40-46 McEvoy Street Waterloo NSW 2017

Integrated Development Application for excavation of basement car park and construction of a mixed use development of 3 x 6-storey buildings, accommodating 233 residential units, a 58-place child care centre, 146.1sqm retail tenancy, 177 car parking spaces and associated landscaping and public domain works.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 6 years ago. It was received by them 7 days earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2013/1150)

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  1. David Kirkpatrick commented

    I would like to object to Integrated Development Proposal D/2013/1150 at
    40-46 McEvoy Street
    NSW 2017

    I received a letter about this proposal in the mail. I cannot find the proposal on your “On Exhibition” web page.
    Despite this, I formally object to a building at such a height. I own a unit in 25-33 Allen Street Waterloo.
    The complex is called Green Square Oasis or GSO for short.
    GSO is 4 stories tall and with a courtyard that backs onto the proposed development. In the courtyard is an outdoor pool & common areas.
    A building of 6 stories on that boundary would tower over the courtyard and the GSO buildings blocking most of the light into the courtyard.
    Apartments on the lower levels will lose direct sunlight especially the one bedroom ones that only open to the outside on that side of the complex.
    A six story building would remove all views in that direction and the only thing we would see is someone’s bedroom or living room above us.
    Three six story towers, towering down on GSO will severely impose on the wellbeing and enjoyment of all owners and tenants in GSO.
    I propose that the six story option not be allowed and that all development be limited to 4 stories.
    In relation to adding another 177 cars to an area that is completely congested & that has public transport that cannot cope with the numbers of people already living in the area is also a huge issue.
    The proposal should be reduced in size and height so that the enjoyment of the area can be had by all & without a 6 story complex towering over the adjoining 4 story complex.
    Kind Regards

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