302 Ocean View Rd, Ettalong Beach, NSW

Demolition, Alterations to Existing Cafe & Thirty (30) Room Boarding

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 6 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference DA44920/2013)


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  1. Kerri Pearce commented

    This is high density development in what is predominately a low to medium density residential area. A development of this scale is out of character with the surrounding environment and will impact severely on the existing residents. Parking is already a problem due to the adjacent ferry wharf so a development of thirty rooms with only fifteen car spaces will increase this problem. It will also affect traffic flow in this area which is already congested around the ferry wharf.

  2. Judi Galbraith commented

    The Council has spent so much money on making such a wonderful difference to the waterfront space.
    How can a low income accommodation improve these new facilities?

  3. Johanna Kingma commented

    A 30 room low income accomodation in Ettalong is asking for problems in the area.
    After spending so much money on the waterfront, and improving the area, how can this be a good idea.
    Why not a nice hotel and draw more tourists to this beautifull place.
    Low income accomadation is needed,but will be out of charcater in this area.

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