a multi purpose venue with GREAT food.

    I also think concerns about motor cycle traffic in Wilson street may be overstated. Like Justin, I've eaten numerous times at the current Rising Sun location and haven't noticed any particular increase in traffic nearby.

    Please Council, support this DA!

  6. Matt Costain commented

    What these guys have done on Lennox St is great. They are super friendly, have the community in mind and are doing something inclusive and interesting. The concerns about motorcycles running around the streets I think are probably unfounded - it's not really what this venture is about.

  7. Indian Jones commented

    This is a great initiative. I've been there for coffee, food and just a good old chat with the chaps at Rising sun. They are genuinely lovely people and one of the boys I was chatting to said the workshop started in their family home garage where neighbours used to hang out, have coffee and chat motorcycles. Community was and is at the heart of their project and they want to keep that. Newtown needs more communal spaces! Seeing places like Commune, initiatives like 'Humans of Newtown' and generally more community friendly initiatives is what brings people together.

    Their ramen is one of the best as well as their coffee! Please support this council. Mucho love x

  8. Henare Degan commented

    I support this application. It's great to see businesses opening up off King Street, especially ones like this trying to do something a bit different in Newtown.

  9. Eric Morris commented

    As a resident, motorcycle rider, and manager of a local business on King St, I wholeheartedly support the relocation of Rising Sun Workshop from Lennox St to the Mitre 10 location. It is more than a motorcycle workshop, but a place for people to connect and learn.

    Having used the workshop, I do not feel that the concern for "test runs around the block, all day every day" is realistic or valid. The majority of work I have ever undertaken on my bike doesn't require test riding, and is limited to cosmetic, not mechanical, work. As a motorcyclist I am more than aware of the dangers on the road, and I do not count myself amongst them.

    Whilst I cannot provide reference for every motorcyclist that will visit the business, I trust the owners to be able to make the right decisions regarding how to address community concerns. In all my dealings with them, they have expressed consideration coupled with intelligent insight, and are more than aware of the impact they wish to make, and the company they wish to keep.

    Newtown continually inspires me by the frontier minded nature of local residents and business owners who are willing to make their dreams reality, something which takes great responsibility, skill and bravery to accomplish. I feel that the folks behind Rising Sun embody all of these qualities, and will positively contribute and enrichen the vibrant community already establsihed here.

  10. Lee Tran Lam commented

    I know the official commenting period is over, but I've been told that it is still possible to leave a comment regarding this DA, so I am hoping I can still add my support for this project.

    My boyfriend and I are both residents of the area - we have been regular visitors to the Lennox St pop-up version of Rising Sun workshop since it opened in April and we are really impressed with how it has really contributed to the neighbourhood. Whenever I am in there, I notice there is a great mix of people - from young kids to their parents, uni students, thirtysomethings, grandparents, it's a great cross-section of the community and everyone seems to be appreciating the one-of-a-kind nature of this space. It's added a vibrant element to Newtown, and besides, the ramen is very good!

    In terms of noise and traffic, we haven't noticed any negative impact regarding noise levels or traffic. In fact, it is surprising how quiet it is, and I have never really noticed any significant noise from the motorcycle workshop part of the pop-up. In fact, the people slurping their ramen are probably louder!

    I know that City of Sydney has put a great emphasis on the sharing economy, and I think the communal nature of Rising Sun Workshop is a local contribution to that. As we all know, space in Sydney is incredibly expensive, so a non-profit initiative that allows locals to share equipment, resources and workshop space should be applauded.

    The first comment (above, by A Mayo) makes a point of noise, disturbance and traffic issues. I can tell you from the countless times I have been to Rising Sun Workshop's current incarnation, I've never heard loud motorbikes or anything this person has complained about. I think if A Mayo actually went to the current Rising Sun Workshop pop-up, they would appreciate the initiative (like most of the registered comments have shown) and discover their many concerns are unfounded.

    I hope you support the Whateley Lane development for Rising Sun Workshop, it would be a great permanent asset to Newtown.

  11. Will Reichelt commented

    As a resident of Lennox Street, it's been an absolute pleasure having Rising Sun Workshop here providing amazing food and a social atmosphere to the street. To be honest, I wish they were staying there rather than moving over to Whately Street.

    There has been absolutely no issue with noise, an overabundance of motorbikes or anything else that would constitute a nuisance.

    I fully support this application, Rising Sun is a great addition to Newtown.

  12. Adriano Pupilli commented

    This is an exemplary proposal that the City of Sydney should support 100%. Fusing a community workshop environment with a hub for good food and social interaction. It is a fantastic model for mixed use development, something the City of Sydney has been working to achieve for the last 10 years.

    I am a past resident of Lennox St and frequent patron of the Rising Sun pop-up there. Over the past few months they've been operating it has improved surveillance and community atmosphere of the street and park opposite. At the Mitre 10 site it will create a more active building frontage, encouraging social interaction and passive surveillance of the carpark and back lane which can feel dodgy at times. I couldn't imagine a better location or a more genuine bunch of people to make this place happen.

    Please support this application.

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